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Map Pack 2

Deadhead achievement in Call of Duty: WaW


Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

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How to unlock the Deadhead achievement

  • DEVIANTX407DEVIANTX407120,474
    13 Jul 2009 14 Jul 2009 14 Jan 2011
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    At first i thought this was gonna be a pain in the ass to do, but its really easy.

    start a solo game. I know it sounds crazy but this is by far the easiest way to do it

    First round shoot the zombies 5-6 times with your pistol, then knife them, for maximum points.

    do the same for round 2 when round 3 starts open the GATE not the stairs. run down stairs and grab the Thompson SMG, It is a beast when it comes to headshots. position your self on the other side of the blocked stairs, next to the comm room door (do not open it yet)

    Use the thompson and start picking off headshots, when you get 950 points you want to utilize the mystery box and hopefully get either a ray-gun or a Wunderwaffen (I call it a WonderWaffle)(Switch out your empty pistol for the new guns).

    You want to open the comm room area before round 6 (first round of dogs, you should also have between 35-40 headshots by now) once you open the door make your way to the side of the comm room (DO NOT OPEN THE COMM ROOM EVER!!!! It causes the dogs to spawn in there and you will not get the minor break inbetween dog spawns, also it makes it a pain to run laps when the zombies are coming through there) going to the side of the building causes the dogs to be spread out (refer to 1:50 on the video below to see what I mean).

    Once that round is over refer to the video below (thanks o0OMorrisO0o) for the best solo strategy that I have come across on the web, (instead of using the ray gun just use your thompson)

    When you are running your "laps" every 3rd lap or so you should turn around and unload on the chasing zombies, with any luck you should have the achievement unlocked by round 15. you will want to get juggernog and speed cola for sure, this is also a great way to get the big baller achievement. hope this helps and happy fragging

    EDIT: If the random box spawns in the comm room before you have the ray gun or the Wunderwaffen, just restart the round

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    Neko PounceWoah! 1st try of this and i got 133 kills and 111 headshots. Good guide. Thumbs up.
    Posted by Neko Pounce on 08 May 11 at 16:34
    Scott is KingSitting in the small room next to the door that leads out to Comm Room with a Thompson works great, I got to round 28 sitting there with nothing but a Thompson, I never even used the box or traded out the Colt 45!!!
    Posted by Scott is King on 01 Sep 11 at 23:53
    Mortugi did this without opening the door to the comm room area. i managed to get Deadhead, Fertilizer and Soul Survivor in the same round after a little practice. i just camped in the room next to the mystery box. the weapons of choice were PPSh and Browning because of their large magazines
    Posted by Mortug on 23 Apr 13 at 20:57
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    1 Player Guide.

    This achievent was actually one of the easiest ones i have obtained. All you do is sit in the mainroom and buy an arisaka and start hitting headshots on any zombie you see. after you have enough money go and open the warning door or stairs doesn't matter, and CAMP in the corner near the trench gun. Buy the Thompson too. Thats the only weapon u need, the THOMPSON.Keep battling through the rounds, buy Bettys if u want, i always do (not needed). if dogs come just sit in that corner and play defense. i did this and ended up getting my 150 headshots at round 11 on my own.

    One tip: DO NOT pick up the nuke or insta kill!!!!
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    English GamerrrThis is the best strategy and you should get it at round 13. If you wanna keep playing make a crawler and go on a perk and box run and then do the Morris strategy above, it's a bit harder because the comm room might be open if you needed to get sleight of hand or juggernog.

    If the nuke is still there pick it up after the round ends because even if it doesn't kill anybody it gives you 400 points.
    Posted by English Gamerrr on 26 Jul 09 at 15:58
    Julz D 01I just did this and got 165. One tip I can add is to place your extra betties in a fallback spot just in case you get over run. Also if your getting over run, don't be shy about picking up a kaboom or instakill (it just might save you in the nick of time.) I set up the betties in the corner that Xionic said to CAMP in. I did have to move around a bit though and even went to the fishing hut to get a speed cola (actually I recommend doing that.)
    Posted by Julz D 01 on 25 Aug 11 at 05:37
    Homunculus FuryI did this except I camped the com room door. I did all of mine with 2 pulls from the mystery box 1st being the ppsh and the second being the sniper rifle. round 13 195 kills 151 headshots. Thompson and the PPSH
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 20 Apr 12 at 06:29
  • Some SortSome Sort26,183
    21 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
    10 2 2
    I personally thought this achievement was going to be a major pain, but it's actually a bit of a breeze, provided you have three things.

    #1- Good guns.
    #2- A good team.
    #3- A good defensive position.

    If you have all three, you can easily get 30+ headshots a round. When I got this achievement, I started actively going for it at level 17. I began that level with 40 headshots, and had the achievement by the end of level 22, getting 110 headshots in 5 rounds (the sixth round was dogs). And I'm by no means a headshot master- prior to that, my high mark was 80. Now, to go through those points one at a time in greater detail.

    #1- Good guns doesn't mean the Ray Gun, the Shotguns, or the Wonder Waffle. Those are great guns for regular zombies, but terrible for headshots. The best headshot guns are the Browning and the MG42 because they're all business- they kill a zombie quickly and let you move on to the next one. Remember, in order to get 30 headshots a round, you're going to need to get over 30 kills a round. I'm not usually a doubletap fan, but it'll speed up your killing and let you get even more headshots a round- just remember to burst fire. Also, Speed Cola is a MUST, because MGs take forever to reload, and Juggernog is useful to prevent you from losing those two perks. If you can't get an MG42 and a Browning, the PPSh also works, or if you're really in a pinch you can buy the Thompson off of the wall downstairs.

    #2- Your team should be well-practiced at working together, and should be able to consistently get to levels 20-24. It really helps to play regularly with the same crew so you can get familiar. You especially need some guys who aren't glory-hogs, and who are willing to hold a quiet window and watch your back while you go for the achievement. I've had some good luck with 1 random player, but if you're playing with 2 or more random players, you're probably screwed. A good idea is, if you ever play with a random player who is a good team player, send him a friend request until you have some regulars you play with frequently. It's more important to have great team players than great players.

    #3- your position is very important. Some people like holding windows because you have lots of time to line up your headshots. I don't, because traffic is so light you won't get more than 10 or so a round. 10 a round is decent... but 30 a round is much better, don't you think?

    Basically, what you're looking for is a location with a long sight line and heavy zombie traffic. Ideally, it's a hallway or something that will funnel zombies so they come at you single-file. The absolute best location is the balcony on the 2nd floor of the main building, right next to the zip line. Have someone hold the window on the outside across from the zip line, and the other three players hang out in the hallway facing the stairs. You should stand in the middle of the hallway in front of your two buddies. Stand up (don't crouch), and aim your MG at around the waist of the zombies. When you burst fire, your MG should walk up to head-level (adjust up and down until your burst ends at head-level). Since you're standing in front, all of the zombies will come straight at you, which makes aiming a breeze. After that, it's just a matter of lining them up and knocking them down as they come at you, letting your buddies help wipe out any that get close to you while your fourth buddy holds the window. Unless you get a ton of Max Ammos, you'll run out eventually- at that point, let your two buddies in the hall hold it until a Max Ammo drops and get back to work. I don't think it's worth it to trade in your guns once they're empty- in my experience, you should rarely be waiting too long before a max ammo drops, and you'll regret giving up the better guns once one does.
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    Nevergoindown24u suck at guides
    Posted by Nevergoindown24 on 24 Jul 09 at 19:02
    Posted by DEVIANTX407 on 03 Aug 09 at 20:07
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