Amazing Rockstar achievement in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Amazing Rockstar

Complete single player Expert Career on all instruments.

Amazing Rockstar+4.0
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How to unlock the Amazing Rockstar achievement

  • EvoHeroEvoHero157,709
    16 Jun 2009 30 Mar 2011
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    -- You MUST complete all 48 songs in each career, INCLUDING Through the Fire and Flames.
    -- The 47 songs prior to the final venue being unlocked (Quebec City) can be played on any difficulty, but the final song (Through The Fire and Flames) must be played on Expert on each instrument in order to unlock the achievement. (Thanks Furious Gunman!)

    Ohhhh man.

    While this wouldn't be too much of a hassle in GH:M due to its wonky career unlocking system, this achievement is a huge bitch.

    Just in case you were wondering, yes, you will need to beat Through the Fire and Flames on all of the instruments on the Expert difficulty in order to get this achievement. You can play the other 47 songs in the game on any difficulty necessary, but Through The Fire and Flames must be completed on Expert to unlock the achievement.

    Remember, hoard Star Power in songs where you are unsure of your ability to pass without Star Power. You don't have to make it look pretty passing these songs, you just have to make it.

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    Furious GunmanJust thought you should know that my friend got this achievement, and for vocals he did all the songs on beginner, except for TTFAF, and it unlocked for, I like your review so I won't make my own, but just update that fact.
    Posted by Furious Gunman on 26 Jun 09 at 20:03
    LIBERT4D-- The 47 songs prior to the final venue being unlocked (Quebec City) can be played on any difficulty, but the final song (Through The Fire and Flames) must be played on Expert on each instrument in order to unlock the achievement.

    Holy shitwaffles. I've been destroying my fingers thinking I had to keep everything on expert, wondering how I could manage Raining Blood. So basically, for vocals, use the fan, then try your luck on TTatF... damn
    Posted by LIBERT4D on 30 Mar 11 at 04:21
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  • nickb2819nickb2819695
    02 Jul 2009 08 Jul 2009
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    A misguided description on this one. All you have to do is beat Through the Fire and the Flames on expert on all instruments. You can do the entire career on any difficulty you want but Through the Fire and the Flames MUST be on the expert difficulty if you want this achievement.

    No, the entire career does not need to be beaten on expert, but beating Through the Fire and the Flames and guitar, bass, vocals and drums is worth 100 gamerscore alone because the song is insanely hard.

    Since I've played the song on guitar over and over again on GH3 I had no trouble beating it on guitar. But for those who had trouble with it, turn on hyperspeed to you desired speed, practice and good luck is all I can say. Bass is by far the easiest instrument to beat the song on expert as it just alternates between the buttons, going really fast. I'm no vocalist but this song wasn't too complicated on expert. The one that gave me the most problems was beating it on drums, since I'm just a decent expert drummer, but with hours of practice I finally managed to squeeze past the song.

    Good luck is about all I can say. If you get stuck on an instrument , just practice the part or parts that give you trouble until you beat the song.

    A good thing to do if your not sure if you can grab this achievement is play it on expert bass in quickplay first, and if you cant beat it in more than 5 tries just give up, since you most likely won't be getting this achievement.
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    GamEfAN29XxxXTTFAF on vocals is extremely easy, setthe audio lag up to 30 m and that will do the trick =)
    Posted by GamEfAN29XxxX on 07 Dec 10 at 08:36
  • Removed Gamer
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    Good news and bad news about this one:

    The good news is you do NOT have to do every song in the game on expert. This lets you bypass some of the bastard songs, like Raining Blood. You only have to do the last song.

    The bad news, of course, is that the final song is none other than the infamous Through the Fire and Flames. You have to beat this on expert bass, guitar, drums, and vocals.

    From easiest to hardest (in my opinion) are the instruments and tips:

    Easiest: Bass.
    As nickb2819 said, if you can't do this song on bass, just throw in the towel now. If you can't do it, you won't be able to do it on guitar, therefore just go home now.

    Next: Vocals.
    Dragonforce isn't about powerful vocals, there about badass guitar solos. Therefore, there isn't much singing in the song, and you can likely mumble your way through it, humming the pitch. I'm a ridiculously bad singer, but I beat this on my first try.

    Next: Guitar.
    If you could do this in Guitar Hero 3, you'll have NO trouble here. The intro and outro are all tap notes this time, making them a hell of a lot easier. For the intro, just have a rubber band holding down the green button and then tap the rest of the pattern. Beyond that, it's not so bad. Remember to go into practice mode if there's a part that's kicking you in the junk. But beyond the intro, it's pretty straightforward.

    The HARDEST: Drums.
    This song is, to be brief, an endurance on expert drums. No matter what you do, you'll need a hell of a lot of stamina to get through this one. Most of the song is the same pattern (Y+pedal, R+Y, etc...) with a lot of rolls, and the occasional constant bass kick (picture a lite Expert +). If you can't do expert drums, quit now.

    But, if you have the stamina, I found a trick to this: overhitting the notes doesn't hurt your Rock Meter as much as missing does. If you have two bass pedals, you're perfect. Just keep going boom-boom-boom on the pedals, at a steady rhythm during the main parts. At the same time, consistently hit BOTH the yellow and red pads. This is VERY tiring, but it's great if you're like me and simply cannot get the fast pattern down.

    Dont be afraid to pause too. I'm sure I came close to collapsing from exhaustion doing this, and my method is extremely tiring. However, it works.

    If you are using the rock band or guitar hero drum sticks, throw that crap away and get some real sticks. For doing rolls, I found those are as useful as dog turds. Real sticks are heavier, and as a result, your rolls are more fluid AND you don't have to apply as much force to the pads while drumming, therefore reducing the amount of energy you use.

    In closing, bass and vocals (and guitar to a degree) are fairly easy, but may require practice. Expert drums seems to be the one every stuggles with, and unless you are a professional drummer, you WILL get tired. My method WONT get you a good score, but it'll keep the rock meter in the green the whole song.

    Good luck, you'll need it.
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    In my opinion, the Rock Band 2 drum set is the best. If your using a GH or RB1 set throw both of them in the garbage.

    Aslo, I can't stress enough how right Doominatorx6 is about the stock drum sticks being crap. I literally destroyed my first drumpad beating the shit out of it with the light as air drumsticks that ship with the drums. Getting a decent pair of sticks makes ALL the difference, there is no excuse. A large wooden spoon from the kitchen would probably be more effective than the stock set of sticks.
    Posted on 03 Oct 12 at 22:57
    jordaUwUI can beat this song with auto kit on with expert. Where can you a thing to add 2 kick pedals to your drumset?
    Posted by jordaUwU on 16 Dec 12 at 07:31
    Groudon199What I did for drums is on the (red+cymbal)(pedal+cymbal) parts, I ignored the cymbal notes that are paired with the red notes.
    Posted by Groudon199 on 26 Aug 13 at 20:59
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