Life Preserver achievement in Magic: The Gathering

Life Preserver

Increase your life total to 30 or more in single player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant

Life Preserver0
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How to unlock the Life Preserver achievement

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    You win a white deck after beating the second campaign mission. You don't need to unlock any cards for it, the standard deck should work fine.

    Go to Custom Duel, and hit X to open the advanced options. Bump your starting handsize up to 9, and the AI's down to 5. It can't hurt to turn the AI down to the lowest difficulty in options, either. Elspeth is a good opponent to use here as her deck is very defensive. If you don't see a lot of lifegain in your hand, don't be afraid to draw a new hand a few times, you won't be able to keep more than 7 in your hand after your first turn ends anyway.

    Play very conservatively, leaving everything untapped to block to keep your opponent from attacking and focus on gaining life. Only use Pacifisms on creatues that you can't block and kill. One good combat trick is to block with Goldenglow Moth, then cast Holy Day. The moth won't die, and you'll still gain the 4 life.

    This is also boostable in a player match with a friend.

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    HoffmanNot really sure why people are thumbin you down. It's a good solution, and honestly a better way of doing it than mine.
    Posted by Hoffman on 14 Sep 09 at 07:01
    guthrum06This deck works much better for the achievement than the Green deck, I think.
    Posted by guthrum06 on 16 Jan 10 at 04:40
    SPEEDY8991The white deck really helped and the difficulty really didnt make that big of a difference i just used the white spell and chose white as the color that couldnt hurt me that made it to where unless he had a 12/12 at least then he wouldnt even attempt to attack me and that made it even easier then i got the achievement and just whooped him.
    Posted by SPEEDY8991 on 27 Feb 12 at 17:11
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  • HoffmanHoffman148,928
    19 Jun 2009 20 Jun 2009 20 Jun 2009
    15 1 2
    Norvy prefers white it seems, while I tend to stick with the green beasties. Green offers many low cost creatures to block with such as Wall of Wood, Bears, and Armodon. Your larger creatures should drop quickly because of the land advantage cards such as Civic Wayfinder and Rampant Growth, so you shouldn't have a problem fending off their advances.

    The Wayfinder and Rampant Growth also help thin your deck out to find the cards your looking for: Wurm's Tooth and Natural Spring. Your base deck comes with two Natural Spring, and by beating the first five levels of campaign you also unlock two Wurm's Tooth.

    Wurm's Tooth out early on (especially against a green deck) is an awesome life advantage. It gives you one life for every green spell played by anybody. This will be your slow but steady life gain during the game.

    Natural Spring is a one hitter quitter. 5 mana for 8 life. If you've got the Tooth in play you get nine instead.

    Now just like Norvy said, play defensively. Save your Giant Growth's to pump up your blockers, and don't bother attacking. Eventually you're going to pull Duskdale Wurm, a 7/7 trample. You're going to want to put a Blanchwood Armor on him to pump him up to 14/14 (or higher) and intimidate your opponent into not attacking. This will allow you time to play more green spells to gain life with the Tooth. It should only take around 10-15 turns with the Tooth out to get up to 30 life, and most of the time you'll pull at least one if not both of the Natural Springs to help bump it up that much more.
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    SkelixAlso when you're playing the guy who also uses a green deck you'll gain life from his spells. I had 40 something when I was done with him.
    Posted by Skelix on 20 Jun 09 at 17:23
    STZ513Beat me to the punch. I got this in my second game. We both played green and at one point we both had upper 40s.
    Posted by STZ513 on 21 Jun 09 at 15:56
  • TheTitanovaTheTitanova65,252
    17 Jul 2010 18 Jul 2010
    0 2 0
    Any deck can do this if you unlock the cards that raise your life for playing your respective spells. Teeth of the predator is particularly effective once you unlock some extra cards for it, namely loxodon hammer and the wurm tooths. Play defensively against the first few opponents on mage difficulty, shouldn't be difficult.
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