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How to unlock the Puzzling Master achievement

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    Cast both Angelic Blessings on Skyhunter Skirmisher, then attack with it.

    Cast Threaten on the Soul Warden. Cast Raging Goblin. Attack with everything.

    Use Elvish Piper to put Roughshod Mentor in play. Attack with everything. Once the opponent declares blockers, cast all three Giant Growths onto a single Grizzly Bear that's blocked by one of the Civic Wayfinders.

    Cast Megrim. Cast Ravenous Rats. Attack with everything.

    Cast Elvish Warrior and Elvish Eulogist. Cast Eyeblight's Ending on the opponent's Nightmare. Use Immaculate Magistrate to put counters on Elven Riders. Attack with Elven Riders.

    Use Prodigal Pyromancer to do 1 damage to your opponent. Boomerang the Persuasion on the Prodigal Pyromancer. Cast Persuasion on your opponent's Raging Goblin. Attack with Raging Goblin and Phantom Warrior.

    Cast Terror on the Elvish Champion. Attack with everything, but as soon as you press Y to confirm the attack, press X to stop the countdown. Now use Flameblast Dragon to deal 3 damage to your own Sprouting Thrinax.

    Cast Incinerate on the Royal Assassin. Cast Incinerate on the Ravenous Rats. Cast Pariah on Platinum Angel. Cast Sangrite Surge on Knight of the Skyward Eye, then use Knight of the Skyward Eye's ability to give itself +3/+3. Attack with Knight of the Skyward Eye and Mistmeadow Skulk. When you get to the damage step, your opponent's Dread will sparkle. Press X to stop the countdown. Use Brion Stoutarm's ability, sacrificing Knight of the Skyward Eye, dealing damage to YOURSELF.

    When I say "attack with everything," there may be some creatures who can't attack this turn, obviously they won't be attacking.

    Sometimes you need to make unintuitive choices, such as damaging yourself. You may need to turn off "simplified targeting" in the options menu so you are given these choices.
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    Dark Lord WhiteGreat solution
    Posted by Dark Lord White on 12 Jan 10 at 00:27
    lord verhchallenge 5 is wrong order, now they select the wrong mana, you should first use one of the two elves instead of the assasin
    Posted by lord verh on 25 Jun 10 at 16:59
    JMJimmy#7 should be updated to read:

    Cast Terror on the Elvish Champion. Attack with everything. When prompted where you want the damage for Flameblast Dragon to be targeted, select "Creatures". Now use Flameblast Dragon to deal 3 damage to your own Sprouting Thrinax.

    There is no need to pause the timer and if you select "player" when prompted you will lose (obviously).
    Posted by JMJimmy on 27 Nov 10 at 18:36
    Dezzie Kused a mashup of this solution and the one below, got there in the end.
    Posted by Dezzie K on 16 Dec 10 at 05:58
    Billamusgood job solutions worked great thanks.
    Posted by Billamus on 04 Feb 11 at 05:46
    ProudBowdygreat guide cant believe some idiots gave it thumbs down
    Posted by ProudBowdy on 16 Apr 11 at 21:54
    Case Dang ItGot it, yeah #8 was confusing, but once I went and read over it verbatim it was perfect. I forgot to activate the knights ability the first go,(it's worded kinda tricky in the description) and then the second go i forgot to deal damage to myself to knock out the platinum angel. Ugh, it's 4AM, i'm goin to bed. Great guide!
    Posted by Case Dang It on 20 Apr 11 at 08:16
    Hillenmeyer1Norvy, excellent guide, but I think that JMJimmy's description for #7 helps a little bit more. Still, this guide is extremely helpful!!!
    Posted by Hillenmeyer1 on 04 Aug 11 at 19:50
    TEEROY 34Thanks man, great guide, very easy to follow, cheers!
    Posted by TEEROY 34 on 06 Oct 11 at 14:51
    Panzerdrako7i just wanna mention i get the Devastator cheevo when i did the flamebast dragon on my own sprouting thinax thing on 7
    Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 10 Dec 17 at 13:53
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