Master of Artifice achievement in Magic: The Gathering

Master of Artifice

Defeat Tezzeret the Seeker & Sarkhan Vol in the cooperative campaign

Master of Artifice0
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How to unlock the Master of Artifice achievement

  • JaggedEdge00JaggedEdge0060,449
    03 Nov 2009 27 Jun 2009
    19 1 6
    Beat all of the duels in the co-op campaign, including the last battle against the dual decks of Tezzeret and Tezzeret.

    I'm working through this right now, and I find it easiest if you complete the single-player campaign first and completely unlock the mono-black deck. If you have another profile on the same Xbox, you can use that profile and save unlocked cards for all of the decks. If not, then you're stuck using the base mono-green or mono-red decks. Personally, I think the mono-green is best in most cases. Your biggest problem is going to be outlasting your opponents long enough to get your key creatures and enchantments out. That's why I'm using the mono-black deck.

    My current strategy: using the complete mono-black deck, focus on getting out The Rack and Underworld Dreams. That way, your opponents take 2 damage every time it's their turn, plus additional damage if the target of The Rack has less than three cards. Pump up your best creatures using mono-green's Blanchwood Armor so you can outlast your opponents. Remember than you can block any creatures that are attacking you, not just the ones directly across from you.

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    jochtaWe unlocked this using not quite fully unlocked red and white decks. We beat the last four in the campaign first time pretty comprehensively.
    Posted by jochta on 14 Feb 10 at 19:42
    Failure OnlineI'm not sure if this helps, but the game starts out on the difficulty known as Archmage. You should be able to lower it to Mage to make things easier.
    Posted by Failure Online on 17 Aug 10 at 15:26
    lord verhit's called Tezzeret the Seeker and Sarkhan Vol vs. you and your friend
    Posted by lord verh on 01 Nov 10 at 19:49
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  • HuntingAura FoxHuntingAura Fox680,983
    23 Jul 2011 24 Jul 2011
    6 0 1
    Just finished goin throgh them all and found a good stratergy
    For player 1 use a maxed out black deck and for player 2 i had a guest account with a green deck with no extra cards but if u have some then it might be easier
    The green deck is very good at building up an army which can be a great defence or an unstoppeble offence and the black deck for flying creatures and also non creature cards that can be used to destroy or reduce life

    I noticed that it is very easy to stalemate the AI. If you have anymore than about 5 creatures on the field they won't attack which with the black deck you can take advantage of. If you can have underworld dreams(-1 life per draw so -2 per AI turn) or the rack(-1 life for each card in hand less than three so if they have 1 card they loose 2 life) you can just hang tight and chip away at their health

    If you just can't draw the above mentioned cards or you think that you can take on the AI with your creatures then wait untill you get overrun for the green dack which gives all green creatures +3atk and def and trample and also branchwood armour which gives the creature you equipped it with +1 attack for each green mana which can be alot later in a battle. If you have these cards then you can just charge and kick the shit out of their life and creatures and you don't have to worry about them blocking as all your creatures will have trample

    So those are my two main suggestions and good luck for the later battles
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    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, just kept restarting until I had an Underworld Dreams in my starting hand. Very OP card.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 16 Jan at 05:58
  • Daddys WrathDaddys Wrath64,641
    14 Apr 2010 15 Apr 2010 25 Apr 2010
    7 1 0
    I used a second account, which only had access to the solid green deck (like mentioned already), and not maxed out. With my main account, I just have been trying to choose the best deck to counter the two decks I'm playing against. For example, when I'm versing the Black deck, I either go with the Blue (counter spells) or Artifact (prevents terror's and fear's from running the game). Playing against the Scales of fury deck, I would use the Elf (overpower with trample and numbers) or the Fire deck (haste and direct damage) to just blitz attack them. Using the green deck to augment my army, such as Blanchwood Armor and Giant Growth to help my creatures survive or rule. Best part about the co-op, you can share abilities (like putting blanchwood armor on the Flameblast Dragon, etc).

    So far, up to the time I'm writing this, I am only missing 2 battles (expansion co-op) from obtaining this achievement, which I plan on finishing tonight.

    Something to note, if you download the expansion pack, it is no longer "defeat Tezzeret and Tezzeret". With the expansion, they replace one Tezzeret with the guy Nicol Bolas, or something like that.. The new character they added to the game, whom you fight to finish the secondary single player campaign. But the achievement will still unlock once you defeat them, and when you check, the text description for the achievement will reflect the player change.

    Edit: It is now the next day, and I was able to manage to beat the final two battles, but some advice for the final battle: I gave up using other decks and went with my solid white deck. Reason? The computer has to be cheating. They will get EXACTLY what they need to defeat you almost every single time. Both decks you are versing have 3+ Terror's (by my count) in them, which they LOVE to use in BULK to destroy EVERYTHING on the field, they also have Terminates, they both have a Platinum Angel, dragons, artifacts, and strong black and red spells make fighting these decks a true pain in the behind.

    Artifact deck loves to boost the Glaze Fiend, the other deck just screws you up. They have a creature that takes your creatures when they die unless you pay 3 life to prevent it. Serious pain in the @$$

    My game of goof.. They have 9 life, I have 4, they only had 1 blocker (5/5 Flameblast Dragon), I had 3 creatures, 2/2 bears, 2/2 civic elf, 11/11 regenerating troll (blanchwood armor, holy strength), all their creatures are tapped (deathtouch owl, glaze fiend, and something else i forget) except the dragon they just summoned. Accidentally placed second blanchwood on troll instead of other creature. Of course i lost next turn.

    Winning Game.. no white creatures on field (got terrorized to hell again) Regen troll with blanchwood, kept killing things on attack, out comes Platinum Angel, they have just ground walking creatures and no flying (well, the ones they had i pacified) played my +3/+3 +Flying until end of turn on troll, made them negative life, then reached into my white hand and pulled out my...

    Mass Calcify FTW

    Quite easily the hardest match up in the entire game.
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