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A True Decepticon

Earn Platinum Medals on ALL Decepticon Missions

A True Decepticon+0.9
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How to unlock the A True Decepticon achievement

  • Venom V73Venom V73161,844
    04 Jul 2009 04 Jul 2009 04 Jul 2009
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    I would not try to get this achievement until you have finished the campaign, unlock the bonuses and upgraded the Decepticons.

    I used Grindor for most of the missions. His deployable missle launcher really made a huge difference. Try to build up your overdrive as fast as possible by using different attacks and combos and use it when a lot of Autobots are around you. Try to save a full bar of overdrive for any bosses at the end of a mission.

    For the racing missions, I use Sideways he's simply the fastest on the ground.

    The number 1 key to getting all the platinum medals is knowing where all the time bonuses are. Take your time and search for them. Take a couple run throughs to make sure you know where they all are. Also, knowing where you have to go and getting there before the objective marker appears on your map really helps.

    Experiment with all Decepticons and use which one works best for you, some work better than others depending on the mission. Good luck hope this helps.
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  • GTPBigDogGTPBigDog248,501
    08 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2009
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    I found that Long Haul was better equipped to handle the destruction missions, especially where you had to destroy buildings. Use his flamethrower and it kills them very fast. You just have to watch overheating on the grenade launcher, plus his heal ability will help in the longer missions where you have to deal with a ton of autobots.

    The racing missions, Sideways without question.

    As stated, if you have trouble with a mission using LongHaul, give it a shot with Megatron or Starscream and find who works better for you. I just found Grindor's turrets no where near as useful as IronHides, normally they were destroyed 5 seconds after I placed them.

    As stated also, knowing where the time stops are is critical on some missions.
  • Removed Gamer
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    This achievement requires you to obtain Platinum medals on ALL Decepticon mission.

    Do NOT try this Achievement until you have fully upgraded the Decepticons and until you have finished the story...

    For most of the missions i used Grindor, Longhaul and Megatron as they are the strongest. For most i would recommend Grindor as he has a fast Transformation and deploys quickly, but if you are going for missions that require raw power to complete, then Longhaul and Megatron are your guys.

    Megatrons Beam Cannon (Pressing Y) will deal with larger enemies very quickly in the missions where you have to defeat tough bosses.

    I did however find Starscream useful in some missions as he is very quick (and even though he is weak) he is quite powerful. The only problem with starscream you have to sometimes hang back a while.

    If you get stuck just experiment with characters, use the ones that suit you best and don't give up this achievement isn't all that hard.

    For the racing missions i used Sideways... he HAS to be used as he is by far the fastest vehicle. Alot of people had trouble with 'The Shanghai Spiral Highway' mission...
    Below is the Youtube video which i refered to and after a few watches it got me the Platinum first try.

    Good luck guys i hope this guide helps.
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