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Completing The Constellation achievement in I Am Fish

Completing The Constellation

Get 5 stars on every level.

Completing The Constellation+1.4
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How to unlock the Completing The Constellation achievement

  • InfamousInfamous
    26 Apr 2022 22 Sep 2021 16 Oct 2021
    Below you can find my 5 star run for each level to use as a route/time to aim for, I don't think time is affected by respawns and instead you're allowed 1-2 respawns for most levels, maybe 0 respawns for the shorter levels like goldfish level 1.

    Edit: Just a heads up, the V1.1.5 patch made a lot of the 5 star requirements MUCH easier, you have a solid 5+ minutes to spare from some of the times in these videos now with multiple respawns (I've seen up to 5) lol. So yeah, you can use the videos as a general route through the level but don't feel the need to restart if you mess up because these new requirements are so much easier than before!

    Goldfish Level 1: The Ocean Beckons - 3:49
    Goldfish Level 2: A Minor Setback - 4:07
    Goldfish Level 3: A Bridge To Freedom - 8:00
    Flying Fish Level 1: The Country Life - 5:01
    Flying Fish Level 2: Into The Depths - 7:57
    Flying Fish Level 3: Take Flight - 13:31
    Puffer Fish Level 1: Highland Roll - 4:47
    Puffer Fish Level 2: Forest Stream - 11:40
    Puffer Fish Level 3: Club Barnardshire - 7:48
    Piranha Level 1: Tear Across Town - 8:14
    Piranha Level 2: A Dangerous Crossing - 8:58
    Piranha Level 3: Barnardshire General Hospital - 10:46
    Finale: The Aquarium - 16:24
    Bonus Level: Barnardshire Space Agency - 3:35
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    Sazaq213Thanks for your solutuion

    I don't know this game but i want to know if Is this game hard?
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 26 Sep 21 at 16:06
    InfamousYeah it can be pretty tough, but that's what makes it so good smile
    Posted by Infamous on 26 Sep 21 at 20:06
    Sazaq213@Infamous thanks for your answer buddy ;) so i think i'll avoid this game laugh
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 26 Sep 21 at 20:39
    tjw CENA2000Can't complete the last part to "Take flight" due to me getting teleported in front of the briefcase, an not in it. Did 2 attempts back to back an had the same results. Didn't have this issue before the new patch
    Posted by tjw CENA2000 on 30 Sep 21 at 11:35
    biguns5i did "take flight" in 14:31 and 7 deaths and got 5 stars. 4 stars at 15:29 and 10 deaths. I'm guessing cutoff is 15 minutes. does anyone know if deaths really factor into star rating, besides the "wasted" time?
    that level is a PITA, and a lot of luck.
    Posted by biguns5 on 16 Jan 22 at 20:47
    GustertoteJust to perhaps help people and add to the solution:

    I have a suspicion that how the star system works is that there's a set "par time" you need to try and beat, but every respawn adds a chunk of time to your completion time.

    I did "Take Flight" in 17:30 with 9 respawns, and got four stars. Then just tried it again, finished in 17:41 with 7 respawns and got five stars. I'm guessing those two extra respawns in the initial run pushed me over the par time.

    I just wish the game told you this so you didn't have to just HOPE you're on track to five stars!
    Posted by Gustertote on 14 May 22 at 11:11
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