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More Bread Than Fish achievement in I Am Fish

More Bread Than Fish

Collect every piece of bread.

More Bread Than Fish0
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How to unlock the More Bread Than Fish achievement

  • LockieLockie
    03 Feb 2022 03 Feb 2022 01 May 2022
    Steam user Jynn has made a guide complete with pictures to find all 70 pieces of bread (5 per level): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=26072...

    It's not perfect but I found the comments at the bottom of the guide to also be helpful.

    - You must complete the level for collected bread to count.
    - Your bread is only saved after reaching the next checkpoint (so you'll have to recollect it if you respawn).
    - After collecting a piece of bread you can press cn_start > Skip to Checkpoint. This will lock in that piece of bread, making the process MUCH easier!
    - Some levels have bread on seperate routes so you'll have to replay the level 2-3 times to get them (skipping to checkpoint speeds this up however).
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    NitefalconIt should be noted that the Steam guide doesn't have anything for one of the pieces of bread in the bonus level. Spoilers below:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Posted by Nitefalcon on 29 Apr 22 at 20:11
    ImStylinOnYaBroThe first puffer level “before the drop” won’t record.
    Posted by ImStylinOnYaBro on 17 Jun 22 at 00:08
    TheAaronLadI'm also having the same issue as ImStylinOnYaBro, before the drop won't count.
    Posted by TheAaronLad on 03 Sep 22 at 20:48
    TheAaronLadI've figured out the issue, "before the drop" piece counts as "among the reeds" and "among the reeds" counts as "before the drop". I'm not sure if this is a newer glitch or not.
    Posted by TheAaronLad on 03 Sep 22 at 21:16
    BeatboxingKingThere is six pieces of bread...what the hell?! I found all six of them in the level, but the middle star won't register itself as being collected. Anyone else having the same issue, or came up with a solution?
    Posted by BeatboxingKing on 07 Sep 22 at 14:27
    TheAaronLadevery level has 5 pieces of bread also it'd help if you said which level..... if it's in first the puffer fish level, read my comment above.
    Posted by TheAaronLad on 07 Sep 22 at 14:54
    BeatboxingKingOh sorry my apologies, and yea there is only 5 pieces. I got confused, it's the "Before you Drop" one. I read your message but it wasn't a solution. You just figured out the issue. I already found all pieces of bread for the level.
    Posted by BeatboxingKing on 07 Sep 22 at 22:09
    TheAaronLadthe middle piece not counting aka before the drop, counts as among the reeds. among the reeds (piece #5 in the level) counts for the middle piece aka before the drop. you still have to pick up the 5 pieces though so it's whatever but I got confused by that as well and figured I had among the reeds collected.
    Posted by TheAaronLad on 07 Sep 22 at 22:12
    BeatboxingKingI get what I did wrong. I guess I didn't finish the level after collecting the middle piece. When I replayed the level it was there waiting and I finished the level. I have all 5 pieces now. Thanks for your help :)
    Posted by BeatboxingKing on 08 Sep 22 at 18:33
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