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The Dominator

Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating

The Dominator+7.1
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How to unlock the The Dominator achievement

  • TriRockTriRock1,819,409
    18 Jan 2016 22 Jan 2016 22 Jan 2016
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    A missable achievement. You have to choose the 'merciful' option each and every time you have to make a choice. Make use of a separate save slot or two so you can fall back in case things get borked up.

    When holding audiences in your tower, always accept, just to be sure.

    *Spoilers ahead!'

    - in Nordhaven, enslave residents rather than burning the final tar pit
    - in Nordberg, spare Borius and make him your slave
    - don't raze the Nordberg commune, instead enslave them
    - don't kill the governess of Everlight
    - don't kill the senator in the Heartlands, instead make him a slave
    - don't kill the Yeti in the Arena
    - enslave all 100 residents in both Nordberg and Everlight; you will need green and blue minions to reach all areas in Nordberg, and to reach the last 20 residents in Everlight, you need to progress the story until the side quest to quell the rebellion becomes available
    - during the Elven Rebellion quest, use green minions riding spiders to scare the last batch of rebels off the platform and enslave them; this is a tricky quest due to the clunky controls and the fact that the bombs can kill elves you're supposed to enslave, so make sure you have a save before attempting this ( I needed six tries)
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  • SkarviTSkarviT143,082
    21 May 2020 21 May 2020 21 May 2020
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    For this achievement you must make choices during the game that will influence your Aligment bar, destroy houses or kill people before taking control of the city will not affect the bar, only when you have the side quest.

    -Overwhelm Borius mind
    Borius is the mayor / governor of Nordberg Town.

    -Overwhelm minds of inhabitants in Nordberg Town
    For this achievement you must enslave all people in Nordberg Town, after taking control you will have some citizens around the city, enslave them and destroy the door of each house making the residents leave, there are 2 that leave each house if only 1 you leave can destroy the house that will not affect your progress, there are also some closed gates in the east and west of the city that you will need the green and blue minions.

    -Overwhelm minds of Nordhaven's inhabitants

    -Overwhelm minds of Nordberg Commune members

    -Overwhelm Governess mind
    Governess is a woman in Everlight Town

    -Overwhelm minds of inhabitants in Everlight Town
    Here you will have to do the same thing as in Nordberg Town the difference is that there will be 4 people in each house and 80 in the beginning, the other 20 you will have to do the side quest "Rebellion in Everlight" to clear the way for another part of the City.

    -Overwhelm minds of Drearius and his wife
    You'll find them in Empire Hearthlands

    -Overwhelm mind of the Yeti monster
    After meeting the blue minions for the first time you will have to go to the arena, there you will find Yeti again.

    -Let Queen Fay enter the teleport
    Proceeding in the game you will once again meet Queen Fay, defeat her and she will become Dark Fay, after that let her enter the portal.

    -Rebellion in Everlight
    This may be the most difficult to achieve because you can kill a civilian thinking you were an enemy, here you will have to kill some enemies in the beginning, right after destroying the first barricade with the bombs that the enemies are throwing at you be careful because who will throw the bombs will be the civilians and your minions can attack you for having a red life, later on you will have a bridge and a spider path to it, use your green minions mounted on the spiders to scare you and get out of there, so you can enslave the last 20 inhabitants of Everlight Town.
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