Piggybank achievement in Tales of Vesperia (EU)


Save more Gald. More. No, seriously. A lot more.

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How to unlock the Piggybank achievement

  • alsotopalsotop44,983
    11 Feb 2010 31 Jan 2010 10 Feb 2010
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    You need to have 10,000,000 Gald at one moment in time. This isn't just how much you have acquired (and potentially spent) but 10 million available to spend.

    Once Nam Cobanda Island becomes available and you can play the poker game to try to raise a lot of chips (there is an achievement for winning 100,000 chips). The most cost-effective way to get enough money is to exchange your chips for all of the Miracle Gels, Special Gels, Specific and Treats you can carry (15 of each) and then sell them at Yumanju Springs for about 175,000.

    Of course this does mean if you need near to 9,000,000 gald, you will have to make about 50 trips, but you can narrow this down to taking about 2 minutes if you're fast on your fingers.

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    Rob1349This method woks good, but when you farm some chips more it will be faster. I played poker around 1h and raised over 10 million chips. Now you can buy 15 swords (" Holy something +1"; costs 35k per piece) and sell gels and swords together for 487.500Gal
    Posted by Rob1349 on 09 Jul 14 at 22:29
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  • Chojin22000Chojin22000395,194
    21 May 2011 15 May 2011 21 May 2011
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    I thought of this method when I was going for the statues from the capsule machine.

    1) Save around 1,000,000 chips using the poker mini-game. See link below for further detail:

    Tales of Vesperia (EU)JackpotThe Jackpot achievement in Tales of Vesperia (EU) worth 20 pointsWin more chips!

    This should be pretty straight forward and take 1-2 hours tops depending on luck/skill level

    2) go to the 500 chip capsule machine. Turn on 'A' on your turbo controller and leave it running.

    There are four type of capsule win that will help

    a) 1,000 chips - 2 free tries
    b) 10,000 - 20 free tries
    c) 1,000 gald
    d) 150,000 gald

    I found that whilst going for the statues I didn't lose many chips at all and my gald went through the roof due to the amount of times I was getting 150,000 gald. If you leave your controller going for a good few hours it should hit 10 million in no time and it will also help towards your 100 hours played achievement.

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    Chojin22000seems my turbo controller requires the button to still be press

    SOLUTION - find something to tape the button down or rest on it. One of my sub woofer legs did the job.
    Posted by Chojin22000 on 21 May 11 at 08:44
    Chojin22000worked for me this morning. I needed around 1 million chips and left it running for 2-3 hours and the achievement popped.

    If you're looking to grind this the easy way this is definitely the most stress free option if you have a turbo controller.
    Posted by Chojin22000 on 21 May 11 at 19:42
    Cringer85thanks. worked very well. sadly, some people will always rate down turbo controller solutions... just because. don't let it get you down.
    (best and most common is to use rubber bands and a coin to hold down the button)
    Posted by Cringer85 on 20 Feb 14 at 00:43
  • Sir LumboSir Lumbo346,685
    06 Dec 2012 06 Dec 2012 06 Dec 2012
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    Here is an easier method that you can leave to run automatically. You will also get Grade and Experience.

    The plan here is to turn your damage down to 1 and make your characters build up and use Fatal Strikes against the infinitely spawning mini-boars that accompany Brutal. You will get gald for every boar that is killed and can earn massive amounts of money just by leaving your console for a while.

    - You need to face the Giganto monster 'Brutal', who is located outside to the north of Deidon Hold. If he doesn't appear, enter and exit Deidon Hold until he appears.

    - Equip each of your characters with their weapon that does 'minimum damage' (any other skills are fine)
    - Have as many 'Blue Sephria' equipped as possible to increase your gold.

    - Edit your strategy so that your team attacks nearby enemies, uses items when they want, only use strike artes and that they aim for FS strikes. This is important.

    - Enter battle with Brutal and switch your controlled character to 'auto' by pressing the back button.
    - Press Y to bring up the menu and edit artes. You want all four of the characters to only be able to use ONE arte and that they are all of the SAME type. So each character will only use a blue-arrowed (e.g. Fang Strike) or green-arrowed artes (e.g. Azure Strike). Pick artes with low TP costs.

    Your characters should all now be dealing out 1 damage and all aiming for nearby enemies. They will be using the same strike arte over and over, then doing a Fatal Strike, instantly killing the mini-boars that accompany Brutal.

    You get gold, experience and grade for every boar you kill. Leave the game on for a while and let it do all the work. In about 4 hours I got over 1 million gald and several thousand grade (Rita method is faster for grade farming, but you cannot leave the game unattended).

    Hope this makes sense. It is pretty straightforward once you get it going. Just face Brutal, turn the damage down and change your strategy and artes so that your characters are building up and using Fatal Strikes to instantly kill the mini boars, while only doing 1 damage at a time to Brutal.

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