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Om nom nom nom nom achievement in Yosumin! LIVE

Om nom nom nom nom

Collect all the Treats in Yosumin! Adventure mode.

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How to unlock the Om nom nom nom nom achievement

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    There are 12 treats total to earn.
    Earning treats in adventure mode is quite simple. You just clear enough of certain colors of Yosumin and it unlocks. Then you can go to the "Treats" menu and select it to use its special effect in game. The Yosumin you clear add up cumulatively, and you can see how many you have cleared in the Treats menu.

    Big Badmin Choc
    800 Yellowmin
    Makes Bigmin (giant Yosumin) and Badmin (black spiky Yosumin) less likely to appear

    Wing Pudding
    3000 Yellowmin
    1500 Redmin
    1500 Greenmin
    Makes more Wingmin (Yosumin with wings) appear

    Hint Biscut
    1000 Yellowmin
    500 Redmin
    2000 Greenmin
    Gives you an instant hint

    Time Herb Cookie
    8000 Yellowmin
    4000 Greenmin
    2000 Orangemin
    Increases the amount your time bar refills by (like when you clear a Goldmin)

    Color Plus Tramisu
    5000 Yellowmin
    3500 Redmin
    1500 Bluemin
    Makes more of your own type of yosumin (The character you choose) appear

    Cryptic Crepe
    10000 Yellowmin
    10000 Redmin
    4000 Bluemin
    Makes secret bonuses easier to achieve (only need to fill the secret meter to 3, even though it will still show 4 spaces)

    Color Minus Jelly
    2000 Yellowmin
    6000 Greenmin
    2000 Dripmin
    Makes one type of yosumin other than your own appear less

    Corner Cake
    2000 Yellowmin
    2500 Redmin
    Makes your own type of yosumin more likely to appear in corners

    Chain Donuts
    4000 Redmin
    2000 Bluemin
    2000 Dripmin
    Makes it easier to get chains (gives you 15 seconds between each link instead of just 5)

    Target Shrinker Sundae
    8000 Redmin
    12000 Greenmin
    8000 Orangemin
    Decreases the target slightly (I'll test some more, but it looks like it decreases all your targets by 25%)

    10000 Bluemin
    15000 Dripmin
    5000 Orangemin
    Makes your time bar go down more slowly (Combine with Time Herb Cookie for epic win)

    Angel-Gift Tea
    20000 Redmin
    10000 Dripmin
    15000 Orangemin
    Increases the effect of other treats (I'll have to a little more research to figure out exactly how it affects each one)

    Also, something I noticed about unlocking some. You start with only Yellowmin in your party (character select). You can unlock Big Badmin Choc because it only needs Yellowmin. But even if you clear enough to earn Wing Pudding, it won't unlock until you get Greenmin in your party. Same goes for any others that require colors that aren't in your party. For some reason though, you can unlock things that require Redmins even when he's not in your party. He is the last one to join you.
    And one more note, when you get a game over, you still keep all the yosumin you cleared in your cumulative totals. So if you are only trying to get one color, you can keep doing the same level over and over and failing it each time.
    The achievement will unlock once you go back to the world map after earning your 12th treat.

    EDIT: sacredskullkid reminded me of this. If you beat the final level, the credits will roll and you will be taken back to the main menu. When you choose to play adventure mode again, you will have to start from the begining. BUT, you still keep all your characters, treats, and total yosumin cleared. Not a huge problem, but you'll have to wait until world 4 before you can clear any more Orangemin again, so if you don't feel like doing that, go for this achievement before beating adventure mode.
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    sacredskullkidIt should also be noted that beating Adventure Mode will cause it to start over. You still keep your treats and characters though, but in order to get Orangemin and such again, you'll have to play through those levels to get to them, so it would probably be a good idea to go for this achievment before completing Adventure Mode.
    Posted by sacredskullkid on 29 Jun 09 at 23:17
    redjarmanYeah, I found that out the hard way. Same goes for Nice Nice Baby too, I suppose.
    Posted by redjarman on 30 Jun 09 at 00:17
    KMetalmindAnyway, the second time you finish the Adventure Mode, it remains with every level unlocked, so it only resets the first time. After that, you can clear it anytime you can while being able to choose any level.
    Posted by KMetalmind on 02 Aug 09 at 19:11
    APassingShadowYou can also get yosumin and unlock treats in battle mode and endless mode
    Posted by APassingShadow on 21 Oct 09 at 09:55
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