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Nice Nice Baby achievement in Yosumin! LIVE

Nice Nice Baby

Earn Nice Clearance on all courses in Yosumin! Adventure mode.

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How to unlock the Nice Nice Baby achievement

  • KMetalmindKMetalmind200,175
    02 Aug 2009 03 Aug 2009 03 Sep 2009
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    You have to beat the specified time on every level from Adventure Mode. You can see it easily by looking at their colours. A blue sphere means you haven´t completed the level in the given time. A red sphere means you have done it.

    First levels are harder, because you have to little time (50 seconds for the first level, which has 5 boards), so don´t stress too much if you can´t get them on your first try. Later ones are far easier, and you can beat the time almost every time.

    The first useful tip I have is how you should play to beat levels fastly. I know many won´t like it, but you can´t use the controls as you wish:

    * Don´t ever use the D-Pad. It moves slower than the analog, and that means more time for the same movement. You WILL HAVE to use the analog.
    * Don´t keep A pressed to select the whole rectangle. That´s slower too than just pressing A on one corner, move to the other, and press A again.

    With those changes you should improve a lot, I would go as far as to say that you will end the same levels on half the time you used to.

    You will need to choose the correct objects too. At one time in Adventure Mode, you will be able to choose two of them. I HIGHLY recommend the Target Shrinker Sundae. Less target = Less time. Use it with the Angel Gift Tea and your requirements will be cut by half. Don´t waste an object using something like Time Herb Cookie or Time-Pop. You want to be fast, you shouldn´t even die.

    You can make levels easier by making secrets too. If you keep deleting a colour from the board, you will have 1 colour less, so it will be easier to spot combos.

    Lastly, the first time you complete Adventure Mode, it will reset and you will have to start from the first level again, but it will keep your objects, characters, records, etc. If you finish it the second time, it won´t reset and you will be able to choose any level and end the game as many times as you wish. You must end it twice to unlock this achievement.

    The achievement pops as soon as you beat the last time you hadn´t beaten yet.

    Really thanks to JotaroRaido for his comments!
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    JotaroRaidoI've found that the game won't actually even let you get this the first time through Adventure mode. I had every stage with a nice clearance before playing the final stage, and after clearing the final stage it still didn't unlock. I had to go back through the entire adventure mode a second time, and it unlocked after the first round of the final stage, right when the second round started.

    Also, Target Shrinker Sundae combined with the Angel Gift Tea will cut all of your goals in half, which naturally helps your times immensely.
    Posted by JotaroRaido On 31 Aug 09 at 06:05
    KMetalmindThanks for the added info!

    Did you beat the time on the final stage on your first playthrough? Maybe that was the problem, although I can´t tell for sure anything because I unlocked it on the second one.
    Posted by KMetalmind On 31 Aug 09 at 12:31
    JotaroRaidoI definitely cleared it within the time, as it popped before I'd actually finished the last stage the second time. I'd made sure I had every other stage Nice Clearance'd precisely so I _wouldn't_ have to play through again, so it was apparently just waiting for me to have every stage unlocked again.
    Posted by JotaroRaido On 03 Sep 09 at 09:12
    KMetalmindReally thanks for all that!! Solution corrected ;)
    Posted by KMetalmind On 03 Sep 09 at 12:38
    sacredskullkidLooks like TA decided to completely ruin the ratio for this achievement....oh well it was fun while it lasted...
    Posted by sacredskullkid On 30 Nov 09 at 09:13
    Officer ZeroYou can also fail a level you mess up on on purpose and continue and it will only take the time you finally end with.
    Posted by Officer Zero On 09 Nov 14 at 04:47
    SrfsmurfWould it in theory be possible to get nice clearance on everything, before playing the the last level. Then take a back-up save before trying to get nice clearance on the last level. And reload the save if you fail?
    Posted by Srfsmurf On 24 Jan 15 at 18:41
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