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Old West Legend

Finish the game on very hard difficulty.

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How to unlock the Old West Legend achievement

  • Thrash ForeverThrash Forever2,116,493
    26 Jul 2009 26 Jul 2009
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    To get this achievement you will have to complete the game on a lesser difficulty to unlock the VERY HARD difficulty. When you have done this I would recommend using the cheat code 735S653J which you input in the Exclusive Content option on the main menu. This will give you the Prime Ranger pistols for the first 2 levels of the game, which comes in handy as it can be tricky with the pistols you start with normally.
    Play as Ray on every level you can choose him as he doesn't have to manoeuvre through as many difficult areas as Thomas does.
    Whilst playing you will need to remain behind cover whenever possible. When you are shot it is vital that you hide immediately as it only takes 2-3 bullets to kill you. Reload your guns between skirmishes with the enemy as most guns beside the quickshooters and shotguns take a while to fully reload.
    A tip that will make the game easier near the end is to save your money until the 8th level and visit the shop. Purchase the Superb Volcano handguns and Superb Classic Rifle. I think the Superb Volcano's are on level 8 and the Superb Rifle is on level 9. They will cost you just over $2000 to get the 2 pistols and the rifle but it is worth it as they produce one-shot kills and will make the game a lot easier, in my opinion.

    Hope this helps.

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    Tendoman77Don't forget about the Prime Classic Gun you can find on Chapter 4, not long after you exit the Saloon, can be a good gun till you get a better gun later on in the game. Not sure if there are other good weapons you can find early on other than this one.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 03 Jan 14 at 06:59
    Mobius EvalonI dunno about anyone else, but all the cash I earned playing the game the first time carried over into the very hard playthrough. I bought a pair of superb volcano pistols and a superb rifle paying as Ray the first time through on hard, and had over $2500 going into the first level on very hard with Thomas.

    I'd also like to add that for the most part, Ray and Thomas are a horse apiece as far as actual difficulty when playing through on very hard. The one and only time it is an obvious problem to play as Thomas is the final boss fight, because the dynamite trick with Ray is so much easier.

    If you're stubborn like me and used Thomas on your very hard playthrough, save your bow ammo for the boss fight. The ankle biters are triggered by approaching the pillar so avoid that to begin with -- run straight up into the doorway when you get to the top of the spiral stairs, and take out the boss from there first. Just keep popping him until you hear him groan in pain (you'll inevitably hear this sound cue enough times to know what it is.) Now trigger the ankle biters by walking up to the pillar and retreating back to your doorway. Use pistols or the rifle to kill the first wave of guys, then run up to the pillar and wait for Ray to start shooting. Wait 1-2 seconds, pop out, and use the concentration mode you charged up on these guys. Retreat back to the doorway again. On the final wave which is all snipers, wait for Ray to unload and use your bow to kill them with reasonable ease. The obvious benefit with the bow is that time slows down for a couple of seconds while holding cn_LT, so combining that with Ray acting as bait will give you enough time to take down one sniper each time you do it.

    For the boss himself, he fidgets exactly 9 times before the bell goes off. Count the number of times he strafes then stops, and when you get 8 you should start paying close attention to how close your character's hand is to his gun. All showdown opponents strafe the same number of times regardless of difficulty, so if you're having problems killing any of them, just count the number of times they move before you get to shoot. Juarez strafes 5 times, for example.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 21 Jun 15 at 03:05
    DaOverUnderSuperb Rifle is in level 8.

    You don't get Volcano Pistols until 10.

    Just an FYI for those mopping this up after a 6 year break like me.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 24 Aug 15 at 22:29
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  • cfasandcfasand376,301
    01 Feb 2012 01 Feb 2012 01 Feb 2012
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    This Guide Is Only For the Boss Fight with Barnsby:

    This is definitely the hardest section of the game in Very Hard. If you made it past the brutal first 2 levels from the Civil War and felt that the game was a breeze afterwards, this is a final rude awakening. However, a few tips will make this fight MUCH more manageable.

    1) Play as Ray with the Superb Volcanic Pistols (2), Superb Classic Rifle and a full stock of Dynamite.

    2) Be sure to kill all of Barnsby's men on the ground level BEFORE triggering the checkpoint going up the spiral staircase. Thomas will babble on about getting buried in sand but feel free to take your time and ignore him as the sand cannot kill you. This should leave you with only one person on your way up the spiral staircase after the checkpoint making life a lot easier when you are re-doing this several dozen times.

    3) When you get to the top of the spiral staircase with Thomas, HANG BACK! Don't trigger the bridge to fall but instead shoot Barnsby from afar (easier with the rifle) so that he is one less thing to worry about. If you do not trigger the bridge collapse his men will not spawn, leaving only him to deal with! You know that you have damaged him enough when he eventually makes a pained noise, stops talking to you, and stops firing at you.

    4) Trigger the bridge to fall with a full dynamite stock in hand. As soon as you see Barnsbys men start to appear, throw the dynamite continuously every few seconds so that it lands in the area just behind the pillar with Marissa. If you aim well with good timing, you will take out the majority of his men, usually leaving the just last wave of snipers and a straggler or two. I found that aiming up close to the ceiling (well over Marissa's head) and just to the right of the pillar managed to land it in a spot that killed 8-10 of his men.

    5) For me this step was crucial to keep myself from getting destroyed every time by the snipers: TURN OFF DYNAMIC COVER!!!! This will allow you to creep around the pillar without accidentally moving too far into the open and getting instantly murdered by the snipers.

    I found that creeping around the left side of the pillar was easier for whatever reason. Make sure you only peek around the pillar EXTREMELY slowly! If only the snipers in the back are alive, only peek out immediately after they fire a shot so that they are caught reloading.

    You know that you have killed the last of his men when Barnsby starts getting chatty again and challenges you to a duel.

    Unfortunately even if you do everything right, you will die over and over from getting one-shotted by the inhumanly quick and accurate snipers, or have dynamite blow you to pieces, but with enough retries and some luck/skill this is manageable!
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    IstIngilizThis is a great guide. Thanks!
    Posted by IstIngiliz on 15 Nov 13 at 18:15
    King CrepesOh man, thank you so much, this helped me!
    Posted by King Crepes on 09 Mar 14 at 11:13
    PiCkLE SQU1DA tip about dealing with the final snipers. Save your concentration for the last group. If there's any more snipers left, crouch and slowly move around the left of the pillar. Wait for the snipers to get their shots off first, immediately, pop out and shoot. You don't have time to land a second shot so get back into cover, even if you missed. Continue doing this and you should do this very easily. It took me 2 shots to both snipers for them to die.
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 17 Feb 16 at 04:49
  • yURCHyURCH129,374
    08 Apr 2011 08 Apr 2011
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    I have just completed it on Very Hard (to unlock it you need to complete the game at least once). I need to notice it unlocks Hard achievement as well. It will help if you start with some money from previous playthrough. The other solutions recommended to play as Ray, but I have completed it with Thomas and mostly had no problems. I will discribe some tactics as Thomas next:
    I recomend to carry at least one Quickshooter to take out enemies at close range in first levels (later you best to do it with Bow). The second gun doesn't matter, so you can carry any. Use your Classic Rifle most of the time, once you get at least Prime Rifle you can kill enemies with one shot. And certainly use a Bow! Bow is a great close and mid range weapon. Bows Slo-mo really helps, and there is some trick to extend it: if you quickly release LT and press it again before the reticle begins to scatter, the Slo-mo will start again. With this trick you can make a constant slo-mo in tough situations.
    Use cover system, stay at long range (most enemies can't do serious damage at long range, but riflemen can kill you with 1-2 bullets) and use your rifle. And you will have almost no problem most of the time. Also try to buy the best versions of Bow an Classic Rifle as you can (there are Superb Rifle in Chapter VIII and Superb Bow right at the start of Chapter X)

    P.S. if you have any problems with some part of the game PM me or leave it in a comment, I'll try to help you :)
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