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Legendary Wolf achievement in Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Legendary Wolf

Clear STORY MODE, don't lose any round, any continue, encount KAIN. *In default BATTLE SETTING

Legendary Wolf0
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How to unlock the Legendary Wolf achievement

  • TaygetaVendettaTaygetaVendetta
    24 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009
    For the Survival mode achievements, as well as the achievements tied to beating story mode without losing a round I picked the character Grant (Press left on the character select screen from Rock to get to him or Kain, they're offscreen).

    The basic strategy involves locking the computer down with 3-4 very simple moves in a fashion that leaves them with nothing to do but take your chip damage/attacks and limit their escape/defense options. All the while you're building your super meter for free to unleash Grant's awesome kick super (quarter circle forward x2 + lk or HK depending on amount of meter).

    The timing for this strategy is very lenient and you shouldn't have many problems with this simple technique.

    You want to get close to your opponent, regardless of who they are (even Tizoc with his command grab!). From character one to the final boss. Start the round off with Grant's Hard Kick version of Gou Dangai (quarter circle foward plus hard kick). This will send you flying up to your opponent, putting you in optimal range to trap them. The opponent will sometimes (rare from the start of the round, but it may happen) throw a fireball or punish you, keeping you away from them. If this happens simply get up and jump over to them, or use his down+HK move in the air to travel to them quickly (the Down+HK move in air will hit them for damage, but not knock them down, so be careful using it!).

    Once you are up in the opponent's personal space the fun begins. Theres no right or wrong way to start this CPU lockdown, but here are the main components that go into one another: The Light Kick version of Gou Dangai (quarter circle foward plus light kick), followed by two (3 if in the corner, if you want) crouching light punches. Once the 2nd crouching light punch connects, start over with another lightkick Gou Dangai and repeat it all over! You can mix in a crouching low kick after the 2nd crouching punch if you want, but its not neccasery.

    If you're starting your Gou Dangai as soon as the 2nd crouching punch finishes hitting (the CPU will be blocking it a vast majority of the time, but if it hits just keep on as usual) the opponent, the CPU will stay in a crouching blocked state, taking your hits/chip damage. In the VERY rare event that they do jump over you or interrupt your pattern (this happened literally less than 10 times to me over the course of story mode, almost always against Hotaru, Grant and Kain), they'll still be realatively close to you and you can maneuver over to them to start things over again fairly easily.

    To speed this entire process up and get better grades at the end of the round, you'll want to end the round as fast as possible. Do this by making the CPU block (or in punishing situations, get hit by) Grant's LK super (quarter circle forward x2 + Light Kick). You're gaining TONS of super meter by repeatedly doing his Gou Dangai, so you'll have plenty of meter for the LK version of his super. After the oppoenent blocks/takes all of its hits, immediately follow it up with two crouching punches and start your Gou Dangai reps all over again. I was never once punished by the CPU after it blocked my LK super.

    With some practice and learning the various characters moves/what to watch out for as you position yourself to lock the computer to it's inevitable doom you will be able to beat the computer without losing a round. I was able to beat story mode 3 times and survival mode 5 times with this method, so it was not a fluke on my/the CPU's part.
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    Redbolt77Well I made it to the semi finals for the achievements, won the first round, and lost to that mini ninja...
    Posted by Redbolt77 On 17 Oct 10 at 16:06
    Xiao1inSty1eYou dont explain how to force the Kain encounter. Repeated standing LK's are much more effective than crouching LP's.
    Posted by Xiao1inSty1e On 10 Oct 11 at 21:30
    SHIRO HARADAMore simple strategy with Grant, for all opponents except Kain, you can jump forward+Hk, then spam 2 or 3 Lk, then repeat the same séquence only varying between LK & Hk when you jump. 9 times on 10 the opponent will be blocked in a corner and you'll only have to spam him with this séquence.

    Now Kain strategy:
    it's nearly impossible to beat him this way. Here the key to succès is the light Gou Denkai (forward quarter circle+LK).
    There is a distance to respect (2 or 3 feets, the range of tour move), stay at this distance and use only light Gou Denkai except if you're too far from him. Right at the beginning of the round, do light gou denkai, Wait for the ia next action and drop the move at the moment you see him throwin his arms up(that means he's going to launch you a projectile, hé always do that). The strategy is based on this point, kain is a projectile spamer, but gou denkain move is faster so in a good timing and distance respect, you'll ever have thé advantage, and this badass last boss wil become a kitty
    Posted by SHIRO HARADA On 27 Oct 14 at 23:41
    Lazy with StyleThis time I tried it with Gato and came to the second to last fight against his rival Hotaru. There I lost in the second run after bringing in the 2nd player quite a lot. It was frustrating to loose so late... I continued and finished that game successfully with Gato at least.

    Second try was with Grant and I lost in the second round against Kain before beating him in the third voiding the achievement again. In the third attempt I breezed through Story Mode with Grant again. I needed to bring in second player before Kain only once. Against Kain, light version of his Bullet Charge (D, DF, F + LK) directly followed by his Dark Flame Stream (D, DB, B + LP or SP) and an occasional strong Aerial Dark Flame Slicer (in air, D + SK) paired with jumping SK and low sweeping HK did the job for me in second try against him dance. Of course, I also made use of his devastating Evil Spirit Circular Slash SDM or PDM when the situation allowed it: D, DF, F x 2 + LK / HK. Never ever again, this game's Story Mode is much harder then the one in KOF98 or 02 on default settings... roll
    Posted by Lazy with Style On 05 Jan 22 at 16:20
    Osmo76Downvote, no explanation on how to encounter Kain.
    Posted by Osmo76 On 06 Jan 22 at 11:41
    Lazy with StyleI can help out here: You need to have an average of AAA in all rounds of the fights preceding Kain (in other words: in all fights including Grant). You are also not allowed to loose any round or to continue. It is OK to bring in a second player if you are about to fail as long as you don't get a K.O. against the CPU in any round (so you need to press start on 2nd controller before that happens).
    Posted by Lazy with Style On 06 Jan 22 at 11:52
    Posted by ApianMosquito59 On 14 Jun 22 at 21:04
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