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Unlimited Prowess! achievement in Forza Horizon 5

Unlimited Prowess!

Complete Round Three in all 5 Themes of Horizon Arcade

Unlimited Prowess!-4.2
08 December 2021 - 2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

How to unlock the Unlimited Prowess! achievement

  • ZonkyZonky212,973
    09 Nov 2021 09 Nov 2021 03 Dec 2021
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    UPDATE 3 December 2021

    A patch has dropped making this significantly easier


    For this achievement, you need to complete all three rounds of Horizon Arcade in the following categories:


    Two event types appear at a time and they appear to spawn every five minutes, but there may be some sort of cooldown applied as I've had to wait 10 minutes for new ones to spawn after completing a couple in a row.

    This achievement doesn't track but you can find your progress within Accolades. Open your accolades menu, go to 'Online' which then takes you to the Horizon Arcade page, then move down to the bottom row and move along 8 columns to the right, it's called 'Unlimited Prowess!' and you can pin this challenge to your screen.

    There are multiple events within each that you should be prepared to do and requirements have since been reduced that you can now pass all three events solo.

    There is no set requirement for each event, it's completely random. You can get duplicate event types across the three rounds, for example with Chaos you can get mini missions twice. You can also change your car at any point during these events, and it's recommended to pick your car based on the theme. For example, fast cars for speed, drift cars for drift zones and offroad cars for chaos, wreckage and air themes.

    Where the task mentions 'in the destination area' you must perform the said tasks within the area that is highlighted with a pink circle. Drift challenges that state 'on the way to the destination' can be completed anywhere.

    Make sure to bank your scores in missions that ask you to earn skill score, it won't count if the time runs out while you're running a combo, so give it at least 10 seconds to bank at the end.

    Keep rewinds to a minium and use fast travel as it will cause problems with skill tasks such as danger jumps and bullseye targets.

    As of launch there are multiple server issues that cause problems with convoys, and that reset or timeout these missions so some people may want to wait for a patch. If you can no longer see your convoy friends but you still see the pink progress bar at the bottom center of the screen, then you're all still working on the challenges together.

    I've put together a list of the event types within each category:


    - Setting a speed at speed traps
    - Setting a speed at speed zones
    - Limit breaker (Driving at a certain speed limit as much as possible, the faster you drive the more points you get)


    - Drifiting through a drift zone
    - Drifting while running to a destination (NOTE - You don't need to actually go to the destination, the most efficient method is to fast travel to a roundabout area and drift around it)
    - Drift skills: Performing various drift/e-drift skills in a designated area.


    - Beating trailblazers
    - Skill scores (Performing any skills in a designated area to meet the required amount)
    - Mini missions: (Lots of smaller tasks to complete in a short time, if you fail or can't complete it will cycle to the next challenge, it seems as if everyone taking part needs to complete these or it fails and changes)

    Beeping your horn
    Taking a photograph (this does not seem to work currently)
    Remaining stationary for a random specific time
    Wreckage skill (some are very specific, such as hitting a wall or fence)
    Air skill
    Speed skill
    Burnout skill


    - Wreckage skills (Obtained by hitting small trees, fences, walls, signs etc)
    - Wrecking ball skill (Obtaining multiple wreckage skills quickly)
    - Destroying phone booths (This usually happens with a city area and you can see them on various streets)
    - Pinata Pop (Hitting pinatas - make sure to avoid the red cactus figures that appear as you won't be able to hit a pinata for 15 seconds each time)


    - Jumping danger signs
    - Air skills (An Ultimate air skill counts as four here, so find a hill and keep going back and forth over it)
    - Bullseye (This involves jumping off ramps into bullseye targets that appear, do NOT rewind when hitting these as it will not count. These targets are also buggy, and can disappear.)

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    BillianAir is very annoying, especially when only 1 other person joins and then does nothing to help complete the event.
    Posted by Billian on 14 Jan at 15:11
    ScrappyXIII got all 5 checked off in accolades and no cheevo pop. Anyone seen this as well? Or have any ideas how to get this to pop when all 5 are checked off already?
    Posted by ScrappyXII on 18 Jan at 04:28
    Darick 23The achievement is tracking for me.
    Posted by Darick 23 on 22 Jan at 07:39
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  • Cesar HBSCesar HBS78,976
    08 Nov 2021 08 Nov 2021 08 Nov 2021
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    1 - Create a convoy with at least 4 players. (The more the better)
    2 - The events on the map are random, keep an eye out. (Events appear every 5 minutes. I don't have exactly that info.)
    3 - The modes: Chaos, Speed, Drift Air and wreckage.
    4 - To keep up with what you've done, go to: Pause menu>accolades>online>horizon arcade> search for unlimited prowess and pin.
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    Kaiser679If anyone is doing these, I still need ALL of them, because I can never find players in them. :(
    Posted by Kaiser679 on 18 Nov 21 at 22:39
    Ashen SeraphOutdated solution.
    Posted by Ashen Seraph on 10 Dec 21 at 20:52
    TheOtherBarber+1 purely for the Accolade reminder, Pinning it reveals which ones you still need!
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 29 Dec 21 at 18:44
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