Gotta Smash 'Em All achievement in Forza Horizon 5

Gotta Smash 'Em All

Complete 5 Seasonal Smashables Challenges

Gotta Smash 'Em All-0.9
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How to unlock the Gotta Smash 'Em All achievement

  • DynamicWolfNLDDynamicWolfNLD459,618
    20 Jan 2022 11 Nov 2021 28 Jan 2022
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    To unlock this achievement you have to complete 5 Seasonal Smashable Challenges from the Festival Playlist. The achievement does track % so you can see how many you still need. Smashable challenges are shown in the "Challenges" category on the right side of the Festival Playlist menu (Daily Challenges that feature a smashable objective don't count).

    Smashable Challenges are shown as "Collectibles" in the festival playlist. Below is an explanation of how it looked in Series 1.

    In Series 1, there is one Smashable Challenge in Summer Season. The title is "Collectibles" where you have to smash 100 Cactus (good to do this while going for the smashing 500 Cactus achievement).

    Below is an example image of what a completed Smashable Challenge looks like - Picture is taken from Season 1 Summer.

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    Louie SereneThis achievement sucks. There are never any “smashable” challenges. Hardly ever…
    Posted by Louie Serene on 02 Oct at 23:30
    Maverick HiroGreat news: The next series (anniversary cellebration) will have a smashable every week. That's 4 collectables in a single month.
    If you start at 0%, it may even be possible to get the achievement at the end of the series by fast travelling to the Hotwheels map, which usually doubles your current progress on the tracker, unless they decide to fix this exploit.
    Posted by Maverick Hiro on 06 Oct at 17:38
    CHRISD21I got my 3rd from the horizon Colorado season and went into hot wheels for the first time and it popped… lucky me?
    Posted by CHRISD21 on 15 Oct at 18:54
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  • Dylan0o7Dylan0o780,920
    13 Jun 2022 13 Jun 2022 24 Jun 2022
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    edit: as mentioned in the comments, you can't manually change the date on the Xbox so this solution is unfortunately PC only. You don't have to own the game on PC, it works on gamepass, just ensure that offline play is enabled.

    Before we start make sure you have offline play enabled in your xbox app settings (On PC).

    What we are going to do is play offline fallback seasons that have the smashable challenge in them from different months and then as soon as each challenge is complete we go back online while in-game, save the progress, then repeat with a different month. (The accolade tracker would probably track (I didn't really pin or look at the accolade while doing it, so I can't confirm) but the xbox app won't track the achievement progress until its done.

    I've listed the challenges with the dates to go back to and where to find the smashables, but before we get to that you need to remember this process:

    edit: please note that If you have any issues with the game not doing what it should in the steps listed below, take a look at what @Uomo Forzuto said in the comments about resetting the game to its "default" state then start over from step 1.

    1 - Switch off your internet connection
    2 - Go to windows settings and change the date to whichever you need for the challenge (dates listed below)
    2 - Load the game, complete the challenge
    3 - After the challenge is done and while you are still in the game, switch your internet back on (don't change the date from step 2 as yet, just put your internet back on)
    4 - Wait for the game to take you back to the current season we are in in a few seconds after turning the internet connection back on.
    5 - Do something noticeable in the game to know that your game has actually saved when you exit and log back on. Anything from changing cars to using up skill points. Lets say you changed your car from a ford to a ferrari and you exit. If you load up the game again and your car is a ford, it means that the progress wasn't saved, if its a ferrari then it has.
    6 - If your progress has not saved, repeat the challenge. If it has saved, repeat steps 1 to 5 with different dates

    7 - When you complete your last challenge you'll get the accolade for the 5 seasonal smashables but not the achievement, the achievement would pop almost instantly once you turn your internet back on. You'll need to restart your pc for it to show as complete on the gamebar app if it didn't update after popping.

    The smashable challenges: (I've only listed 5 but they are probably more from other months)

    10 February 2022: SMASH 3 GOALPOSTS
    2 are found in Playa Azul, you'll have to smash the 2 and then fast travel away and back for it to respawn to get the third.

    10 March 2022: SMASH 3 GOALPOSTS
    See above challenge for details.

    10 April 2022: SMASH 15 SNOWMEN
    There are a lot in Mulege, but also on the beach of Playa Azul and on the top of the mountain, also many other locations but these are the ones that I know of.

    This one is pretty easy, drive to any outpost and they'll be there.

    5 May 2022: SMASH 3 GOALPOSTS
    See details above.

    If you want to skip the snowman or horizon outposts challenges, I'm sure changing to any month not listed here might give you the goalpost challenge.
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    JustDave97Cracking guide mate.

    For me accolade didn’t track but achievement popped after 5th offline smashable.

    Dates for smashable challenges were also different, took a bit of messing with dates but sorted a really frustrating achievement
    Posted by JustDave97 on 11 Jul at 18:25
    WillGoss12Can i get banned for using this metod since its "flagged" ?
    Posted by WillGoss12 on 12 Jul at 18:15
    OHHH B0B SAGETThis worked, thank you! Such a pain b/c my PC is old and I messed up the steps quite a few times. But I got it. Thank you.
    Posted by OHHH B0B SAGET on 19 Sep at 04:54
  • MasterCrafty77MasterCrafty77164,283
    14 Oct 2022 13 Oct 2022 13 Oct 2022
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    This is my last Cheevo in the base game and as I need 3 Seasonal Smashables - I look at the Festival playlist and see none in the upcoming 4 weeks.... I realised that this will take MONTHS to get 3 more of these. (when the seasonal playlist chooses to throw me 1)

    HOWEVER, it appears that in the Hot Wheels DLC the 'Tank Balloons' count towards seasonal Smashables...

    Probably not worth buying the DLC just for base game completion. In about 4 hours I had completed all B level challenges including 1x Tank Baloon and got a Seasonal Smashable progress. Then I broke 3 more in the A Class round. Another 1x towards progress.

    I will complete the S1 challenge later today and get enough for my 5x seasonal Smashable challenges. I hate Cheevo's that are timebound . Just a way to make you log in each day/month/year etc.

    But if you want base game completion and cannot get enough smashable challenges... it looks like there are at least 5 in the Hot Wheels DLC - go get 'em.

    P.S. HotWheels is a bunch of easy cheevo's I spent 4 hours on it last night. Another 4 and I will probably have 100% of the hotwheels Cheevo's too. I'd say it is an easy 8-10 hour completion for the DLC. - so not all bad.
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