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Bling Pro 2.0 achievement in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Bling Pro 2.0

Reach max level with a weapon (base game weapons only)

Bling Pro 2.00
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How to unlock the Bling Pro 2.0 achievement

  • borders r usborders r us
    Locked 09 Jan 2022 12 Aug 2022
    This is a really simple achievement that will most likely come while going for the other online achievements.

    The requirement is to reach max level with a base game weapon. Each time you use a weapon you earn weapon xp which contributes to your level with that weapon. Keep using the same weapon, and you'll eventually get to the max level for that weapon.

    There is no "best weapon" to use per se, but I found assault rifles and submachine guns easiest to use, but you may prefer marksman rifles, snipers, pistols, shotguns ect. Also worth emphasising that the weapon xp is specific to the weapon, not the weapon class. So xp earned for the STG won't level up the BAR for example.

    Progress can be boosted with either weapon xp boosts, and I think weapon xp can also be earned in Zombies if you'd prefer, however I will verify this over the next few days. EDIT: yes, xp can be earned in zombies too.

    For those of you that are unsure about which weapons count, this link will set out each base game weapon by weapon class, all of which should count towards this achievement. This is not my list and all credit goes to the people at GAMERTWEAK.

    If there's anything I've missed let me know smile
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    WarMachine9494Does anyone know what the base weapons are?
    Posted by WarMachine9494 on 05 Jun 22 at 18:22
    NoHeroes94I'm doing something wrong. Lots of people are saying you should make a lot of progress for MP level, operator level and weapon level during the 10K zombies grind. I'm at approx 7K kills, and I'm still only MP Level 26, Operator Level 9, Weapon Level (MP-40) 27. I've also played around 10 matches in Ship Haus, and most of my weapon levelling was in that mode. It seems to go up quite quickly during MP (Ship Haus playlist), but zombies, it's very slow. I'll obviously get it, just a bit longer than expected.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 07 Jul 22 at 08:33
    borders r usYeah, I think its more a case of being able to grind out the xp while doing the zombie achievements, rather than it being a good way to progress it. I believe that in Zombies you earn less xp per kill the more kills you get. Definitely use zombies to male progress but multiplayer is faster for sure.
    Posted by borders r us on 07 Jul 22 at 10:36
    FuzzyRabbidDoggthis solution could use some work. like maybe mentioning what the actual base weapons are?
    Posted by FuzzyRabbidDogg on 12 Aug 22 at 18:50
    WChalk83base weapons are the guns that shipped with the game, call of dutys have a yearly cycle. during that year they will add new guns, maps etc.
    Posted by WChalk83 on 30 Dec 22 at 08:56
    Posted by KENJISUGITA1 on 27 May 23 at 01:11
    KENJISUGITA1Or, use MELEE weapon.
    Posted by KENJISUGITA1 on 27 May 23 at 01:12
    KENJISUGITA1daggers, hammers, knives, swords, or shields.
    Posted by KENJISUGITA1 on 27 May 23 at 01:13
    FlitsuneMaybe that was because of the double xp event, but i have only killed 5k zombie and i am currently level 63 on a Weapons that i have nevers used before and going from level 11 to 19 for my operator. For the wave, i alway stop between wave 25 to 30 (one time wave 35, but that was the other player who have refusing the exfiltration) and do the exfiltration and only do like in total 5 matches too.

    Exfiltration give bonus xp too if you dont know.
    Posted by Flitsune on 17 Jul 23 at 19:21
    FlitsuneAnd you can have bonus xp if you play the favorite Weapons of your Operator.
    Posted by Flitsune on 21 Jul 23 at 22:24
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