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A bird? A plane? achievement in Battlefield 2042

A bird? A plane?

Wingsuit fly from the Rocket Hangar to the Launch Pad on Orbital

A bird?  A plane?0
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How to unlock the A bird? A plane? achievement

  • Spray UKSpray UK
    Locked 11 Nov 2021 11 Nov 2021
    To get this you have to use the character specialist called ‘Sundane’ who has a wing-suit as her specialist

    Once you get into a game on the map orbital (I did it on a custom portal server so I didn’t have to deal with other people shooting me out the sky or stealing the helicopter off spawn) head to the top of the hangar with a helicopter which is the huge tall building that the rocket is facing. From there simply jump off and wing-suit to the rocket. You don’t need to survive the landing as the achievement pops when you’re about 10 meters away from the rocket.

    The Twitter links below shows me completing it:
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    Maka91Did you create your own experience or join someone elses? Can't seem to figure out how to create a lobby like this.
    Posted by Maka91 on 11 Nov 21 at 20:15
    That's how you create your own games. You can play by yourself.
    Posted by LOCKUPHILLARY16 on 12 Nov 21 at 08:47
    Spray UKYes I made my own server against a few beginner difficulty AI. All achievements unlock in customer portals/servers except hazard zone achievements as you can’t create a custom hazard zone game mode. This will also make the grind to get T1 badges a lot easier as you can set up a free for all on a small map against 60 beginner AI and make progress to your badges a lot quicker as opposed to doing it in a regular huge sweaty multiplayer lobby
    Posted by Spray UK on 12 Nov 21 at 09:03
    Maxumilli0nCan do this in solo coop on beginner as well against AI. Just use the jet, jump out and parachute to the top of the landing pad then make the jump.
    Posted by Maxumilli0n on 13 Nov 21 at 17:55
    Spray UKYes it can be done in any game mode
    Posted by Spray UK on 14 Nov 21 at 13:05
    smoli83I eventually managed to do this by joining a 'community' map on Orbital that was already in progress, and deploying in 'choose vehicle' and thankfully there was a helicopter - though the controls are awful for people like me who aren't used to Battlefield. The first one I smashed into the building and died, and had to wait 90 seconds for another chance and tried again, going slow to over the roof of the hangar, and then pressing X to jump out. Then I jumped off the roof towards the rocket, and pressed A to deploy the wing suit, and tried to balance pulling back and leaning forward to get it to go forward without losing too much speed / height. Then when I got near the rocket, the cheevo popped.
    The custom map builder thing didn't work for me, because I couldn't figure out how to make it deploy vehicles? Every setting I tried never produced any.
    Posted by smoli83 on 30 Nov 21 at 23:47
    Chris6587This was just used by the popular YouTuber that does guides for MS rewards stuff. Here’s the link to get this achievement:
    Posted by Chris6587 on 02 Dec 21 at 16:38
    AHGregGreat guide, but the character is “Sundance” not “Sundane”

    Sorry to be “that guy” haha
    Posted by AHGreg on 02 Dec 21 at 20:15
    Nceladus0197From the main menu, go to Portal, Host, Right Trigger X4 to Experience Code.
    Use Experience Code AA2N1X so the helicopter will be available from start and you won't get shot at much. Use Sundane. Fly to the top of the tallest building. Say your last words, then jump off facing towards the rocket platform. Right when it says push A, push A. Go down a bit to get momentum then glide straight forward tilted down slightly, hit the landing platform. I have it set to no falling damage. The achievement popped the second time I did it.
    Posted by Nceladus0197 on 27 Nov 22 at 13:02
    Eclipse GXAnyone has problems to unlock this? Solution didn t work for me. I followed the video, did the same and no chievo
    Edit: got it not landing in the platform, but flying over it
    Posted by Eclipse GX on 14 Jun 23 at 19:08
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