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What Year Is It

Escape the Simulation

What Year Is It-1.2
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How to unlock the What Year Is It achievement

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    What year is it?
    This achievement is achieved by beating the game so I’m gonna do a “walkthrough”

    Step 1 Starting the game/totorial
    Skip to Step 2 if you know how to play
    You will start the game in your apartment and all you have to do is leave the apartment by going out you room down the stairs and out the front door, once your out go to the street and start going left follow the street around the curve to the right and you should see a tunnel at the end of the street go through that. Once your through go into the restaurant go into the kitchen and go to the clock in station and clock in with RB, (Interact) then go to the front and turn on the sign, then go to the back and turn on appliances once that done you will have to take order to make a burger go to the back left of the kitchen and grab which ever meat you need and put it on the grill until it changes color for the first time then once it’s done put the bottom patty on the placement board then every ingredient other then the one that the order tells you to not put on the the top bun put it and whatever else I’m the bag click the bell and throw the stuff to the customer until your shift is done then walk back home and interact with the bed.

    Step 2 Evil Petey
    To get to Evil Petey play through 2 days and on the start of the third day you will hear a noise when you leave your apartment and the police will say don’t investigate but that’s what we’re doing. Go towards the tunnel and then you will se a knocked down pole and it knocked down a gate go into the parking lot and into the building, once inside go to the left of the blue tarp moving thing and read the sign whatever order you see the colors in flip the levers with that colored wire connected also for some reason the Black cord is gray/white. Once that done Evil Petey will come out from under the tarp and you will have to make 3 burgers in the kitchen in the back left. Once done with those feed them to Petey and he will blow up. Go through his his stomach and grab the recipe.

    Step 3 E14’s friend
    After beating evil Petey go through another couple days and once you enter your apartment you will hear an explosion and go through your closet and you will see a hole in your wall go through it and you will talk to the “robot guy” and he will have you make a keypad hacker. To make this you will need a Bobocell battery (Steal n’ Sell), Rolopaste (Apartment vending machine), and an FM Transmitter Chip (Steal n’ Sell) once you have these three items go back into E14’s room and throw all three items into the microwave and now that you have a keypad hacker you are ready for part 4.

    Step 4 Bosses Vents
    Now that you have a keypad hacker go to work and use it on the managers door around corner to the left of where you clock in, once in flip the lever and jump into the vent once in there follow the wire until you find the lever one side will be a lever and one side a fan go to the lever side and flip it then go to the fan and it should be shut off and go through it once through you will get another recipe. Now leave the vents and grab a patty from the return to don’t cook it and go to steal n’ sell once in there but the clock and a bobocell battery. Now with those three items make a burger bomb where you made the keypad hacker and your ready for step 5.

    Step 5 Evil Charlie and Evil Sammy
    Now that you have a burger-bomb go through a couple days and the museum should open after a shift once it has opened use the burger bomb on the weird door to the right when you walk into the museum. Then drop through the door once in the parking garage go through the trash maze while avoiding the black bombers. Once you go through far enough you will see a wall with lockers and you can go left or right, go right and you will se an emergency button look on the ground for a brick and throw the brick at the button until the glass breaks. Click the button and go back to the branching path and take the other path once there there will be an open elevator shaft and jump down go through the parkour without falling to your death once at the bottom go into the elevator at the bottom and go through the hole inside to the cave. Now that your in the Charlie boss fight (In my opinion the hardest boss fight in the game) you will need to make three burgers again which you will do by going around the giant place and they will be scattered around the place now before you try to turn on power DON’T because this will spawn Charlie. So avoid the power room besides for ingredients and get ingredients for three burgers once you have all ingredients in the cooking room (hope you find it) go to the tunnel between the two BIG cave areas once there go to the entrance to the Second big cave and go to the counter behind the counter there will be a pipe now go through the tunnel to the First big cave and right around the right corner the Second pipe will be sitting somewhere around there after that go into the middle of that big room and there will be a couple tree things look around the base of them and there will be a pipe stuck inside a hole in the tree thing once done with that go into the boiler room thing to the right of where you started this boss fight and put in the pipes once that’s done go turn on power and make the burgers quickly before you die to Charlie after you make those three burgers go to the trap room which is on the left side of the hallway where the power is and put the three burgers in the black pot in the trap room and ring the bell after that go into the vent IMMEDIATELY and you will be in a control room once Charlie is next to the burgers click the big red button you should kill him and after that exit that room through the vent to the left and go down that hallway and go through the door that says exit. Once in there grab the recipe and jump down the hole in the corner of the room WARNING this is a boss fight Kinda once you fall in there you will be “facing” Sammy the Salmon and you will be swimming perfectly away from Sammy to the exit of the water once out of the water go up the ladder and you will be done with the stupidest section in this game congrats.

    Step 6 The Flashback
    Once you exit the other boss fights you will find your self outside the map go to the little police fence thing and break the glass with a brick then unlock the door by clicking on the lock thing. After that go to steal n’ sell and by the camera it says it’s a Different camera from what we need but it gives you both cameras, also buy the clock, and another FM Transmitter. Throw those into the microwave and use the item that you just made. You will go back in time and you will see a Nuke go off after this go into the hallway and on the cart there will be a key use the key and one of the doors at the end of the hallway and go down the stairs and into the sewers go through the sewers and interact with the door at the end. You are now in the Alpha build for the game and to get out of here go to the wall to the right of the restaurant and go through the path you will have a cutscene and you can now go to the finale.

    Step 7 the Finale
    Go to steal n sell, the restaurant, and the apartment vending machine and grab the ingredients for the Burger-bomb and Keypad hacker. Once those are made go to the freezer in the restaurant and use the bomb on the bomb sign in the corner of the freezer and hope in once in the water go to the corner with a red light and a valve you can interact with interact and the water should go down now go to the front of the underground resultant on across from the entrance there should be a keypad you can hack, hack it and go through now you should be in sewers that look like the ones after the nuke happened now happy will be chasing you what you need to don is keep running around and try to find grates the have holes you can go through. Some holes will be bars bent that you can go through some will be under the grate where you have to swim under. After you go through the grate where you have to swim under get up on the edge before moving forward once you on land start running as fast as you can straight ahead a big a** happy will chase you and just keep running forward once you get to the first grate go to the right side and the opening will be there then keep running until there is a dead end with a door and go through the door. Now you will be in a old diner type restaurant you will have to make food again but this time you need to grab a plate put it on the plate sign in the front prepare the food throw it on the plate like it’s a bag click the bell like it’s the cowbell then throw it at the customer like normal after a couple time you will hear a noise and the game will tell you to investigate do that then continue making food until the game tells you to take out the trash take it out then you will be in a maze just keep running until you get teleported back. Then continute making food until you have to go into the food storage thing to click the lever after that start climbing the cars until your at the top then continue making food. Once you make enough food you will get teleported into the final boss fight go in the corn field until you find the meat make a burger inside the barn with that meat and put in on the plate go back into the corn field and find a DIFFERENT meat make one with that out it on the SAME plate and make the last one one and put it on the plate then ring the bell pick you the plate and throw it at the farmer. Now you will be in some weird decontamination area wait a couple seconds and the door will open go through the area until you hear someone dying by something and wait at that door until it breaks (if you game broke like mine here keep using your character to move the door if it got stuck) go through and escape the simulation.

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    TheOnlyMattogo from step 6 to step 7. Am i missing something?
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    Here is my full game 100% achievement walkthrough where I show you how to complete the whole game and unlock all achievements.
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