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Dark Corners Map Pack

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Two for the Road

Complete the "Road to Ruin" deleted scene in co-op as either Marcus or Dom

Two for the Road0
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Achievement Guide for Two for the Road

  • Capt PoopeyCapt Poopey281,085
    06 Sep 2011 06 Sep 2011 23 Jun 2013
    79 1 23
    - For those who don't have a buddy or a 'significant other' handy who are willing to help with your achievement addiction -

    (Oh, and please be aware there are minor Spoilers here - you have already played 'Road To Ruin' in single player mode to get the other two achievements, haven't you?) ;-)

    I was keen to try this to see if it could be done 'Nigel No-mates' style, my missus does not dig GOW (hard to believe I know but...)

    Just boot up GOW2 with your main gamer tag logged in on the 1st controller. At the main menu, fire up a 2nd controller and press 'Y' to log in as a guest. Start the 'deleted scene' with your 1st controller (the account that wants to nab this achievement). Watch the intro and cut scene. As soon as you have control of the game, pause it with your 1st controller, then press the guide button on your 2nd controller and log the 'guest' out (using the 'X' button). You may even turn the 2nd controller off after logging the guest out. The game will return to full screen and inform you that 'Dom has left'.

    Continue playing with the 1st controller as you normally would solo, Dom is now controlled by the AI. This is a good thing as you don't need to juggle two controllers in the attempt to operate the pairs of door levers, sneak past those angry Locust or somehow sneak past that Brumak (he looked real angry too). You did pick the stealth option, didn't you? Just kidding.

    Once you have got to the final battle in the open area with all the pop-up barricades, and you've shown most of those surly Locust who's boss (especially that Reaver, I bet it smells quite nasty in real life), leave the last couple of Drones or one of the Kantus alive. Pause the game with your 1st controller, grab your 2nd controller, fire it up and log in once again as 'Guest'. The game will return to split screen and you can now finish off the last of the baddies. The final cut scene will play and then you should have the achievement. Boy was I happy, but something tells me I need to make some friends.
  • JayourJayour842,893
    02 Nov 2009 04 Dec 2010 30 Apr 2011
    39 4 3
    For this achievement you have to complete the "Road To Ruin" DLC in co-op, it doesn't matter which character you play as or which difficulty you play on.

    Now the deleted scene can play out in 2 different ways, you can either choose to go in all guns blazing, for a guide for that option please see here; Solution for Highway to Hell in Gears of War 2 or you can choose to try and go through undetected, for a guide for that option please see here; Solution for My Way or the Highway in Gears of War 2

    The way in which you choose to playthrough the deleted scene really doesn't matter for this achievement, just choose whichever one you want and get through it, refer to the linked the solutions if you need any help!
  • SKletziSKletzi42,184
    30 Apr 2011 01 May 2011 27 Aug 2011
    25 0 3
    The easiest way to get this Achievement is to do this with a second Account and a Friend on your xbox in Splitscreen. Just log in with both of your Accounts, start the Road to Ruin and it will be started in Splitscreen. I prefer the Highway to Hell, but this is your Choice ;-)

    Also Works with a Guest logged in, thx to Midgetworm for the Info.
  • IstIngilizIstIngiliz357,230
    27 Aug 2014 27 Aug 2014 15 Nov 2014
    19 0 0
    For those without a second controller and wondering just how to play with someone over Live, you need to start the deleted scene from the main menu. When you gain actual control of your character, hit pause then the What's Up menu and you can invite your friend from there. Note that the other person needs to be in your friend list to invite them.
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