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Am I Only Dreaming? achievement in Gears of War 2

Am I Only Dreaming?

Reach level 40 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 40 on the Memorial map in Horde

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How to unlock the Am I Only Dreaming? achievement

  • R2BmanR2Bman183,290
    07 Nov 2009 04 Aug 2009
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    Reaching and surviving wave 40 on this map can be difficult. The way that I did it is to first get a group of guys that will join you and stick around with you in a PRIVATE Horde match. This is the best way to finish ANY horde; because you can set the difficulty to CASUAL. Other advantages are that you can also set the starting wave to the last completed wave you did if you didn't make it to 40 on the first attempt.

    The enemies can spawn by the monument (Hammer/Mortar), both side wings of the main courtyard, the raised rear platform with the Sniper/Torque, and in the abbey (Flame/Boom). This all complicates things because they spawn in a flanking position if you just hole up by the main stairs. The most difficult waves are going to be ~36 and up.

    My best advice is that on those waves you start to gather and place shields in ONE of the lower rooms (Boltok/Gorgon). You have an ammo box spawn, 2 main points of defense at each door, and one rarely exploited window to defend. With 4-5 friends split into 2 groups with some shield choke points this is the best place to make you stand through the final waves. You are close to the good weapons for easy resupply at the end/beginning of the waves. In wave 40 I placed a shield next to the sand bags while 2 others players held the rear. I also had a shield in my hand with the gorgon w/ zoom for easy head shots and tons of damage with the good cover for defense. We beat 40 on the first try this way, with multiple fails using other methods.

    To Reach lvl 40 the best game types to play for exp are (% contributed by iiM SO N1NJA, thx)==
    Wingman- 109%
    Warzone- 100%
    Execution- 98%
    Guardian ~ 83%

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

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    HeyMrBassmanNice guide!

    I'm pretty sure the fewer players you have in a game, the fewer enemies there are - you'll still get the same amount of locust by the end of the wave, but there will be less on the map at any one time.

    I did this with 4 randoms the first time. They were good players and it was seriously tough.

    I recently helped a friend to do this on our own and it was much easier. Both times we camped at the spawn point. As far as number of players go, I think less is more.
    Posted by HeyMrBassman On 27 Jun 10 at 15:39
    CrimsonGaidinGreat Guide! Very detailed! Think I'll start working on level 40 tonight so I can get this!
    Posted by CrimsonGaidin On 07 Apr 11 at 18:30
    Solario32Great guide....was very helpful.
    Posted by Solario32 On 18 Sep 11 at 05:37
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  • Cryptic AliasCryptic Alias130,695
    07 Sep 2010 27 Sep 2010 30 Oct 2014
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    Here is a way to get this achievement when you are playing with only two people: just stay on the upper side of the level and after the Maulers come plant the shields on the ground by the 2 stairs up front blocking the way for enemies. Only Sire's will knock them down and a Bloodmouth climbs over it sometime.

    When there is only one or two enemies left (prefered to be a Mauler due to their relatively slow walking or knee-capped drone) go for the big ammo-box that is in the front of the map.

    When I was playing this with a mate we went down on Wave 30 wich is a disaster to recover from. Eventually we managed to get it on the sides of the map with the entrance blocked with some shields taken from Maulers. When we ran out of ammo we used the guns from the drones that sit on top of the Bloodmounts.

    If you want your old guns back and you couldn't pick them back up in time just die in the earlier waves (1-3) because it's not that hard to recover in the early waves.

    Have a good hunting ;)
  • Zero JudgementZero Judgement259,228
    15 Jan 2010 17 Jan 2010 25 Jul 2010
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    If you have a full party aka 5 people in total, then this won't be a difficult achievement. Set up a Private Xbox Live Match and set Horde difficulty to Casual. Learn where the weapons are. Especially the mortar/hammer of dawn can be important to know.

    Just play until things are getting a bit annoying. In my case this was around wave 35. We decided to camp at one of the small rooms where the Locust spawn. These rooms are at the sides of the courtyard with the mortar. It doesn't matter which one you choose. This is an easy to defend spot because you have two places you can use as cover and the enemy can only come from the front and from the side. The front is more exploited than the side. So this spot is by far the best place to defend. Also, because 5 people can focus on one enemy. As in the above guide, you cannot. You can also place shields in front of the entrance but you need three shield to completely shut off the entrance. This can be hard to set up but it isn't necessary to do.
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