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Dark Corners Map Pack

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Dark Corners Map Pack

Did Not Go Gentle achievement in Gears of War 2

Did Not Go Gentle

Win a multiplayer match on each of the 7 Dark Corners Map Pack maps (any mode)

Did Not Go Gentle0
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How to unlock the Did Not Go Gentle achievement

  • A1337HaxorA1337Haxor
    31 Jul 2009 31 Jul 2009 10 May 2011
    To get this and "Afraid of the Dark", either legitimately play each map at least once and win in any game mode. You'd have to make sure you vote for these maps each time and hope the map wins and you win the match, or do it the easy way...

    With one controller:
    Set up a Warzone Xbox Live Private Match, round limit to 1, against one casual bot and take him out.

    With two controllers:
    Play a local game, round limit to 1, with you controlling your Live account and having a second dummy/guest account on the second controller. Simply locate and kill the second controller's player.

    The seven maps you'll have to do this on are as follows:

    *Allfathers Garden
    *War Machine
    *Way Station

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    Scott is King@austex360 Doesn't matter anyhow because by looking at the amount of votes the other 2 solutions have, there aren't too many people that are as retarded as you and A1337Haxor's solution will stay at the top forever and rightfully so.
    Posted by Scott is King On 08 Oct 11 at 20:51
    Posted by A1337Haxor On 09 Oct 11 at 00:42
    yeh this solution is fine as it is, his mate solution if properly the other one this one is simple and easy to understand and it gives you a boosting solution and a legit way to do it
    Posted on 20 May 14 at 09:02
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  • JayourJayour
    02 Nov 2009 22 Dec 2010
    For this achievement you need to win a match on each of the 7 new maps from the Dark Corners DLC.

    Here's a list of the 7 maps you need to win a game on for the achievement, use it to keep track of which maps you win on;
    • Allfathers Garden
    • Highway
    • Memorial
    • Nowhere
    • Sanctuary
    • War Machine
    • Way Station

    Now the achievement is left entirely open as this can be obtained by winning a match in any mode, so while you have the option of playing online in a ranked/social match and working toward this achievement casually you can also choose to get this achievement out the way by playing a local game with 2 controllers.

    The quickest way to get this achievement is to set up a local game, set the game type to Warzone, set the round limit to 1 and work your way through the maps while killing the second player, this way you have absolutely no threat to contend with as the second player won't do anything unless you make him.

    You can use this method any way that you want, you can set up a match with you facing off against a team of bots if you want, it's entirely up to you, I've just outlined the easiest and fastest method that I know of.
  • Adz j74Adz j74
    28 Jun 2011 28 Jun 2011
    just wanted to clarify how to set up the title screen-set ya game to custom xbox live,warzone,total rounds-1,total time-i just kept it on 5,total Bots-1,now this is the good bit,you can set ya bots to casual and rape as much as you want.Bleed out time dont matter,but make sure you set the map choice to host,then you'll get to pick the map on the next loading screen and after every match.Then,jus do the matches listed by our friends above and the cheevo shud be yours in no time.
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