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Dark Corners Map Pack

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Is It Hot or Is That Just You?

Kill 25 Bloodmounts with a Scorcher while playing Horde on a Dark Corners Map Pack map

Is It Hot or Is That Just You?0
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Achievement Guide for Is It Hot or Is That Just You?

  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,267,986
    21 Jan 2011 30 Dec 2010 02 Jan 2011
    124 13 4
    All fathers is the easiest map to get this on because the flamethrower spawns in the middle EVERY round. Play wave 10 on casual and go up to the torque/boom after you grab the flame thrower in the middle of the map. Weaken them then finish them with the flamethrower. This one is pretty simple.

    Note : Yes i had to repost this on a new account, my other account had about 90+ thumbs up.
  • CattyCrimsonGodCattyCrimsonGod129,626
    04 Aug 2009 04 Aug 2009 10 Aug 2009
    85 10 11
    Memorial: Flamethrower/Boomshot found after exiting the respawn point then making a left (bolt lock pistol and gorgon pistol can be found in the middle of here) down to the very end of the hallway. From here you will see a staircase and above it a statue of a cross like object to your left. Instead of heading up the stairs keep heading straight and you should see a flamethrower just below the stairs.

    Allfathers Garden: Flamethrower will always respawn here so it is highly recommended to use this map. Head down the stairs after you respawn and make a right. From here just keep heading straight until you reach an area where there are three small sandbags forming a rectangle. Head over the sandbag in front of you. The flamethrower should be right there.

    Highway: Flamethrower/Boomshot in the middle of the map. You should head to the middle of the map where there are poison and frag grenades then just make a left and look to your right instead of heading up the stairs. You will see the flamethrower almost boxed up.

    All locations are explained for from the team respawning left of the map.

    When using the flamethrower head to a place that is blocked off allowing only one way in. Face that way and spam your flamethrower in that direction when a bloodmount appears. You should find the place with the smallest entrance and it should be blocked off with a boomshield(s). It is highly recommended to have a friend or multiple friends to aid you if you are down or so that you can easily weaken and dispose of the bloodmounts. I recommend that you head to where the snipers/ torques are and wait for the horde to come to you.
    28 Jul 2009 28 Jul 2009
    58 14 6
    I found this achievement easiest to unlock on the map Highway. There is a flamethrower in the center of the map at the bottom of, and inbetween 2 staircases. (There is also a flamethrower on Waystation.)

    Have a friend handy and load up wave 10 on Casual. ( the bloodmounts spawn like crazy on wave 10)Have your friend play defence for you and its usually wise to shoot the blood mount once or twice with your shotgun first to conserve ammo. You should get anywhere from 6-10 kills this way.

    Note: the Flamer is on rotation with the Boomshot on Highway, and with the Mulcher on Waystation. So if you dont find the Flamer just let yourself die and restart the map.
  • bobby trippebobby trippe296,306
    30 Aug 2011 30 Aug 2011 12 Nov 2012
    43 4 2
    Short Version: Casual, Allfather's Garden, Level 10, must kill the Bloodmount with flamethrower not the rider to count in or to count, die or finish level to save. Repeat as necessary.

    Extra details:
    Well first of all you need to be on a dark corners map. They are: Allfathers Garden, Highway, Memorial, Nowhere, Sanctuary War Machine and Way Station .

    Second- A BLOODMOUNT is a two legged creature with T-Rex like arms. It is usually ridden by a Grenadiar Elite. For the achievement, only the BLOODMOUNT needs to be torched. In other words, burn the horse, not the rider. Also, a SCORCHER is a famethrower. A flamethrower is a gun that shoots fire. Fire is hot.

    Third- The individual kills also do not need to be 100% scorcher. You could shoot a Bloodmount with a gun and then finish them with the scorcher. For example, I could shoot a Bloodmount 3 times with a shotgun and use the scorcher for the final damage. You know you did it right if you get a counter after the kill.

    Forth- These can thankfully be done in more than one round and no, it does not matter if you pass or fail the round.

    Fifth- Bloodmounts only spawn on levels that end in 0 i.e. 10 20 30 40 50.

    Sixth- Never expose Bloodmounts to sunlight, get them wet or feed them after midnight.

    My advice if you are going for this specifically would be to set it at casual and choose 10 on a map that always spawns a scorcher like Allfathers Garden. Replace the shotgun with the scorcher. Shoot at a distance with the machine gun until they approach, once they are close roast them and roll back to avoid their pinches. You can let yourself get killed after you reach the end of a round to start again.

    If you have someone working with you on this have them start the kill with a machine gun and as the Bloodmounts approach, fry them. Again, you can let yourself get killed if you make it to the end of the round to start again.

    ALLFATHERS GARDEN(BEST)- Flamethrower spawns every round. It is located in the middle of the lower level. It will be under a semi-roofed area. If you are walking along a the perimiter with open sky, you can see it in a U shaped brick area. On the opposite side is a statue with a gernader/torque bow.

    Highway- Alternates between scorcher/gernader. It is on the lower level, center of the map. There will be two sets of stairs on the sides and facing the opposite direction are two more staircases that lead to longshots and dead ends. The scorcher is located in an enclosed area with a roof. This little closet looks like where the locusts keep PA gear, a mop and holiday decorations. On the floor above it is an alter table.

    Memorial- Alternates gernader/scorcher. Found in the lower level. It is inside the center of the U shaped hallway right in between the sandbags and the stairs to the upper level.

    Nowhere- NA....well nowhere.

    Sanctuary- NA

    Way Station- Alternates scorcher/mulcher. Located on the upper level. You will find it at the end of a runway that is right in line with a stream of lava. There will be two sets of stairs that lead to the runway and you can reach from the top balcony as well.

    War Machine- NA

    NA= not available (as a SPAWNING weapon as far as I know)
  • dancrozierdancrozier241,512
    07 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011
    38 3 3
    This method is intended if you can't get a friend and want to do it solo.

    Select multiplayer - custom xbox live - wave 10 - casual - Way Station

    There is a flamer on top of the jetty (every other round it is a grinder).

    When the round starts quickly make your way to the flamer, swap it for your shotgun, then go into the cover area behind you. Usually the bloodmounts will spawn the other end and run down the map towards you, from your cover position you should be able to weaken the bloodmunts and remove the riders with your lancer.

    As the bloodmounts get to the stairs, move out of cover and block the door way, should easlily be able to flame a few before dying, you may need to jump back a few times to saty out their reach. Then just start again from current wave

    During the grinder spawn, just let yourself die
  • KKMPKKMP184,744
    29 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014
    10 0 0
    Kill 25 bloodmounts with your Scorcher (flamethrower) during horde at any of Dark Corners DLC map

    This is how I have done it today at night.
    Mode: Horde, custom Xbox live
    Map: Allfathers Garden - the easiest because Scorcher spawns every round in the middle of the map (under the semi-roofed area, rounded by easy to jump through walls)
    Wave: 10th
    Difficulty: Casual
    Others: Second player to watch your back appreciated but not necessary to success

    At the beginning run to pick up the Scorcher (flamethrower) instead your shotgun i.e.
    For the easiest kills:
    - try to shot bloodmount (not the rider) first with other weapon to make it weaker (easily done with your Lancer, because it is powerful, fires loads of bullets and you have it from the beginning so you do not have to look for any other gun),
    - aim for the head to stun it for a while but watch out not to kill it, than choose Scorcher and finish it
    - if you want to kill more than 1 during the round, watch for maulers/grinders/boomers/flamethrower boomers and get rid of them first with your lancer
    - move a lot, you do not have to jump all the time, nut just do not stay too long in the same place
    - if you get killed, just restart the current map/round and repeat,
    - if you finish everyone and pass the round you need to restart the 10th round because bloodmounts appear only during the waves no. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

    Lancer/scorcher method should take about 30 minutes if you know that to do and if you kill more than 1 bloodmount during the round, before you get killed.

    You can of course use other techniques, weapons (except scorcher which has to be used), maps if you wish, but I cannot guarantee that you will find Scorcher there. My solution is easy to use and everyone can do it. It worked for me and believe me that I am not very skilled Gears of War 2 player.
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