The Infernal Way achievement in Infernal: Hell's Vengeance

The Infernal Way

Complete game in hard difficulty

The Infernal Way+1.6
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How to unlock the The Infernal Way achievement

  • BrutishMuffinBrutishMuffin1,200,862
    10 Aug 2009 20 Aug 2009 20 Aug 2009
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    Hard difficulty in this game isn't very hard, just frustrating at points. I would recommend playing this difficulty first, since the easier playthroughs will seem much, much easier after playing through this difficulty.


    1. Save a lot. Like every 2 minutes. And save on multiple save slots, in case you get stuck on one save. This game has the worst save system ever. Every time you die, you go back to you're last save. I remember very vividly when I died the first time and had to do the entire first act over again.

    2. Use cover wisely. Although you can use cover, sometimes you can get a better shot by not using cover and just standing behind the wall or object.

    3. Advance slowly. Many times in the game, if you advance too quickly, more enemies will spawn and kill you very quickly.

    4. Take breaks. This game is infuriating when you get to a part you can't beat due to horrible controls, no ammo, or lack of health due to a bad save. I blitzed though this game in 4 days and wanted to throw myself off a cliff when I was done.


    Hard Sections

    In the first act, the second monk with a shield can be tough. Just hide behind the stone pillar and unload on him with infernal shot SMG when he comes out. Also, the last part with the red walls coming at you gave me a lot of trouble. Charge them right away and shoot them. As soon as there is only one in between you, roll through.

    In the second act, there really wasn't any particularly hard parts that stick out. Just make sure to use cover well and when you can get on a turret to kill enemies quickly. At the boss fight at the end, just shoot the generator things with an infernal shot and head shot the zombie things for mana.

    The third act wasn't all that hard either. I was caught up trying to blow up the boats for a while until I found you could skip them. The last part where you are hurrying to the train was a bit tough if you don't take some time to concentrate on not falling off a ledge.

    Act four had a couple hard parts. This is the act that the soldiers that can turn invisible appear. The only strategy that I came up with was to hide until they became solid again and shoot. Repeat if they decide to go invisible again. The part on the ship where you have to kill the robot things isn't too hard if you know what to do. Lead them on paths through the boxes that have explosive barrels and shoot the barrels as they pass. Not much to say about the boss on this act. Just pick up the rocket and shoot him a lot. Make sure when fighting him to stay away from Barbara, or she'll die and you have to start from your last save.

    Act five is very easy until you get to the last valley before the observatory. When you get to the valley with all the big turrets and soldiers, wait around the corner and kills the soldiers that spawn and then take out one of the turrets. Advance a little and then repeat when new soldiers spawn. The end boss fights are pretty easy. The first end boss fight is just like the one at the end of act two. Kill the flying guys to get mana and then shoot the generators with infernal shot. Then shoot him with infernal shot until he dies. For the second end boss, just shoot him with the energy rifle until he goes to his knees and then activate the yellow terminal, then activate the big ball of doom. Repeat three times and the boss goes down.

    After you beat the game on hard, prepare for another 2 playthoughs, since the difficulties don't stack. Medium and easy are pushover difficulties compared to hard though.

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    SAZorlanceA tip for the massive staircase in the final act where all the turrets shoot at you. I completely cheesed that section by rolling past everything, I made a save just before the fight starts with 73 health, then just rolled all the way up the stairs past every enemy and as soon as I got to the doors I pressed A and got to the next section, you don't have to kill anything and I got there with 69 health and all my ammo.
    Posted by SAZorlance on 16 Feb 10 at 19:21
    ComanderDrizzlethis game is ridiculously simple even on this difficulty, the only thing I would recommend as stated by Bmuffin is to save a lot... it's really lame that the game dose not have an auto save... but it is nice that is saves exactly were you save it. this game is pretty straight forward... and its rather hard to get lost.... and lame... boy is it lame... the only hard thing about it is that achivo were you don't activate the gas on the the plane.
    Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 23 Jun 11 at 18:42
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  • TURNDOzERTURNDOzER221,686 221,686 GamerScore
    12 Aug 2020 11 Aug 2020 11 Aug 2020
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    - Low damage from enemies
    - Enemies have low health (headshots isn't necessary but go for them anyway)
    - High HP & Ammo gained from corpses & pickups
    - Moderate damage from enemies
    - Enemies have moderate health (go for headshots)
    - Moderate HP & ammo gained from corpses & pickups
    - High damage from enemies
    - Enemies still seem to have moderate health (go for headshots)
    - Low HP & Ammo gained from corpses & pickups

    On hard the enemies seem to have the same health as those on medium difficulty, the only difference here is you'll have less ammo to use on them, so prioritise headshots to save on ammo. The pistol is a solid gun so don't be afraid to use it while you stock up on other guns. Be sure to use your mana vision to find HP & Mana orbs throughout the game as they make all the difference & most importantly SAVE! Don't let the games non-existent autosave ruin your day.

    I played on hard difficulty first and flew through the other diffs, but to be honest you may want to start on easy then normal to prepare yourself for hard. I should mention Hard isn't that hard at all to be honest, some bits will catch you out but so long as you SAVE you should do just fine, you've more than likely done much harder games than this anyway so don't sweat.

    Think of me when you roll off a platform to your death by accident!
  • Fluster ZeroFluster Zero774,912
    04 Mar 2010 03 Mar 2010
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    play through the game once on easy or medium or do both BEFORE this difficulty. This will save you time and effort on trying to figure out where to go and you can make the game an all out quicker 1k doing it this way
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