15 Nov 21
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Kebab achievement in Halo Infinite


Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Skewer in a matchmade game.

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How to unlock the Kebab achievement

  • Moldy Tacos5000Moldy Tacos5000319,540
    16 Nov 2021 16 Nov 2021 27 Nov 2021
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    Recommend you do this in 'Big Team Battle' as there are plenty of vehicles around and the Skewer spawns in one of the weapon bays.

    I got it shooting down a Wasp, but Toddillini mentions it works on the stationary AA guns and will be the easiest way to get this.

    Warthog or Razorback will take 2 hits, while Mongoose, Wasp, and Wraith will take one.

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    GR34TD3STR0Y3RKilled a brute cycle with 2 hits. No unlock.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 18 Dec 21 at 07:28
    Haseo ATCI got this by killing the most annoying player in a match who just rode around on a moongoose for the entire fifteen minute match. Got a Skewer kill twice without trying. I'd just pick the Skewer off a dead player and dumb-dumb would go around and around the map. It's really annoying how luck-based this can be.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 01 Jan at 10:20
    sseagleHeh, blasted a full warthog in the face with a skewer and it popped, very satisfying achievement.
    Posted by sseagle on 08 Jan at 15:29
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  • ThinkMcFly88ThinkMcFly88199,359
    18 Nov 2021 18 Nov 2021 18 Nov 2021
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    To get this achievement you have to destroy an enemy vehicle with the skewer power weapon. The skewer can spawn at one of the power weapon spawn points (a green pad that shows a yellow circle as it recharges) or can be in a weapon drop which appears in random locations around a map. These drops come with an in game announcement and sound like a bomb dropping. They are large green canisters with a flashing green light on top.

    The easiest vehicle to get this on is a mongoose as it is a one shot and spawns immediately in big team games.

    The method I used was grabbing a skewer and driving the mongoose near the enemy territory and camping it from a corner or somewhere you can be somewhat obscured. The second someone starts to get on fire and it will destroy it. As long as the player has started getting on the mongoose it will count.
  • olanmillsolanmills123,742
    16 Nov 2021 19 Nov 2021 19 Nov 2021
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    Though I earned this Achievement elsewhere, I feel that the easiest place to earn this is on the Launch Site map during a Single Flag match when your team is on the defending side. I get multiple vehicle destructions with the Skewer every time this map and game type combo shows up.

    The Skewer spawns ahead and to the left of where your team spawns when defending. Run up and grab the Skewer. You will stay on this level of the map, on this side of the rocket. After grabbing the Skewer, turn around and walk a few steps onto the walkway that runs along the side of the rocket which is further away from the attackers' base. You will have a long sightline up the "road" leading away from the rocket, yet you are not very exposed to enemy fire. If you do start taking fire, it's easy to duck behind the wall behind the walkway. You could also stand on the opposite walkway on the other side of the rocket for a better view, but you're also much more exposed there.

    Anyway, it is my experience that in the beginning of the match, the enemies will often bring a ghost and/or warthog up the road, and they will be focused on your teammates or the objective. You should have time to attempt multiple shots on the vehicle. When they close in on the flag, they will be more directly below you, or they may pass you, in which case, you should turn around and look downwards. It takes two direct hits to destroy either the ghost or the warthog, and reloading is slow, so keep that in mind. But as I said, the opponents tend to be focused on the objective or your teammates, and so I have not found it too hard to reload and get off another shot. After shooting, exit out of the scope zoom; you will not initiate the reloading animation until you do, and there's only one round per clip. Remember that the projectile speed of the Skewer is slow compared to bullets, and there is a significant drop off due to gravity. Since the opponents tend to drive mostly straight up the road or even stop to fire on teammates, I don't find the Skewer's trajectory is too tough to deal with, but it is a lot easier once they get right below you, because then you don't have to worry about the arcing trajectory. When they are below you, they tend to be focused on the flag or teammates and don't move around too much, so I don't think it's a tough shot.

    Also note that if you are looking up the road from the suggested spot, there is a "man cannon" on the opposite side of the map far to your left. Opponents might jump over using that, and they may even bring the ghost that way, but they land on sort of a level below the ground area and won't have a sightline to you once they land, so it's generally not an immediate concern. They could see you while they're being launched through the air, so it's something to be aware of, but generally I don't think it's a problem.

    Another good thing about this is that destroying the vehicles makes it tougher for them to capture the flag. Destroying the warthog removes a transport option for the carrier, and destroying the ghost prevents it from blocking your team as they try to chase down the carrier or incoming attackers. So going for this Achievement here is beneficial to your team.
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