Melee Man achievement in Battlefield 1943™

Melee Man

Melee kill one enemy player

Melee Man0
3 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.

How to unlock the Melee Man achievement

  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD937,876
    09 Jul 2009 09 Jul 2009
    26 2 0
    Press Y to take out your melee weapon( I know for the Scout/Sniper class it is a sword, not sure on the others.) Then find a unsuspecting close range enemy, and press RT with your sword out. It will be a one hit kill.
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  • PizzerzPizzerz11,813
    13 Jul 2009
    24 5 4
    People keep complaining they get shot down when going for this, so I have two ways:

    1: Spawn on a flag. Just camp in a concrete building beside the flag. When an enemy goes to capture the flag, simply run a them and press Y to melee them. One hit kill.

    2: If you are in a tank, and some annoying enemy is running around your tank (noobs like to do this), press B to exit the tank then just press Y to melee them. They won't expect it.

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    SarsarsWhen an enemy is in an airstrike tower, camp a few feet from the door while waiting for them to finish (unless the airsrike lands on your position) and when they reappear quickly press the melee button before they can react.

    Cheap, but it gets the achievement and, with some risk, is really easy.
    Posted by Sarsars on 30 Jul 09 at 22:56
    PiMDxDumb ass me, being a noob first day I was playing, I was standing outside the door waiting for someone to come out so I could have my turn at air raid. Damn Jap slashed me through when he came out.
    Posted by PiMDx on 24 Nov 09 at 15:44
    freedoms stainPersonally I get most melee kills by catching guys manning mounted guns or sneaky snipers hiding out in bunkers.

    Mt Suribachi on Iwo-Jima is good for this. A lot of guys will sit in the bunker closest to the Fishing Village and try to cover it, if you get around behind the Mount you can take the path up the back and sneak in fairly easily. Lets face it, a lot of people who play this game have no clue what "defence" actually is, and Suribachi is often left vulnerable to attackers making their way up that rear path. Give that a shot.

    Guadacanal tends to attract snipers in their swarms, there are a lot of high vantage points peole like to try and snipe from, and a couple of raised bunkers on either side of the map that give good sniper coverage, it's not hard to find one to sneak up on. Just don't try it on a game I'm playing in, people don't tend to try that strategy for long when I'm around, I actively "discourage" it if you catch my drift :D
    Posted by freedoms stain on 18 Dec 10 at 03:32
  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard560,617
    13 Jul 2009 07 Feb 2013 19 Nov 2013
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    Melee Man - 20G (Original Achievement)

    Difficulty: Easy

    Estimated Period of Time: Short

    To get this Achievement, you must kill an enemy with your melee weapon. Pressing the Y button will pull out your melee weapon (Sword or Wrench) and pressing it again will make you swing it. Just get up close to an enemy and hit them for this.

    If you are having trouble I suggest hiding in buildings and waiting for enemies to walk by.
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