You're the Best Around! achievement in Splosion Man

You're the Best Around!

Complete the Single Player game.

You're the Best Around!0
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How to unlock the You're the Best Around! achievement

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    "You're The Best Around" - Complete the single player game

    There are 50 levels in single Player. To get this Achievement you must finish all 50 levels. If a level frustrates you, go back later. To go back to skipped levels select Single Player (Normal) and then select "Time Trial"

    Some advice for runnin through 'Splosion Man is to run fast. But back track if needed. There are certain areas that may not catch your eye at first but if you walk back farther then you may see it. Use barrels to your advantage.

    Cakes: don't go for cakes at first, just concentrate on completing the level...

    When being chased by the Charger, the really tall robot controlled by a scientist, run as fast as you can. they destroy platforms behind you.

    There are 3 sections, which means 3 separate boss fights (which is why there are only 47 cakes).

    First boss: The Mighty Eternal. (level 1-16)
    He will fire missiles down towards you. What you want to do is deflect them and try to hit him in the head. After he gets hit by 3 of his own missiles the platforms will start to move. He will also start to shoot beams at you from his eyes... when he does that wait till he gets close to one of the walls then jump onto it. try to make it onto the platform from there. When on the platform jump over to his head and 'splode. He will then take the platform and throw it. He'll do the same with the other platform when you follow the same procedure. After he has both platforms gone it's mainly deflecting missiles. Just keep deflecting the missiles back at his head. After a while he will fall. And to finish him off, after he falls to the ground, 'SPLODE in his face and congrats, level 1-16 is finished.

    Second Boss: Mr. NAHHH! (level 2-16) (Part 1)
    He is the scientist that looks like Conway (The smallest/shortest scientist) after he takes a potion that makes his brain so big his scientist hat/head can't keep it in there. So he fires these black and purple balls of energy at you. Deflect them like you do everything else. He gets hit three times, runs to the center and tries to fling a scientist wearing a tutu at you. Here you have two options, attempt to splode the scientist in the tutu and quiet possibly killing you, or stay in one place till he launches it and move out of the way just in time. After he throws the frilly scientist at you he runs to the other side, just repeat the deflecting three more times and then he will attempt to throw another flamboyant scientist. He will then run back to the area that he started from. Deflect three more times and then you have finish part 1 of this boss fight.

    Boss: Mr. NAHHH! (Level 2-16)(Part 2)
    He drinks yet another potion which makes his brain grow telekinetic muscly arms. This whole section is about dodging him, and hitting him from behind. Like you do with the Rollerbots (the robots with one wheel and you have to hit their back to kill them) Just do this a few times and then you have beaten Mr. NAHHH!

    Third (and Final) Boss: Meatenstein (Level 3-18)
    You want to stand on the orange glass platforms and when he is just about to punch, jump off of them. You cannot wall jump because, surprisingly, the walls are too hot for you and you will die. So you have to jump towards the center. After he punches the glass 3 times on one side and eats his hand, go to the other side and repeat. Mind you there are little meat scientists running at you, splode them, or splode over them. They can knock you towards the wall which is instant death and you have to start all over. So once you have fried his first two sets of hands, then there will be two meat flies. Splode off of them both and he will grab you with his hand. Bash your buttons, that's right i said button mash. He will throw you on his back, keep button mashing after that and then splode his eye. Repeat with the other hand and he will have eaten all 4 of his hands. after that he will drop down and his toungue is now available to jump on. Go into his mouth and Splode and Splode some more. there will be like 2 second cutscenes every great while. but keep sploding until you get the credits rolling.

    Congratulations, that is the end of the game. You have now unlocked a new premium theme for your Xbox dashboard.

    Move onto Co-op and have some more fun. -waves- Ta-ta

    P.S. Acid is bad, spikes are bad, water is bad... and they all come after you... happy hunting.

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    KinectKid333Ok. I was hoping that somebody had already commented this, but, if you use "Way of the Coward" does that count as completing the level or do you have to do it legit?
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 18 Aug 14 at 20:42
    TwinklingPlaysI think it counts as one death. Not 100% sure though. And your time in completing the level is not counted at all.
    Posted by TwinklingPlays on 18 Aug 14 at 20:53
    ChuckieJFirst boss, when he's about to die, launches missiles and tries to flick Splosion man at the camera. After the laser attacks I deflected two sets of missiles back at him from the left side then moved dead center for the rest. The flaming scientists from his pound attack won't hit you there and he can't flick you (as best I can tell).
    Posted by ChuckieJ on 16 Oct 16 at 01:04
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    simply complete the whole game might take a little frustration but is totally worth it to hear the big Click in the end of unlocking the 25 g achievement and in case you have trouble on the last boss watch this video it helped me a lot
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