Only Gandhi Would Be Proud achievement in Splosion Man

Only Gandhi Would Be Proud

How long can you handle being a pacifist?

Only Gandhi Would Be Proud0
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How to unlock the Only Gandhi Would Be Proud achievement

  • LudovikLudovik36,730
    02 Sep 2009 02 Sep 2009
    72 3 3
    To complete this achievement, sorry for the excellent guide made by Biolegendary, the simpliest way is to complete level 2-8 while never touch any scientist.

    On level 2-8 they're only 2 or 3 and no one will be a problem, just jump ahead. It's very easy, completed in my first ever try (for the achievement), less than two minutes.

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    GnomishNinjaThanks. This was exactly what I needed. :)
    Posted by GnomishNinja on 08 Mar 10 at 06:18
    NastyMastaDaddyworked like a charm. THANKS : )
    Posted by NastyMastaDaddy on 01 Jul 11 at 21:08
    Guile132People on this site can be very stupid with their negative votes especially when the solution is beneficial and is fullproof. Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by Guile132 on 17 May 13 at 12:15
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  • BiolegendaryBiolegendary453
    22 Jul 2009 27 Dec 2010
    62 18 9
    All credit goes to Purge for his guide at

    For this achievement you have to go through an entire level without harming a single scientist. The easiest one would have to be 1-1 as it's a really small level and there's not many scientists to harm.

    #1 + #2 - Run towards the three scientists until two of them join together and stop while the third one runs to the end of the path. Move backwards a fair distance and then triple-jump over the two scientists.

    #3 + #4 - Walk over the floating symbol to turn it green, this removes the lock and in turn drops the third scientist to the floor below. Immediately after you do that if you keep running forward, you can run over the 4th scientist without harming him.

    #5 - The fifth scientist will run to the end of the pathway and then its just a simple matter of bouncing against the two walls without harming the scientist. I suggest starting directly below where the roof ends.

    #6 - The sixth scientist will be walking towards the wall and at the momment you have enough space to jump over him, you should do so.

    #7 - The seventh scientist froze in the middle of this path for me but can easily be jumped over with careful timing. I suggest you jump at the first red seat for safety.

    #8 - The eighth scientist will should be a simple jump of the two walls job. Do exactly as I have said in five and you should be fine. Do the same if the seventh scientist has decided to run further and huddled with the eighth scientist.

    #9 - The ninth scientist is similar to eight and five as you have to bounce off the wall and there is a scientist in between you. I suggest jumping at the start of his strange machine.

    #10 + 11 + 12 - I simply jumped over the tenth scientist as I have done previously and continued running forward towards the next scientist. The eleventh and twelfth scientist froze like the seventh scientist so simply jump over them with careful timing. I suggest you jump at the start of the strange machine for safety.

    #13 - The thirteenth scientist is similar to eight, five and nine as you have to bounce off the wall and there is a scientist in between you. I suggest jumping at the start of his strange machine.

    #14 - The fourteenth scientist will be at the end of the gap when you learn to do the triple jump. If you don't harm him after you do your triple jump he should run to the end of the path and into a wall. He is similar to eight, five, nine and thirteen as you have to bounce off the wall and there is a scientist in between you. I suggest starting directly below where the roof ends.

    #15 - The fifteenth scientist will be working in chair doing work as scientists do and as soon as you run towards him he will run towards the end of the path and eventually as most scientists do ... hit a wall. This time it's a tad different as there is an explosive that you can explode to make you go further. Use this bomb and you should not bounce anywhere near the fifteenth scientist

    HINT: You CANNOT, I repeat...CANNOT get this in levels that you run through dodging stuff, I forgot which one it is, but is a perfect example. When your running through the maze trying to dodge the crushers. YOU CANNOT get it in these levels because in almost everyone a scientist dies by suicide or getting killed. THIS COUNTS AS YOU KILLING THEM. Because your the one who scared them. I know, stupid.

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    Zorg111Again confirmed, multiplayer works.
    Posted by Zorg111 on 24 Oct 09 at 12:35
    W1LLYMANSince when is 15 scientists not a lot, lol. There are better levels to do this on that requires much less description on your part. Thumbs up regardless!
    Posted by W1LLYMAN on 03 Feb 10 at 18:39
    snuffdaddy01used your guide, it worked great, got it on my first try in about 2 mins, thumbs up and a thank you from me
    Posted by snuffdaddy01 on 12 Oct 17 at 02:21
  • Le BenjoLe Benjo265,954
    23 Jul 2009 23 Jul 2009
    36 13 4
    level 2-8 is the fastest and easiest way i found to unlock this achievement :
    2 minutes only
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    PJ3664definitely the best way i did this it was so much easier than avoiding scientists on 1-1
    Posted by PJ3664 on 01 Aug 09 at 22:24
    Elem3ntal80Yea I got it on this level too without even trying.
    Posted by Elem3ntal80 on 11 Aug 09 at 23:53
    MetalsocksI "fourth" this solution. I really didn't even try.
    Posted by Metalsocks on 30 Oct 09 at 12:41
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