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All Hail The Splode King

Complete the Single Player game in Hardcore mode.

All Hail The Splode King+0.2
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Achievement Guide for All Hail The Splode King

  • MonkeyTastic200MonkeyTastic200135,695
    06 Aug 2009 04 Jul 2012
    95 22 20
    Below is a Video Guide of some of the ways around the levels without getting killed. I do not take any credit on creating these videos, I am just merely posting these videos on here to help the community out.

    Please rate & comment on this topic if you have found this guide helpful.

    For the people who have voted negatively please state why?, I have gave all the solutions to every level, i cant help any more unless i do it for you!

    Guide Complete Here

    Video 1: 1-1 - 1-3
    Video 2: 1-4 - 1-6
    Video 3: 1-7 - 1-9
    Video 4: 1-10 - 1-12
    Video 5: 1-13 - 1-15
    Video 6: 1-16
    Video 7: 2-1 - 2-3
    Video 8: 2-4 - 2-6
    Video 9: 2-7 - 2-9
    Video 10: 2-10 - 2-12
    Video 11: 2-13 - 2-15
    Video 12: 2-16
    Video 13: 3-1 - 3-3
    Video 14: 3-4 - 3-6
    Video 15: 3-7 - 3-9
    Video 16: 3-10 - 3-12
    Video 17: 3-13 - 3-15
    Video 18: 3-16 - 3-17
    Video 19: 3-18

    NEW EDIT!!!

    The Guide isn't going through on Hardcore mode, BUT you can simply see his mistakes and see how to get past all the levels. Sorry for the previous guide being pulled, but cannot help the fact is was someone else's videos he didn't want to have on his channel any more. So i have found another guide where a gentlemen is going through the levels.
  • MastahMattMastahMatt107,775
    25 Feb 2010 25 Feb 2010 25 Feb 2010
    43 19 8
    This is a simple, if extremely difficult, achievement. Each level must be completed without dying once during the level, and every hostile thing that touches you will kill you in a single hit. The bosses are all the same as in Normal mode, and be ready to watch the few short cutscenes in the game a few dozen times as you are forced to replay any levels you die on, which includes watching any cutscenes. The cakes are not necessary to get this particular achievement, and in fact, I would not recommend that you go for the cakes on Hardcore, as the difficulty will increase exponentially. Prepare to have a huge amount of patience, be ready to replay specific levels fifty or more times, and promise yourself beforehand that you won't throw your controller, machine, or TV, because you are going to want to.
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