Chain Blazer achievement in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Chain Blazer

Make a Chain of 5 or more effects (including both players have activated) in a Ranked/Event Duel

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How to unlock the Chain Blazer achievement

  • Ape King IræApe King Iræ461,525
    22 Jan 2022 23 Jan 2022 23 Jan 2022
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    I obtained this while grinding for the "Deal Effect damage" related achievement.

    I used a burn deck, but this deck can pretty easily get a chain link of 5 or higher, netting the achievement.

    The above deck was what I took inspiration from, because all of those cards were getting expensive and mystic mine is cancer, (but it's what you use if you want to be competitive, I guess).

    But anyway, here is mine.

    (For my deck, Back Jack and Slash Draw are at 3 because under uncommon but manipulateable circumstances, you can OTK and even FTK, granted your opponent doesn't hand trap you.)

    As the requirements suggest however, you must wait for your opponent to activate an effect. Then, use traps that either burn your opponents LP, (2 birds one stone) or, just simply using any non targeting traps that take no specific requirements to activate. Simply making a deck with loads of these trap cards will (probably) work as well.

    It is okay if they get negated, as long as they are activated and the chain gets to 5. Duplicate traps count as well.

    If this achievement doesn't pop right away, don't worry. It isn't meant to pop until you have finished the duel WITHOUT surrendering.

    Hope this guide helps create both a burn deck and an easy way to get a chain link 5 and higher. Could even be a breath of fresh air from playing yugioh normally, like it was for me.

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    Reverend M3TAI agree that it seems like YOU specifically need to have the 5th card/effect in the chain to get this to pop -- I had one game where the opponent did something, I chained 3 traps off of it, then they chained a spell off those for 5 total, but achievement did not pop after finishing the match.
    My next match, I waited for the opponent to do something that triggered my traps, then I chained 4 off of that (for 5 total) and then finished the match and got the achievement.
    +edit+ also, you should go in to the game's options and set Chain notification to "on" (it defaults to 'Auto') -- this will ensure you are able to use every possible chaining opportunity
    Posted by Reverend M3TA on 10 Feb at 18:05
    PMS LT DavidI got it without being the 5th chain. The more important thing is that you finish the match. Don't surrender.
    Posted by PMS LT David on 14 Mar at 09:00
    KevstersonI have to agree with Reverend M3TA. In my case it was nessacery that I have to chain as chain link 5 too.
    Posted by Kevsterson on 13 Apr at 18:52
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  • Marcus BWFCMarcus BWFC156,499
    08 Feb 2022 08 Feb 2022 15 Feb 2022
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    Make a deck consisting entirely of trap monsters. then, when your opponent activates something you can chain all 5 of them. you can also fill the extra deck with rank 4 XYZ monsters + link monsters so you can summon pretty decent dudes. youre probably gonna lose, but thats fine when you just want this achievement right? (funnily enough I did end up winning) also don't surrender as surrendering doesn't increase your stats

    here is the trap monster list
  • Shogun KizanShogun Kizan58,049
    22 Mar 2022 25 Mar 2022 25 Mar 2022
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    This might seem difficult, but it simply requires you to throw a deck together with cards that can easily be activated without much set-up.

    To do this, I threw a deck together using cards such as Jar of Greed, Mystical Space Typhoon, Maxx "C", Call of the Haunted, and Reinforce Truth. As soon as my opponent activated a card effect, I then activated every card I had set for a chain-link 6 and received the achievement after the duel was finished.

    Additional tips: If your primary goal with Master Duel is to get the achievements, then I'd recommend the following tips:
    - Invest your gems in decks that specifically aid to the completion of achievements
    - Purchase the duel pass with 600 gems to obtain SR/UR crafting materials
    - Do NOT surrender in a duel where you have made progress to an achievement. Stats are added up AFTER the duel has been completed, not during.
    - Prioritise getting the achievements BEFORE reaching platinum rank. They become very difficult in higher ranks due to how the game is
    - Focus crafting generic staples such as Ash Blossom, Maxx "C", Pot of Extravagance early as they can be applied to any deck to improve their performance
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