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Map Pack 3

40 Knives! achievement in Call of Duty: World at War

40 Knives!

Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife. (Map Pack 3 only)

40 Knives!0
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How to unlock the 40 Knives! achievement

  • HiradCHiradC252,812
    17 Aug 2009 18 Aug 2009
    48 2 11
    As mentioned it's about getting it early on so you have plenty of rounds while it is still 1 hit kill. Not sure of exact round but I think around 12/13 it's no longer instant kill.

    I got it yesterday with my bro when we were trying specifically for that, we literally got thompson, turned on the power, then got the bowie knife. Next get juggernog and I think a good place to stay is by the power, note they now come from behind and in front of you so play back to back and keep turning and checking both sides.

    Learn to choose your target, get the stragglers. If a few are coming at once give them a few shots with the thompson to slow them down then knife the front guy and run back.

    *Note it is optional to shout David Bowie everytime you knife a zombie, but I highly recommend it!*

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    OutisAt round 12 it took me more than one stab to kill a zombie.
    Posted by Outis on 15 Nov 12 at 18:30
    HiradCcan you confirm 11 does? and I'll edit it. cheers
    Posted by HiradC on 15 Nov 12 at 23:22
    ZBrosSpecDude the bowie knife stops one hitting on round 10
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 05 Mar 20 at 15:21
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  • Dark 3433Dark 343324,193
    17 Aug 2009 27 Aug 2009
    23 2 0
    First off, The Bowie Knife buyzone is on the wall when you open the door behind the room with the power switch. The Bowie Knife costs 3000 points, and it stays with you permantly.

    Depending on when you get the Bowie Knife, this can either be an easy or hard achievement to get. If you get this in the early rounds (around 5 or 6), you'll have more than enough time to get this achievement. If you get it later on (Around 9 or 10), you're gonna have some problems.

    Just keep in mind that the Bowie Knife loses it's ability to insta-kill at round 12.

    The way I did this is to wait for the zombies and knife them as they come out me. This isn't actually a good strategy unless you haver Juggernaut and can survive if a horde rushes you.

    It's also beneficial to have a decent weapon if it looks like the zombies will overwhelm you. Some reccomendations are the FG42, the Trench Gun (both for 1500 points), the Thompson (1200 points), or, if you must, The MP40 or Type 100 (Both priced at 1000 points.)

    A final note: If you get Insta-Kill in the later rounds (Around the time the dogs mix with the zombies), go on a knifing spree! Just again, be aware of the possible zombie/dog rush and also consider the 30 seconds you have.

    With that, good luck!
  • Some SortSome Sort26,353
    12 Aug 2009 07 Aug 2009 23 Aug 2009
    17 12 4
    Even though the bowie knife is a 1-hit kill until around level 20, it's still incredibly easy to get swarmed and killed while you have it out. A good way to get safe and easy kills is to have someone else toss a monkey bomb and to knife the zombies in the back while they huddle around it. Another way to rack up easy Bowie kills safely is to hold a window and kill all the zombies with your knife. Wait until they lunge forward to grab a board before you knife, or else you'll miss. If you get 10 zombies at your window every round, all it takes is 4 rounds to get the achievement.
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    AdamRawrrSorry ima newb.
    ive only just bought the pack, where's the bowie knife like, located?
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 17 Aug 09 at 04:59
    Some SortFrom the room you start in, there's a door on the left and another on your right. Take either one and you'll quickly come to a second door. Open it and you'll come to a somewhat large room with stairs at the end of it. Buy the stairs and go up- you'll come to a ledge you can drop down. Drop down and you'll be in a very large room- the mystery box and power switch are located here. At the back of this power room is one last door- if you open that door, the bowie knife is right in front of you.
    Posted by Some Sort on 23 Aug 09 at 04:13
    Some SortYes, all Zombies achievements have to be unlocked in a single match- none of them are cumulative. Like I said, it's not at all as hard as it sounds- if you're holding a window and you get 10 zombies a round, you'll have it unlocked in just 4 rounds.
    Posted by Some Sort on 29 Aug 09 at 22:51
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