Map Pack 3

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Map Pack 3

Pack Addict! achievement in Call of Duty: WaW

Pack Addict!

Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack a Punch Machine. (Map Pack 3 only)

Pack Addict!0
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How to unlock the Pack Addict! achievement

  • atc2008atc200837,284
    08 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009
    31 1 8
    I just got this acheivement.
    Make sure you play with 3 other people and get very good guns, ie..ppsh and ray gun and for the first two upgrades. you will upgrade these two around rounds 11-15 or a bit more, if your team uses the cat walk tactic it will be very easy. when you get to round 20+ make sure you have all four perks maybe a little before and everyone else at least has one which wil hopefully be juggernog.
    To get the achievement:
    now when you have 17,000 points, (you may have more don't waste them) leave a crawler and go to the main frame, buy a kark for 200 points first and upgrade it = 5200 points
    with this bare limit of points you will have 11,800 left
    then straight after buy a gewehr for 600 points and upgrade that = 5600 points, then buy the kark again(remember to keep your ray gun in the other slot so you can continue) now upgrade that and you will have 1,000 points left:D, and on your way back if you don't have betties get back and buy them.
    this may end the game quicker unless you get a crawler again and go for the mystery box then upgrade that gun.
    I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with this.
    - it is very important that the first guns you upgrade are very good so you can survive.
    - the guns you buy on the wall(kark gewehr come to a total of 1000 points...3 goes on the box will be 2,850 so it is much easier way to do it.
    - remember not to trade one good gun.
    good luck

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    does it matter if you upgrade two weapons then die, will they still count?
    Posted on 26 Jul 13 at 17:26
    ZBrosSpecYes they still count
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 12 Feb at 16:02
    ZBrosSpecNo they do not count. Sorry for posting that last comment.
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 24 Feb at 15:48
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  • SmedsSmeds297,344
    31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009
    19 1 0
    Here is the tactics I used with a 4 player team.

    Starting off, you can either buy the Kar98K or just pistol whip the freakbags. Fight until everyone has enough points to open doors and get one go at the mystery box. If you look directly at the Pack-a-Punch machine, there will be doors on your left and right sides. I used the doors to the Left of the Pack-a-Punch machine. Open doors along the way, making sure to divvy up the doors so everyone can keep as many points as possible.

    Hang out at the box for as long as possible. At some point, the box is going to move anywhere on the map. Go to it only when necessary, making sure that everyone is back at the power generator ASAP. If you go to the box in the middle of the round, take someone with you. They can cover you while you grab your gun. By now, you should have enough points to open all the doors to the teleporters. You can do this with one zombie left in the round. Open all the doors and link the teleporters.

    Eventually, your team will have to open the big door next to the generator so you can have a better fighting area, even if you didn't want to link the teleporters yet. Here is where the point factor will come in. By now, the entire team I was in had at least one Pack-a-Punch gun. Keep fighting on the catwalk like normal. The biggest thing with the catwalk: whoever is watching the window on top of the catwalk, needs to save one zombie. This person has to kill all but one zombie that comes to the window. When this zombie is last, one person can just stand at the window holding (X) to repair the window constantly. This allows the others to run around and fix windows, get weapons, and Pack weapons. You earn points for a while, but eventually the points from fixing the one window with the zombie will stop. Switch off with another person, and you can go get your weapons.

    Luck is a major factor in your ability to survive to get 5 Pack'd weapons. By round 20 we had 3 people with Pack'd Rayguns, 1 person with the Pack'd Wunderwaffle, and everyone had Pack'd MG42's. Everyone managed to get at least 5 Pack'd weapons, and we also had enough points left to get through the teleporter 8 times. Using this method, it is also possible to survive until Round 20 without getting perks, knocking out another achievement.

    The biggest thing to note:

    You can Pack the same weapon!

    I Pack'd an M1 Garand, Wunderwaffle DG-2, Browning M1919, and 2 MG42's.
  • BoiIed FrogsBoiIed Frogs82,536
    08 Aug 2009 06 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009
    19 5 7
    This achievement requires you to upgrade 5 weapons in a single game, not over the spanse of several games

    To activate the pack a punch machine you must first link all 3 teleporters to the mainframe. To link a teleporter, locate it, then press X once inside. This will start a 30 second countdown for you to run back to the mainframe and press X there. This can be done easier if you have a teammate waiting at the mainframe to link it instantly.

    Once all 3 teleporters are linked the door will slide down to reveal the pack a punch machine. It costs 5000 to upgrade a weapon so you will need to accumulate 25000 in order to complete this achievement. Every weapon can be upgraded to boost its capacity and power, however the better weapons have better upgraded versions obviously.

    I recommend getting yourself a submachine gun and a heavy machine gun, unless youre lucky enough to get a waffle weapon (ray gun or DG-2 Wunderwaffe) and upgrading those 2 first of all, starting with the best. Once those 2 are upgraded and you have 5000 spare, use random boxes in your spare time until you get another weapon good enough and switch your worse weapon for that one. Repeat this until you get the achievement.

    Note: It's best to make 'crawlers' at the end of rounds so that you can go off and do what you need to, then end the round when everybodys ready. To make a crawler, simply throw grenades at the zombies when you feel it's near the end of the round, and some will lose their legs but still be alive.
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    Gonzo345One question:

    Can you wait for your friends that have BOUGHT the upgrade and you HOLD the upgraded weapon making everyone cheapier?
    Posted by Gonzo345 on 07 Aug 09 at 09:26
    BoiIed Frogsyou can only pick up your own weapons out of the machine, like the random box
    Posted by BoiIed Frogs on 07 Aug 09 at 17:47
    finallife6^ Thats false i was able to take somebody else upgraded gun but it doesnt count any so i dont know why you would

    And if you were just going for the achievement you could upgrade the 2 two cheapest guns in the game the kar and gewler not just gamble the box away
    Posted by finallife6 on 29 Jun 11 at 13:45
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