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Heroes in a Half Shell achievement in TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled

Heroes in a Half Shell

Complete the game with all 4 Turtles.

Heroes in a Half Shell0
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How to unlock the Heroes in a Half Shell achievement

  • a tea treea tea tree
    06 Aug 2009 06 Aug 2009 07 Aug 2009
    For this achievement, you simply must defeat Shredder as each turtle - this is to say, you can do it in Story Mode (online OR offline), or in Survival mode, if you are so inclined. Quickplay does NOT work, however.

    If you're going to play through the whole game as one turtle, rather than switching out near the end, Mike and Raph are easiest to complete in an online game - they take a lot of damage if you're playing alone.

    I would recommend playing as Don for Survival mode, as he takes slightly less damage and has great range.

    You should get this achievement right as you've beaten Shredder (hah, initially suggested a certain someone else - see comments) at the end of your fourth Turtle's playthrough.

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    Devil May AsianI've tried getting this achievement and nothing is happening. I've heard about not dying during the Shredder fight, but maybe it has something to do with the difficulty modes? Maybe Easy won't count?
    Posted by Devil May Asian On 18 Mar 11 at 17:17
    Crimson DrifterHere was my breakdown: For Raph, Mich, Don, I played story and beat it on Normal without dieing on Shredder.

    Leo I beat on Survival on Normal, without dieing on Shredder.

    As far as thats concerned, I think playing on Easy is the reason people aren't getting it, or that you indeed cannot die when fighting Shredder.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter On 17 Jul 11 at 02:40
    KingKnarfI haven't tested these, just passing on what I've heard (given the time I will try to confirm a couple in the next few days when I get the achievement):

    1.) Playing Coop if you die on shredder you will NOT get the achievement - Solo it doesn't matter, die all you want and the achievement should still unlock.

    2.) Playing easy mode should still unlock the achievement, you should only have to do one normal mode+ play through for the "Turtle Power" achievement.

    3.) You can do 3 playthroughs of Story mode using 3 different turtles then do the 4th turtle when you do your survival playthrough and this achievement should still unlock.

    I'll try to confirm them soon - anyone else feel free to do some testing too :)
    Posted by KingKnarf On 05 Oct 11 at 04:48
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  • Wildboy WileyWildboy Wiley
    Locked 05 Aug 2009 06 Aug 2009
    To earn this achievement, you have to play the game 4 different times using each of the turtles. So thats one playthrough with Leonardo, another with Donatello, so on and so forth.

    Note: This achievement can be earned playing on ANY difficulty.

    EDIT: The Character you beat Shredder with is the character that counts toward the achievement.

    For example, you can play through as Leonardo, but if you kill Shredder with Raph, then Raph is finished for that playthrough.
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    Wildboy WileyThere is co-op, and you can beat co-op with turtles to get the achievement.
    Posted by Wildboy Wiley On 10 Aug 09 at 20:34
    DanxexSeems like it would be an achievement for beating it with 4 players but i guess i was wrong.
    Posted by Danxex On 13 Sep 09 at 02:49
    FluffyBudsglad to hear it can be done on any difficulty setting.
    Posted by FluffyBuds On 01 Jan 10 at 10:56
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