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Hero of the Tribe

Complete every level in Brave- A Warrior's Tale

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  • Toombs2008Toombs2008204,145 204,145 GamerScore
    06 Dec 2010 03 Oct 2011
    7 0 1
    You will get the achievement after you defeat the boss (there will be 3 stages in the bossfight, be very careful in the 3rd stage).
    The boss fight is not so hard, just be careful, and avoid the "mines".

    Though, getting to the boss through the traps and platforms (before the village) was the hardest part of the game.
    Tip: after all the jumps and collapsing floor, you have to double jump at the final stage (after the stairs and the collapsing floor). Time your jump correctly and you will make it (i have tried to jump over at least 20-30 times but i failed).
  • IReal ShowdownIReal Showdown1,042,608
    11 Jun 2012 11 Jun 2012 02 Mar 2014
    5 0 5
    Right excuse me if I don't write this on the right page but its near completing the game.

    Any way lol all I can say is when your near the end and you have to go over the collapsing floor right where toombs2008 said about, I also got stuck on this part and what you have to do is you have to double jump and let your guy fall for about a second and then press B to roll/dive what ever you want to say it is and you should get grab on to the wall.

    Dont ask me how it works because I don't know but like I said I got stuck on this part and got to the stage where I wasn't going to play the game again, But we done it on my friends account then done it on mine. Have tried it a few times afterwards and it does work if you get stuck just give us a message :D
  • crooksey99crooksey99116,165
    11 Nov 2009 12 Nov 2009
    14 9 0
    You will recieve this achievement after you complete the 'very last boss' this is level is after you complete the village. but if you have missed any collectables you can use level select. use other guides and youtube for the missing totems.
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