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Epsilon Theta
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Epsilon Theta
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So far, even though this game is quite old, there does not seem to be a list. While I was playing I compiled a list. All collectible items are easily visible. They are always surrounded by a halo and teasingly dance around! Some do however only appear once you destroy some objects or complete a specific objective, commonly announced over radio by your fellow Joes. Some are also stowed away behind doors. I have marked those doors with the class you need to unlock them. Sometimes the level feature a teleporter but I found it hard to keep track of as sometimes, while there is a teleporter, backtracking might be impossible once you step past a certain point in the level.

Possible Bug:
Sometimes a mission screen will show that you earned all unlockables in that particular mission although it is missing. If you are short a collectable in the end, go through the list and check which one you are missing. The list is correct but the mission info screen is not. Let me know if you are having trouble of finding a card. Many thanks to Elite Shadow 87 for pointing this out to me!
This achievement only requires you gather all file cards but I thought a complete list might be best.

Operation: Arctic Arsenal

Level: Foundation
Black Viper File Card: Straight ahead after defeating the first enemies.
M.A.R.S Security Trooper File Card: After the first checkpoint you will have to disable two generators. You will find this card near the second one to the left hidden within some destructible objects.
M.A.R.S. Shield Technology Intel: After you have disabled the forcefield, search the area to your left.
Holding Pen File Card: When you see a large iron door, you should be able to spot this card on your left.
Ripcord Location Intel: Before the end of the level to the right behind some barricades.

Level: Genesis
M.A.R.S. Defence Wall File Card: In plain view after the second checkpoint.
Snake Eyes Location Intel: Next to the Heave Soldier class door.
Joe Snow Cat File: Right next to the first vehicle you will encounter.
Joe Tanks Intel: Next to one of the security towers.
Detention Centre File Card: Right in front of the doors you need to go through.

Level: Deckhouse Six
M.A.R.S. Security Officer Intel: On the right of the first room you will enter.
COBRA Nanomite Intel: After encountering your first Red Ninjas, open the Combat Soldier class door.
Red Ninja File Card: In the corridor, hidden in a room to the left after enemies emerge from it.
Serpent Battle Armour Intel: Behind a Heavy Weapons class door.
Storm Shadow File Card: After defeating the boss you will receive this file card.

Level: Cliff's Edge
Weather Manipulation Intel: At the start of the level, turn around and destroy the wooden barricade behind you. The intel is in the area hidden by the barricade. (Credit and many thanks to Pare ESP for his find!)
Shadow Storm Training, part 1 Intel: Inside a caged off structure in plain sight. Destroy the generator behind it to gain access.
COBRA Gunship File Card: After the first checkpoint, next to the generators you need to destroy.
Flyers Intel: In front of the forcefield the generators you destroyed took down.
Snow job Intel: Next to the power coils you need to deactivate.
Satellite File Card: In plain sight after the Satellite Defence mini-game.
Launch Site Confirmed Intel: In plain sight before the level ends.

Level: Rocket House
Joe Vehicles Intel: Behind the Commando class door at the beginning of the level, to the right.
Snow Job Intel: Through the Heavy Weapons class door to the left, shortly after the previous door, hidden behind some trees.
Teleport Device File Card: In plain sight after the first forcefield.
M.A.R.S. Weapons Facility File Card: On the right hand side when tasked with destroying the launch pads.
COBRA H.I.S.S. Modern File Card: To the far left in the same area as the previous card.
The Baroness File Card: After defeating this region's boss you will be awarded this card.

Level: Bonus Alpha
Flight Pod Missile File Card: In the open area where you will be able to drive the Snow Cat, look for a Commando class door on the left.
Lift Ticket File Card: Behind a Combat Soldier class door while in the lab.
Drop From Above Intel: This is a quite unusual intelligence, it will only appear upon smashing all computers.
Snake Eyes Tag You'll unlock this character upon completing the level.

Operation: Desert Jewel

Level: Arrival
Drop Box File Card: When nearing the second gate, when encountering your first turret, to the left near the teleporter.
Joe Runner File Card: Near the second turret you'll encounter after the first checkpoint, hidden under some crates/barrels right next to the turret.
COBRA Stinger File Card: Further along down the canyon, next to a turret.
Black Neo Viper File Card: Once inside, keep left. At the end of the first hallway to the left, hidden behind some destructible objects on the left.
Black Neo Viper Development Intel: In the hallway where you can go right to disable the generators to open the door, facing that path upon exiting is a hidden path blocked by some rocks. Destroy the rocks (I used Backblast) and you'll open an area with enemies and ammo caches. Once you destroyed them all, this intelligence appears in the middle of the area.

Level: Rise
BAT Manufacturing File Card: When you encounter your first robot troopers, after getting rid of them, turn around to find a Commando class door and this file card.
Apep Intel: You'll find this in the same location as the file card above.
BAT Shock/BAT Factory Intel: In a cache with above
Hoverblade File Card: Hidden to the left, behind a building after the first couple of laser grids and the copter.
SERPENT Battle Armour File Card: After the second checkpoint, open the doors and look to the left.
Joe Armoured Panther Care File Card: After you have acquired the vehicle, this card should be right in your sight.
Shipwreck Location Intel: Near the power coils you need to activate.

Level: Robot
Dusty Intel: Behind the Combat Soldier class door. You need to backtrack here after disabling the laser grids.
Crawler Intel: Behind another Combat Soldier class door in the room where you fight waves of enemies.
Tunnel Rat File Card: Between the ramps to the upper coils where you have to activate four power coils.

Level: Storm
Dusty File Card: As soon as the level starts, turn around and head backwards to find this card.
Bat Shock File Card: Once you reach an open area, you will have to go down a narrow ramp to proceed, the card can be found down the ramp.
Satellite Strike Intel: In the area you opened before, in the far right backhand corner near some destructible objects next to the building.
Agent Helix Tags: In the same area, found behind the Heavy Weapons class door.
Wild Bill File Card: After the second checkpoint, between the two generators you will have to destroy.

Level: Apep
Cover Intel: Inside the Combat Class door. You need to disable the laser grids first.
Apep Solar Complex File Card: Behind the same door as the previous intelligence.
Power Coil File Card: Behind another Combat Soldier class door after defeating the Mecha robot, after the first checkpoint.
Joe Tiger Cat File Card: In an outcropping to the right before reaching the first bridge-like structure protruding over the canyon, shortly before the boss battle.
Note: The level selections hows four file cards in this level but I only ever found three. I presume that last one is gained by defeating the boss (possibly on Hardcore but can't be sure).

Level: Bonus Delta
COBRA Mole Pod File Card: Before destroying the first barricade, hidden to the left is a Commando class door. The card is behind it.
Weather Dominator File Card: Next to the previous card.
Tunnel Rat Intel: After crossing the bridge, head left. The intelligence is in plain view in front of a blocked tunnel.
Shipwreck Tags: You'll unlock this character upon completing the level.

Operation: Jungle
Level: Fever
Night Creeper File Card: In front of the first turret you'll encounter behind the rock on the left.
Recondo Intel: Just after leaving the building the turret was on behind, on the right behind a wooden fence.
Joe Cougar File Card: In front of the first laser grid you'll encounter on the left.
Bio Lab File Card: Behind a wooden fence on the right after the first checkpoint.
Iron Grenadier File Card: After opening a door for which you need to activate coils first, destroy the crates behind the barricades on the right to reveal this card.
COBRA Bauxite: From the previous card, head left and look for a small passage behind a boulder. Head in to find a Heavy Weapons class door.
Beachhead Tags: After moving up a ramp to power some coils, search the area after moving up the first ramp, it is in plain sight!

Level: Sludge
Kamakura Tags: In an alcove to the right is a Commando class door. The tags are inside.
Breaker File Card: After the previous door, at the end of the corridor hidden inside breakable boxes.
Homing Missile File Card: Once you emptied the tanks and destroyed all computer consoles, this appears in front of the tanks.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Breaker Intel: After destroying the next batch of tanks, this Intelligence will appear to the right of the last panel you activated.

Level: Countdown
Joe Mobile Pit File Card: On the left near some breakable crates once the path opens up into a wider area.
B.A.T. (Flame) File Card: Int he same area as before, at the end of a small path to the right before enabling a power coil.
Sgt. Flash Location Intel: Behind the Combat Soldier class door you can reach when heading to the far right hand side of the base where the generators are located.
Recondo File Card: Next to the first of three generators you'll have to destroy.
COBRA H.I.S.S. Original File Card: After defeating a Mecha to open a door, to the left behind a rock.
COBRA Temple Intel: After you cleared all enemies in the last area the door opens. Right in sight while going through the door.

Level: Primal Shring
COBRA Crimson Attack Tank File Card: After you'll have to exit the tank, behind a rock on the left!
Joe MOBAT File Card: In the left hand area in the open after the first checkpoint.
COBRA Ziggarut File Card: Behind a Heave Soldier class door to the right of the open area where you destroy the generators.
COBRA Island Intel: In the same area, a Commando class door on the far right hand side.
Destro File Card: Awarded for defeating the boss in this area.

Level: Bonus Sigma
Stalker File Card: After encountering the tank , look to the right behind some barrels.
Data Frame File Card: After you encounter two shielded turrets when moving on to the right, before the bridge hidden inside containers/barrels to the left.
Communication Satellite File Card: After crossing the bridge, inside a Heavy Weapons class door.
Scientist Theory Intel: Once indoors, this intelligence is secured behind the left hand laser grid, disabled by the leftmost control panel.
Sgt Flash Tags: Awarded for completing the mission.

Operation: Polar M.A.S.S.
Level: COBRA Island
Dial Tone File Card: After the vehicle section, next to the nearly toppling guard tower.
Dr Burkhart File Card: Inside the caves, when searching for the generator, in an area you get to by following a hidden path to the right. To the left of this area.
Mobile PIT Intel: Same area as above, to the right.
Radar Dish File Card: After the second checkpoint, this file is right next to the lookout tower on the left.
MASS Device Intel: This Intelligence will spawn right at the end of the level on the last door you need to go through.

Level: Cryodome
Flight Pod Chain Gun File Card: You'll see it in the sequence at the start, it is behind you.
COBRA Final Lair File Card: To the right, hidden behind the right wall of the first gate you'll smash trough.
Strato Viper: shortly before you need to destroy five generators, behind a barricade near the first silo-like structure on the right, immediately after two spawners high up on your right.
COBRA Commander File Card: Where you need to destroy the five generators, this file is located to the left near a concrete barricade.
Accelerator Suit Intel: Once you get inside, behind you in the rightmost corner.

Level: Breach Pit
Hawk File Card: After the first checkpoint, take a hidden path to the left. It is the same hidden area you encountered before in the level Countdown.
Storm Shadow Training part 2 File Card: Right inside a doorway upon defeating the waved of G.I. Joe vehicles.
Zartan File Card: Awarded upon completion of the level.
All three tags: These are not found but Destro, The Baroness, and Firefly are unlocked once the level is completed.

Review 19 October 2014: Added bug disclaimer and source.
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