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Serious Complex achievement in Shadow Complex

Serious Complex

Level up to experience level 50

Serious Complex0
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How to unlock the Serious Complex achievement

  • HyperglideHyperglide406,618
    09 Sep 2009 09 Sep 2009
    77 3 13
    Hello all,

    Ok this is the strategy I used to complete the level 50 achievement (Serious Complex) in a couple of hours I started at level 24.

    Use the Gold Coil Rifle and make sure you are playing on Insane.. FYI any Unlocked Gold Weapons will give you double XP, so use whatever you are most comfortable with however I prefer the Coil Rifle as it's best for headshots (which will still give you a multiplier). Next you'll need the Grapple Hook, the 2 Thrust Packs, and Missiles you can however alternatively use Unlimited Missiles which makes this strategy a little easier to do.

    Near the top of the map you'll come across another lake (not the main one with the cottage), near the gold guns secret room.

    Save your game in there, then exit to the surface and run up the side of the mountain using your grapple hook. There will be 3 enemies who you can melee or if need be headshot for a total of 5x experience bonus. Next run to the left and use your Inertial Dampner (not required) and double jump down the side of the mountain. Once you have hit the other side of the dock there will be 3 more enemies. Melee them and you will come to a WSA3 Devastator, one of the walking robots. Leave him for now and jump over to the left and another gatling gun enemy will be present, once you kill him your combo should now be at 9x. Now go back and finish off the WSA3 Devastator, with a missile strike at it's back or undercarriage, for a Max Combo. Killing this nets you a high amount of experience. Now, run back the the save room and once the game is saved, simply hit start and select 'load from last save' to have the Devastator respawn. Rinse and repeat.

    I did not create the video and this is somewhat the same strategy as the one I just posted. Use this video as a general guideline.

    Video Here:

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    Vinchuccastrangely if I melee somebody it only does 2x multiplier, not 3x?! I'm positive I'm playing in insane what am I doing wrong???
    Posted by Vinchucca on 30 Apr 11 at 07:08
    PerpaliciousLife saver. The stars never aligned for me like in the video, so I was always one guy short of a max bonus and you mentioned that there's another gatling guy past the devastator, so I just use him if I never get a guy like in the youtube video.
    Posted by Perpalicious on 28 Dec 11 at 23:03
    JMJimmyThis is not as efficient as just going to the left. You get a 10x mutiplier on the guy every 80 seconds (at best) with this method and a 6x multiplier every 35 seconds if you ignore the guys to the right. To get the same benefit/time spent as just going left you'd need a 13.7 multiplier
    Posted by JMJimmy on 24 Apr 12 at 05:22
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  • StiqeStiqe195,634
    17 Jun 2010 21 Aug 2009 12 Oct 2009
    48 8 9
    If you're at the end of the game but don't want to start over to get your experience up, there's a save room on the far left of the map that you can access from the surface, on the right end of the lake.

    Save your game in there, then exit to the surface and run to the left. There will be 3 enemies who you can melee for a 5x experience bonus, and at the end of this chain of enemies there will be a WSA3 Devestator, one of the walking robots. Killing this nets you a high amount of experience. Run back the the save room then simply hit start, and select 'load from last save' to have the Devestator respawn.

    This is much faster than running through the rest of the map killing normal baddies for little experience.

    Obviously, set difficulty to Insane for best results.
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    xavius01a video please :)
    Posted by xavius01 on 07 Dec 09 at 02:01
    QuarantaneI actually did 5 play throughs trying to level up to 50.

    1 at 100%, another at 14% because I accidentally got an item I wasn't supposed to for minimalist, then another at 12%, another at 47% just getting items I remembered about on the way, and by last one I was only level 47.

    Decided to use this method for those last three levels.
    Posted by Quarantane on 01 Jan 10 at 07:33
    Bonus EruptusAfter leaving the save room, if you hook and triple-jump your way up the cliff to the right, there's a compound on top of the hill with 5 more enemies. Just jump past all of them until you get to the one on top of the tower. Uppercut him a few miles off the tower, then run back to the left, taking out the others with melee as you run by. Keep running, and triple-jump off the edge of the cliff, but make sure you don't hit hyperspeed in mid-air.

    You should land right next to the first of the guys mentioned in the above solution, and you'll end up with a 9x or 10x combo. There's one guy up on the tower/building to the right that paces back and forth into the background, so depending on his timing, you may have to skip him and only get 9x.

    Using this method only took me about 2 hours to grind from level 30 to 50.
    Posted by Bonus Eruptus on 27 Sep 10 at 15:34
  • InugamiTheHoundInugamiTheHound176,129
    12 Sep 2010 31 Aug 2010
    39 1 8
    Geoff and jack from Achievement Hunters show us how to get the "Serious Complex" achievement for Shadow Complex. This is a great guide on how to get it. Its not the only way but its one of the best ways to do it that I've seen.
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    Smokin978The enemy that they mention that sometimes the melee button option doesnt show up, if you headshot him your combo still goes up.
    Posted by Smokin978 on 28 Apr 11 at 16:22
    InugamiTheHoundthanks for good advice
    (don't forget to check out my other solutions as well)
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 30 Apr 11 at 21:54
    DiachronVery good method. While you only end each cycle with a x7 multiplier, it's much easier/faster to pull off than the previous method. Once you get into a flow you can very quickly cycle through levels.
    Posted by Diachron on 21 Jun 12 at 03:44
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