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The player has completed the Ultimate Endurance tournament without any faults.

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How to unlock the Marathon achievement

  • madmankevinmadmankevin439,594
    23 Dec 2009 30 Aug 2009 26 Dec 2009
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    The tracks and difficulty of this achievement have changed as of 12/23/2009 with the new game update. All of the hard tracks included in the original 24 track Ultimate Endurance Tournament have now been removed. They have been replaced with new lower tiered tracks, and the total amount of tracks in the tournament has been lowered to 20.

    You will need to finish the updated Ultimate Endurance Tournament without any faults. This achievement will still take patience and skill, but it is an easier task now as you will only face 20 Beginner, Easy, and Medium tracks.

    Here are the 20 tracks and their difficulty:

    1. Hello World! (Beginner)
    2. Stock Market (Medium)
    3. Mother Of All Jumps (Easy)
    4. The Breakdown (Beginner)
    5. Under Ground (Medium)
    6. Upwardly Mobile (Easy)
    7. Groundhog Begins (Beginner)
    8. Jolly Jumper (Medium)
    9. Easy Wheeling (Easy)
    10. Smooth Jumps (Easy)
    11. Container Rush (Medium)
    12. The Big Ride (Beginner)
    13. Tired Hill (Medium)
    14. Logsplosive (Easy)
    15. Trippin' The Plywood (Medium)
    16. Building Blocks (Easy)
    17. Dreamscape (Medium)
    18. Middle Name: Danger (Beginner)
    19. Groundhog Returns (Medium)
    20. Basic Bumps (Beginner)

    You still need to be skilled in this game to obtain this achievement, but it is no longer anywhere near the extremely difficult task it once was.

    I have left my original guide intact below. My tips below will still apply to the new version of the Ultimate Tournament, and people may want to look back at how this achievement originated.

    For those that are curious, there were under 40 gamers who obtained this achievement while connected to Xbox Live prior to the 12/23/09 update. When I obtained this achievement on 12/23, I was the 307th person to do so. This number will dramatically rise for sure!

    Thanks for reading and good luck fellow riders!


    Original guide:

    This is not impossible, rather improbable! You need to practice, practice, practice. My best advice to to practice the individual tracks separately until you can do them without any faults. The Ultimate Endurance Tournament consists of 24 tracks from the Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties. Here are the tracks you will have to race and their difficulty:

    1. Easy Wheeling (Easy)
    2. The Big Ride (Beginner)
    3. Logsplosive (Easy)
    4. Trippin' The Plywood (Medium)
    5. Container Rush (Medium)
    6. Mother Of All Jumps (Easy)
    7. Rock n' Drop (Medium)
    8. Technique (Hard)
    9. Hello World (Beginner)
    10. The Breakdown (Beginner)
    11. Upwardly Mobile (Easy)
    12. Basic Bumps (Beginner)
    13. Dreamscapes (Medium)
    14. Stock Market (Medium)
    15. Tired Hill (Medium)
    16. Under Ground (Medium)
    17. Concrete Dreams (Hard)
    18. Classic (Hard)
    19. The Rise And Fall (Hard)
    20. Building Blocks (Easy)
    21. Smooth Jumps (Easy)
    22. Trials And Tribulations (Hard)
    23. King Of The Hill (Hard)
    24. Jolly Jumper (Medium)

    I had 160+ faults on my first attempt. Once I got better at the game, I tried it again and got 80 faults. I kept practicing, and after some time I got it down to 30 faults, 20 faults, 10 faults, and now I'm currently at 3 faults. Practice makes (almost) perfect!

    If you are having problems on a specific track, go to it's leaderboard under the Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty selections and you can you view replays of the top gold runs. This will show you techniques on how to get over obstacles, along with what buttons the rider was using at the time.

    Take your time on tracks where you don't need to speed through them to clear obstacles. The Dreamscapes level is a great example of how going slow can almost guarantee a perfect run. If you go slow, you can ride the bottom of the track without any risk of faults. Go fast and you have a higher chance of crashing. There are a few tracks like this, and of course, this is all personal preference. If you are skilled at a track speeding through it, don't change your tactics.

    Take notes! I had a notebook with notes on what obstacles were coming up on tracks, and how to navigate them successfully. Soon you'll have these tracks memorized, but your notes can help you to be successful early.

    I've actually exchanged messages with a developer for this game, and they are currently in talks to add a limit of faults to this achievement, or to change the tournament structure. There could be an update to implement this, or it could stay the same, only time will tell. Consider this just a pleasant FYI.

    Please feel free to leave your comments below. If there is anything I can add to this guide, I'd be more than willing to do so. It's really hard to give a track by track walk through as there are many different methods one can take on each obstacle. I wish you all luck, and we'll see you on the leaderboards!

    The first gamer to get this achievement online is ObscenePenguin. He created a great video with his tips and tricks on some of the more difficult sections of the tournament. This video is posted with his permission. Watch his channel as he will be adding track specific videos in the future.

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    Slurp KoningGreat guide, helped me!
    Posted by Slurp Koning on 24 Jan 13 at 02:00
    KinectKid333Trippin' the plywood is such an ass
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 12 Mar 15 at 21:02
    MattiasAndersonIn case people dont look at the other guides. No offense but i want to make a comment here to help out. Scorpion is the way to go. It can more easy grab the track when you do jumps. For example jolly jumper and underground is much easier on the scorpion.

    Trippin the plywood! Yeah early on you make sure to have some speed on the first obstacle and dont risk trippin there like i did a few times. Then when you fly over make sure to just gas it. And just take it slow and controll the bike.

    On level 19. When you go were the turtle signs are! Sid down on the bike and gas it to land in the middle.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 30 Dec 15 at 20:36
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  • Carlos AgainCarlos Again150,184
    30 Jul 2011 30 Jul 2011 30 Jul 2011
    28 9 8
    These guides are fantastic, but I think they missed one very helpful tip. I would advise using the Scorpion bike; for a long time I used the Phoenix exclusively, but then I tried the Scorpion and realized how much easier it is to succeed. Many of the Medium tracks seem to be made with the Scorpion bike in mind. It might take a little getting used too if you are coming from the Phoenix, but it is definitely worth it.

    The trick to completing this, is to really become comfortable with the twenty tracks in the challenge. I personally thought that I would never get this achievement, but I kept trying and I eventually got it. If you have the patience, you can get this achievement. Good luck.
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    SterxyVery useful tip man! I'm down on the 5 faults in few tries, and it is much easier, but on the Phoenix my best is 8 faults =)
    Posted by Sterxy on 13 Nov 13 at 06:20
    SterxyDid it today on Scorpion!! Strongly recommend to use this bike - much easier to control!
    And God, I finished the game, finally :D
    Posted by Sterxy on 26 Nov 13 at 23:37
    MattiasAndersonThis guy is absolutely CORRECT! I can use both bikes but finally got the achievement with the scorpion. For example in jolly jumper it is MUCH easier with the scorpion to GRAB the track when you do a jump so you dont fall back. It doesnt wiggle the wrong way that easy and stuf like that. If i could have done a replay when i got the achievement i would post it here and show you all.

    Everyone that struggle, use the scorpion!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 30 Dec 15 at 20:33
  • McLellan89McLellan8982,695
    15 Jun 2010 16 Jun 2010
    30 20 2
    This achievement really isnt as hard as it seems. Sure it takes alot of concentration for roughly 12 minutes but it does only have maybe 2 or 3 challenging tracks which will throw you off.

    I would firstly recommend completing all the tracks from 'Beginner' to 'Medium' with no faults otherwise it would be pointless attempting this. Once you have managed to flawlessly complete those tracks give the tournaments leading upto the Ultimate Endurance a go and see how you do. This basically gives you a feel of the Ultimate Endurance but nowhere near as daunting. Once you feel you have completed those tournaments to a pretty good standard have a go at the Ultimate Endurance.

    My biggest tip i could give anyone is take it slower than usual, you dont need to complete it in any set time, just to complete it flawlessly. There will obviously be some parts of certain tracks where slowly isnt an option due to the nature of the track, eg big gaps to jump or ramps that are falling apart, but for the most part it is pretty straight forward.

    Out of the 20 tracks i only found that Underground & Groundhog Returns where the ones causing me real problems so i went and practised them until i felt quite assured doing them as it is quite frustrating getting to track 19 (Groundhog Returns) and failing.

    In summary complete all of the tracks from 'Beginner' to 'Medium' flawlessly, complete all tournaments leading upto the Ultimate Endurance (prefferably flawlessly but not essential), try the Ultimate Endurance, if needs be go back and practise any tracks you are faulting on and most importantly go slow, it isnt about speed, just being flawless. Eventually it will come.

    Hopefully these tips will help you as they are how i managed to do it and i had only just recently started playing it again for the first time in a couple of months, it doesnt require lots of practise, just patience and concentration.
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    gazhibsthumbs up but i dont see the need to complete all the championships leading up to it as some of them are a lot harder than the ultimate endurance. but defo all the track up to medium. Just gotta learn all the tracks.
    Posted by gazhibs on 27 Dec 10 at 15:01
    Iceman2pnt0"This achievement really isn't as hard as it seems." - disagree. Judging by the tiny 5% that currently have this achievement, the 95% of those who don't would probably agree.

    " doesn't require lots of practice" - disagree. Practice is the ONLY way you will ever get this achievement. It helps to know basic layouts of easier tracks, but it is absolutely necessary to know the layouts of the more difficult tracks (and even specific jumps) that give you problems. Sure there are only 2 or 3 tracks that might give you problems, but it only takes ONE crash and you have to start over at the very beginning.
    Posted by Iceman2pnt0 on 05 Nov 11 at 20:40
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