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Elden Ring achievement in Elden Ring

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How to unlock the Elden Ring achievement

  • l Craven ll Craven l
    04 Mar 2022 05 Mar 2022 05 Mar 2022
    Elden Ring is a tough game. So if you are looking to gain achievement score fast. Just know before going in. This may not be for you, Huge Credit goes to HarryNinetyFour for the guides. All Guides linked below are his. Check him out!

    An Experienced Souls fan should have 100% in around 60 hours assuming you do everything as fast as possible without exploring much
    A new player to the series is looking at more 80+ Hours

    For your first playthrough I would recommend going for all achievement related bosses. All legendary Armaments, All Legendaries Sorceries/Incantations. All Legendary Ashen Remains And all Legendary Tailsmans. Unlike other souls games. You do not need to make all boss weapons or get all sorceries. Which makes it much faster and also means you can use boss souls to gain more runes. Finally. I would recommend getting either the
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    ending first. As these require Extra steps than the default ending. The 3 different endings all have achievements related to them.

    I would recommend killing all bosses first that have an achievement related to them. I wont link videos to them all here as it would be too much. 30 Achievements are related to bosses. I would recommend starting with Leonine Misbegotten behind Castle Mourne as he drops an extremely powerful Greatsword if you're into that kind of weapon. Finally be sure to use Spirit Ashes. They will help you immensely and can be upgraded via Roderika who spawns in the Roundtable Hold after beating Godrick I believe.

    Next i would go for your Legendary item achievements as some of these (Especially Talismans will be very helpful espeically in New Game Plus)

    All Legendary Talismans
    All Legendary Armaments
    (There are 2 missable Armaments! The Devourers Sceptre in Limgrave and the Bolt of Gransax in the Capital.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    All Legendary Sorceries/Incantations
    All Legendary Ashen Remains

    First here is the
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The Elden Lord ending is the default ending. Just finish the game.

    If you are looking to speedrun endings. A good trick is that Godrick is skippable. You can cut round the right hand side of the castle. Keep in mind you will still need 3 Great Runes to access the Capital! I'd recommend killing Godrick in Stormveil castle. Radahn at Redmane Castle. And finally Rykard at Mt Gelmir. I found these the easiest to kill quickly.

    All that's left is the Armament upgrade. You can get this through Natural progression but if you are struggling you can obtain Smithing Stone Bell Bearings to give to the Husks in The roundtable hold for stones.

    And that's everything! My tips are these. Use Sorceries if new or looking for easier journey. Its quite strong in the game. Use Torrent in bosses where possible. Use Ashen remains in bosses every time. They are a key mechanic and must be utilised for a fun journey. If melee use Jump attacks often. Remember to go to different Divine towers in the map to get Great Runes after killing Shardbearers. I would recommend using Radahns.
    All Divine Towers

    I would recommend NG+ for subsequent playthroughs. NG+ 1 and 2 are pretty simple and I had no issues. NG+3 i struggled alot with the final two bosses though. Probably about 5-10 deaths on each but otherwise it was mostly deathless. Plus it saves to you leveling, Getting gear, And unlocking the map again. You keep map fragments and landmarks through playthroughs. Also a useful trick if you are overwhelmed by enemies if to quit out using the pause menu, This resets all enemy placements.

    Finally the two best Ashes by far are Mimic Tear and Black Knife Tiche.
    Mimic Tear makes a copy of you and your weapons to fight with you. Both of you use a bleed weapon and shred bosses easily.
    Black Knife Tiche dishes out absurd damage quickly. I'd recommend getting one of these Asap. Remember to upgrade them with Roderika!

    Sorry if I missed anything. Let me know if I did. Hopefully this is clear and concise for all you hunters out there.
    Enjoy the Lands Between!
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    MattAndersnIs there any chance this achievement bugs if you do the save trick to get all three ending achievements in one run?
    Posted by MattAndersn on 15 Apr 22 at 12:49
    emhmed93All achievements accomplished
    I did not get this ((( Obtained all achievements)))

    Need help !!!
    Posted by emhmed93 on 29 Apr 22 at 08:13
    NewkESame here didn t get this one, the only missing for me
    EDIT : restarted the console and it popped
    Posted by NewkE on 07 May 22 at 23:02
    BadgerWolfmanPopped straight after my third ending achievement. Played through 3 times. Awesome game.
    Posted by BadgerWolfman on 14 May 22 at 18:02
    MrNoLuckFoxI am wanting to get all 3 main endings in one go. The thing is I picked up the frenzied flame on accident.
    I have Miquella's Needle, which would cancel it. But I'm pretty sure once I do that, I can't get it again.
    I haven't killed the Fire Giant yet. Can I bring the Frenzied Flame with me all the way to the end game, do it's ending. Reload my save data, cleanse myself of the flame, then do the other main endings for the achievements?
    Would that work, is there anything I need to make sure I do first? Or make sure I'm not missing anything?
    Thank you!
    (I would rather not run through again on NG+ if at all possible)
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 14 May 22 at 18:32

    it works, I did the flame of frenzy ending last, however I wanted to see the other 3 non achievement endings as well. So after getting the frenzied flame ending, I loaded the game used the needle, and saved it. And I could pick again every other ending including age of the stars. (The yellow eyes will vanish, however the burn marks will stay on you forever)
    Posted by AntaraelDulacre on 16 May 22 at 14:26
    grizzly861Honestly, I don't understand the push for everyone to use those spirit ashes or cheating the ending, if you don't want a challenge, why even play these kinds of games? There is plenty of 4 minute indie games you can waste your money on instead... It's not even like these games are an incredible feat to have 100% in, most of the achievements boil down to collectathons anyway...

    I mean I get using them on NG+ and such since you've earned it, but that's so boring to immediately use easy mode on a first playthrough...
    Posted by grizzly861 on 07 Dec 23 at 08:31
    l Craven lGrizzly that's just gatekeeping. Games are meant to be fun. Who cares. I've played all Dark Souls past all achievements and done challenge runs. Let people use anything they want to enjoy the game they purchased. Your idea of fun is not someone elses
    Posted by l Craven l on 07 Dec 23 at 23:10
    AnatanaWhat you find fun might actually be stupid. Gatekeeping is ok, actually, in some instances.
    Posted by Anatana on 26 Feb at 18:02
    Sky PonySince when is using spirit ashes cheating? It's not like they put them in the game with the intention that nobody use them. They even included an upgrade system for them. It's hard to imagine they went to all that trouble with the hope that people would refuse to engage with it.

    What you find fun can't actually be stupid.
    Saying that the way other people have fun is stupid... well, that actually is stupid.

    There are no instances in a for-fun pastime where gatekeeping is okay, with one exception: it's always okay to keep the gatekeepers out.
    Posted by Sky Pony on 16 Mar at 00:33
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