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How to unlock the Shardbearer Radahn achievement

  • Bloody NineBloody Nine637,130
    03 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022
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    If you're having immense difficulty with Radahn like I did, do yourself a favor and stop banging your head against the wall and just go Respec. Make sure you have the stats to use the Rotten Breath incantation found at the Dragon Communion church in southern Caelid.

    Get a divine seal from the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold and equip it to your right hand

    Equip Rotten Breath

    Walk into Radahn boss fight, summon the first two groups of NPC summons. Dodge his arrow rain on Torrent then summon the third group of summons.

    Ride up behind Radahn and cast Rotten Breath till you notice he has the status effect.

    Run away and re summon NPCs as needed.

    Reapply rot for phase 2 (post meteor attack)

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    Virtual BoySeriously thank you!
    Posted by Virtual Boy on 15 Mar at 03:54
    OperativeEmeralCan confirm, the dragon rot breath attack is super effective.

    A moment of silence for all the dragons who will have to die for the sake of our Gamerscore.
    Posted by OperativeEmeral on 15 Mar at 07:26
    E IVI IVI 4Why are ppl down voting ? Atleast give reasons why otherwise i guess they're just salty for something anyways im going to try this tonight, looks like a solid plan, thk u for putting a good plan on here, i upvoted👍
    Posted by E IVI IVI 4 on 24 Mar at 02:32
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  • RPG1983RPG1983135,722
    04 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022
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    For melee builds with at least 20 Dex, you can also apply the status Scarlet Rot to do damage over time, without needing the spells, which makes this fight a lot easier.

    Prep work:

    * You will need to be able to travel up to Altus Plateau.
    * Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan is an easy to defeat hostile NPC found in the fields west of The Shaded Castle. You can get there just riding all the way through the zone dodging enemies and bosses. This NPC has a guaranteed drop of the Antspur Rapier.
    * The rapier has a default passive causing scarlet rot build up. I added the "Bloody Slash" Art of War spec'ed to blood, which also added an additional passive causing blood loss.
    *Strengthen the armament if you can spare the stones for a little additional damage, but it's not necessary for the build as scarlet rot and bleed do the work here.


    * Remove shield and any other weapons besides the rapier. Two hand it.
    * Put on your highest physical defense armor. If you do happen to get hit by the boss you will want every small bit of damage reduction.
    * For talismans you can either go for HP increases to help stay alive if you get hit or stamina boosts for quick attacks and horse dashing.
    * For your physick flask I would recommend the 1 hit bubble (i.e. it mitigates the full damage of 1 hit) and something like the heal over time as you will hopefully be out of direct danger a lot of the time. Use the flask before going through the portal / teleporter.
    * You could pop a rune arc for a great rune effect if you can spare it, I didn't personally use one.
    * You can't apply grease to weapons with Ashes of War on them so don't bother trying.

    The battle:

    * Run forward and activate the first group of summon signs. Use the debris to soak the first purple boss arrow.
    * Run forward and to the right to the next group of summon signs. You won't make it all the way so watch the boss - when the purple arrow is launched and just about to hit you, a roll will dodge it. It takes a little getting used to as it feels like you're rolling fair too late.
    * Activate the group of summons and have the debris soak another arrow.
    * Start running left as there should be another summon sign. You will need to dodge purple arrows so always have the camera facing the boss.
    * After activating that summon the NPCs might have engaged the boss so no more arrows. However, if not look around for any more summons and run to them whilst dodging. The boss can also do some "standard" arrow attacks that rain down arrows, you can mount up and horse dash away from those. HOWEVER, if the boss starts preparing a purple arrow you must dismount and roll out of the way. It will hit the horse and you if you stay mounted - there is no way to dodge these on horse.
    * Once the NPCs engage the boss, you need to mount up and ride into the fight. The aim is to get behind the boss between his legs to start slashing away quickly. Learn the attacks and take a risk when you think it's safe.
    * Both the Scarlet Rot and Bleed effects will build up and apply fairly quickly on your quick attacks (e.g. RB button). Bleed will take a massive chunk of HP off (something like 15%) and scarlet rot applies a damage over time doing considerable tick damage.
    * The boss can be staggered with continuous attacks and will drop to it's knees. Go to town with attacks here especially if they're just above 50% health. The aim is to do a lot of damage before the boss stands up and teleports away to start phase 2.
    * The scarlet rot effect still applies when the boss returns for phase 2. Boss HP should hopefully be low now so ride around re-summoning NPCs and watch as the boss health drops over time.
    * If needed you might need to reapply scarlet rot, so repeat the phase 1 process being careful of a few new phase 2 attacks.

    Good luck!!!
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    HieronimusThis worked very well. Thanks!
    Posted by Hieronimus on 12 May at 08:09
  • WapTackWapTack432,140
    28 Feb 2022 01 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022
    7 5 6
    Radahn can be found in the south of Caelid, more precise at the coast.

    I not sure if there a other ways to get there, but I did the following (BIG spoilers ahead):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If there a other ways to get to Radahn let me know in the comments so I can edit my post.

    Edit: According to Chronic Killer it seems to be possible to skip this quest line if enough advancement in the story is done. Might be worth it to skip Radahn and come back after some time if you are not interested in the quest line.
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    Capricious ContIf it helps anyone, I did Raya Lucaria Academy after Godrick, and I feel this changes the status of Redmayne Castle.
    Posted by Capricious Cont on 04 Mar at 12:20
    K000ZZDon't bother with this until way, way later in your playthrough if you want to actually enjoy the game. This boss will destroy any ideas you may have had about the game being "10 out of 10 best game ever."
    Posted by K000ZZ on 06 Mar at 08:44
    Roose91What locks it is opening Altus Plateau. I did Raya Lucaria too and it didn't trigger. I went off and did a bunch of stuff including receiving the letter of invitation to Volcano Manor and ascending Ruin-Strewn Precipice, the latter of which seemed to be the trigger for this.
    Posted by Roose91 on 11 Mar at 01:01
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