Freeflow Combo 40 achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)

Freeflow Combo 40

Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode)

Freeflow Combo 400
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How to unlock the Freeflow Combo 40 achievement

  • iddqdmode85iddqdmode85133,049
    17 Sep 2009 17 Sep 2009
    65 17 12
    The best way to get this would be to play the new FREE DLC challenge "Totally Insane" - you fight against an infinite amount of enemies - hence the infinity loop icon on the thumbnail.

    New enemies will drop in constantly, allowing you to chain together some very long combos.

    Just out for the insane patients ("lunatics") who try and jump on your back, they are also able to jump dodge over the top of you, similar to how Batman himself does.

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    Barad 007The enemies spawn too slow, can't get more than x10.
    Posted by Barad 007 on 25 Oct 12 at 17:03
    WeltallAYSorry, this DLC appears not to be on the marketplace anymore. There is an "Insane" pack but doesn't seem to contain this infinite loop you speak of.
    Posted by WeltallAY on 08 Sep 13 at 20:01
    A Batwoman@ B A R 4 D - Yeah same here I move to fast they don't spawn fast enough I tryed lots of ways to slow down the combos by hitting Y + B when I got up to at least 5 x. Also tryed to evade. Ganna try the Rumble in the Jungle with the Titan see if that will work better.
    Posted by A Batwoman on 16 Oct 13 at 19:39
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  • Angel ManFreddyAngel ManFreddy95,212
    26 Aug 2009 26 Aug 2009
    46 4 9
    NOTE: I think it's best to do this with the Critical Combo Strikes upgrade, once you get to a certain point early in your combo each hit in that combo will count as x2 in your combo meter. Did I mention the word combo?

    This achievement is really about 60% luck and 40% skill. You gotta get lucky enough that the enemies are spread out enough so it doesn't get over-crowded (which my lead to confusion on your part OR it might give Batman an area-of-effect attack where he'll accidentally hit more than one person, which could screw up your flow.)
    Here's how I did it. When you first break into the Arkham Mansion there will be a room full of baddies looking for a paper (it's right after the first room where you have to go into the grate on the ceiling). From your position you can glide kick. Do it. It will scare the rest of them and give you time to plan your moves. Now attack each person in a certain order, preferably a circle, so when you get done with the last person the first one you hit will be getting back up and you can keep going. Good thing is that you have a check point right at the start of this area, so you can restart if you mess up. I got to x70 in this area on Hard.
    Good luck!
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    Barad 007I have the critical combo strikes upgrade but how do I get it to work exactly? I've never seen my combo go up in 2's after each hit.. when my combo goes yellow and I start hitting everyoen faster it still only goes up 1x per hit..
    Posted by Barad 007 on 25 Oct 12 at 17:52
    Angel ManFreddyIt's automatic, so I'm not sure what this problem would be. I haven't played this in at least a year, but I believe once you get to x5 in your combo it starts going up in twos (could be wrong). All I can say is make sure you have the upgrade, sorry!
    Posted by Angel ManFreddy on 28 Oct 12 at 15:37
    FEAR PointMan24Does it matter what difficulty you beat the challenges on?
    Posted by FEAR PointMan24 on 14 Jun 16 at 04:46
  • TriRockTriRock1,950,158
    07 Apr 2010 07 Apr 2010 17 Oct 2013
    33 4 5
    I got this on the Combat challenge Sewer Bat (Extreme), playing the first round.

    I avoided all advanced moves, sticking solely to attack, stun, counter and evade. The reason is that using takedowns and/or throws negate your critical strike, causing you to miss the mark. When I did a round and culled the herd with two take downs, I ended with a 38x combo, while sticking to my mentioned method I finished with 43x.

    This will take a lot of practise and patience, as well as some luck.

    EDIT: Some people seem to have problems getting this on round 1, but manage to get it on round 2. Unfortunately, I don't have the game anymore to re-visit my solution, so I cannot verify this.
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    A Sneaky Sl0thYou going to need luck to get this one as i did the above and didnt use the advance takedowns but i killed every one with a x36
    Posted by A Sneaky Sl0th on 23 Jul 13 at 22:00
    A BatwomanI don't know why but the first round wasn't working for me so I tried the second round just kicked ass that round got up to 44x combo. Used that Y + B combo I love it and evaded when I needed and didn't spam the X button and watched what they did they do try to throw boxes at you so I moved the align stick as towards the box throwers.

    Thanks for the tip was playing GOTY edition and finally got a 44x combo so if I can do it anyone can just practice and don't get up set keep moving around press Y when needed evade when you feel like they might hit you off guard and use Y + B when you see a yellow streak. Awesome thanks again!
    Posted by A Batwoman on 16 Oct 13 at 21:05
    LanDiManaged it on the second round smile
    Posted by LanDi on 03 Jun 18 at 12:24
  • jackalope706jackalope706114,069
    30 Jun 2010 30 Jun 2010
    20 1 1
    The easiest way i found to get this achievement is in the level right after you have shut off the pumps near Killer Crocs liar. Joker will lock you in an enclosed space and send down a titan as well as an elevator full of enemies. After injuring the titan enough you will be able to hop on to its back and ride it around. Try to time when you get on it with when the next wave of enemies comes down in another elevator. Then ride the titan around hitting as many enemies as you can. Each time you hit an enemy the combo meter will increase and the combo will never go away while riding the titan. Eventually when you are thrown off the titan you could have a streak as high as 25 or 30. That is a good place to start from and from there it is simple attack and counter with the enemies that come down the elevator for about 10 or 15 hits and you should easily get the achievement.
  • 17 0 1
    Not sure if this has already been said, but the best place to get this achievement is when you get accepted to Joker's party near the end of the campaign. You enter a room full of 20 henchmen, defeating all of them will give you the 'Party Pooper' achievement as well.
    Anyways, what I did was, before entering, I got myself a checkpoint by walking into the Penitentiary and back out. After this, I went and got my name marked of the guest list, went in and knocked out some thugs with some kick-ass free-flow moves.
    Whenever I got my flow interrupted, or there weren't enough people left for me to get the 40x combo, I just restarted from the checkpoint and kept trying. I think I got it on my third try, and I can guarantee that if you do this, you WILL get the achievement eventually.
  • fritzscrollfritzscroll190,150
    28 Aug 2009 29 Aug 2009 31 Aug 2009
    21 6 4
    Also at about 50% game completion you should have unlocked the Sewer Rat (Extreme) Combat Challenge. The last level of this challenge has about 15 guys (I think) and all 6 times I have played it have gotten at least 40x, (update)my max 62x. Might be easier to do it here if you are not towards the end of the game yet but have a lot of the Riddler's stuff collected.
  • VinchuccaVinchucca180,248
    10 Sep 2009 16 Sep 2009
    16 2 2
    I got this one in the challenges; Rumble in the Jungle. Wait for the round where there's one Titan. Get him on his knees and then mount him, this should get you an easy 25-something hits without the risk of being hit youself, then after the titan throws you off his back just try and keep the combo going. I managed to get 42 hits with this method. Only downside is you'll have to avoid the Titan for the remainder of the combo which can get difficult. Try not to get pinned down in corners and keep your camera on him as much as you can.
  • ThinkMcFly88ThinkMcFly88176,053
    28 Aug 2009 30 Aug 2009
    15 2 1
    I found the best way to get this was on the downloadable Crime Alley on the 4th round. They are all either regular thugs or thugs with pipes. You do need to pay attention to the possibility of thugs ripping things off the wall, but if you can prevent them from throwing them all you need to worry about is just striking from thug to thug and countering when necessary. There are more than enough thugs in a small area to continuously knock them down while keeping them close. Pretty easy as long as you keep it simple.
  • Batman5273Batman5273295,258
    28 Aug 2009 28 Aug 2009
  • zeno2kzeno2k259,552
    11 Dec 2011 11 Dec 2011
    12 3 5
    This is really easier than I believed: I've tried many many many times, reaching max 30 hit combo before been hit... Also the Titan wasn't a good solution for me... I'm skilled enough in combat technique, but...
    Well, here's the solution (really easy).
    Done on Sewer Bat (not extreme) on 2nd wave, using just 2 button: hit and evade. You'll face a big amount of foes without knife or tube, so they're really easy to evade.
    Well: face one thug, hit - evade - hit - evade - hit, hit (if you're not too crowded) - evade, evade (if there's more than 2/3 enemies), and so on.
    No special combo, no batrang, or else... just hit and evade, no matter the distance, Batman will hit without trouble, and you can evade any time you need, because this wont interrupt the combo count.
    You'll reach 40 before finish the foes.

    Done on first attempt.
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