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  • Timeless MagicTimeless Magic392,138
    27 Aug 2009 27 Aug 2009
    50 8 10
    This is not without its challenge if you are playing on Hard. As soon as you're coming out of the tunnel beside the entrance to Arkham West, you'll see four goons outside of a door with a guest list in their hand (after Joker has invited you to the party).

    Beat them up and once you go inside, you'll see a small space and about 20 guys, meaning that on hard, you can die quick if surrounded.

    I planted three explosives on the ground throughout the room before attacking so that when people moved, most of them were stunned, allowing me to finish 4-5 guys right away. The rest is just about masterful countering, combos and dodging.
  • JayourJayour866,404
    27 Dec 2009 10 Dec 2010
    39 2 1
    There's only one opportunity to get this achievement in the game and it's right at the end so make sure that you don't miss it!

    Now once you progress to the very end of the game you're invited to a party by Joker, it's the next section of the game after you defeat Poison Ivy, you'll hear him talking about it over the loud speakers and there will be fireworks going off in the sky, you'll need to travel back to "Arkham West", when you get there you'll see there are 4 goons guarding 1 of the entrances, approach them and a short cutscene will play, they'll tell you that you're not allowed in unless you're on the guest list, after a few moments he'll find your name on the list and let you in, you'll find yourself in a corridor full of goons that are applauding you.

    Now this is where you get the achievement and like I've already said, you can miss this, so make sure you don't!

    All you have to do is beat up all of the goons that are stood around applauding you, it's a good idea to use your explosion gel on the walls a little to help you thin the herd because once you attack one they'll all come after you.

    Once you've incapacitated the last enemy the achievement will unlock.

    * Credit to Gyoru for the video
  • xraySWANxraySWAN80,791
    01 Oct 2009 01 Oct 2009 01 Oct 2009
    18 2 1
    Getting the party pooper achievement on Hard was a real challenge. If you are having a difficult time I suggest you try the following method:

    1. Like Timeless Magic above says, plant the 3 exposives on the ground before initiating the fight. That will allow you to get about 4-5 free ground knockouts.

    2. Instead of trying to counter, combo and dodge, I suggest you just counter. Stand in the middle and wait for them to strike you and then counter, one after another. It'll be tempting to land some strikes after the counter but don't. There are enough enemies that you can get your combo meter up to 5 just by countering and then you can unleash a ground takedown for an easy knockout. Just be ready to counter if a guy tries to take a cheap shot on you while you're getting up. If nobody attacks, your combo meter will reset but that's okay. Just continue countering and doing ground takedowns when the times right.

    3. When you get to about 6-8 guys left, then you can probably get back to the counter, combo, dodge method because it's a little more managable.

    After stuggling at this part for about 20 minutes, I did this method and I was able to get through it without any trouble at all.

    Hope this helps. Good luck
  • MoRICH MAN 300MoRICH MAN 300634,877
    10 Sep 2009 05 Nov 2010 21 Jan 2015
    13 0 0
    Once you defeat posion ivy you will be in arkham north and you will be"invited to a party" by joker,you will also see fireworks in the sky.Simply go to arkham west and you should see 4 guys outside the building all you have to do is beat those guys up once thats done go in side the building and you should see about 20 guys clapping, simply beat those guys up too, after you beat them up the achievement should unlock.

    here is a good video for this achievement...
  • 13 0 0
    If you want to get this achievement on Hard, then follow the above. However, the achievement will unlock if you are playing any difficulty (I unlocked this while playing easy). The advice above works well especially the pre-trapping the place with explosives to easily take 3 of the guys down.

    Other than that it was a lot of vaulting over enemies, stunning, batclawing, triple batrang throwing (after x2 combo), and generally taking every available cheap shot to build up a combo count. Once you hit x8 (or x5 if you unlocked the ability), start using the instant takedown (Y+B) when available to slowly clear the floor (Batman is invincible when performing this move).

    No matter what after the initial 3 quick takedowns, do not attempt to ground takedown anyone. Even on easy it is an open invitation to be sucker punched by someone.
  • SecondHeartbeatSecondHeartbeat130,359
    14 Jan 2010 15 Jan 2010 16 Jan 2010
    13 0 2
    Here's what I did to bag myself the achievement on Hard Difficulty:

    1. Plant explosives along the centre of the corridor. If done correctly you should be able to knockdown all of the goons simultaneously, allowing you to safely get in 3 ground takedowns.

    2. The remaining goons will surround you leaving you vulnerable to cheap shots so you will need to mash the evade button until you reach either end of the corridor allowing you to get in a few strikes safely.

    3. Repeat step 2 until you are no longer in such a vulnerable position and you feel as though you can eliminate the few remaining animated goons in your own style.

    Note: Spamming the counter button and doing nothing else will not you get you anywhere, as it does not actually lower the enemies health.

    Hope this helps somewhat!
  • 7 0 0
    This is a missable achievement so if you want it, there is only one chance per playthrough.

    When you enter the visitor center, plant three explosives on the ground in front of a couple of goons. Detonate them and run over for a few knock outs, thinning out the ranks of resistance.

    Then simply wait for someone to take a shot at you, hitting (Y) counter and thow in a few punches (X). Every now and then you will get a critical strike or two.

    Keep this up and eventually you will have defeated all the enemies in the room. Achievement unlocks.

    Tried to follow a few of the pointers mentioned earlier but didnt see the (Y) counter building up any combos... Completed the achievement in under 10 minutes (on my third try for it) using this methos playing on Normal.

    If you want to use this section of the game for Freeflow Combe x40 or Freeflow Perfection, I recomend using the challange/DLC modes for that instead where you can more easily control the enemies.

    Good luck!
  • 3 0 0
    This achievement is for killing all of the guys inside of the hallway of the party building.

    First of all, I disposed of the four guys outside, they should be no problem if you use explosive gel to knock them down for some easy KO's.

    Once inside it is time to prepare. Lay down 3 explosive gel, evenly spaced in the middle of the room (I had the auto-explosive gel upgrade but this will still work without) then, I stood at the end of 1 line of guys and used the line launcher to launch to the other end of the line of guys.

    Batman will launch on the line, kicking in the faces of everyone in that lines, this will cause everyone to go crazy, at which time you should blow up your explosive gel, knocking pretty much everyone to the floor. Kill as many guys as possible whilst they are on the floor, then, use your attacks, countering and batarang skills to skillfuly kill the rest of the guys.
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