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Freeflow Gold in Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)

Freeflow Gold160 (50)

Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges

  • Unlocked by 14,310 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.20) 147,186  

Achievement Guide for Freeflow Gold

142,571 (83,802)
Achievement won on 28 Aug 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 28 August 09 at 20:52
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This achievement is won by gold starring or getting a three batarang rating on all of the freeflow challenges. There is no specific way to get this achievement therefore I'm going to give tips and advice. A bit of warning, this achievement is a controller smashing, screen breaking, anger inducing achievement that should only be attempted by the brave and the bold. This achievement is pretty much 50% skill and 50% luck so it's not gonna be a walk in the park. Another warning, to make getting this achievement easier have the upgrade that gives you critical hits 2X, the combo takedown, the throw upgrade, and the upgrade that lets you use combo takedowns at a 5X multiplier instead of 8X.

Intensive Treatment Challenge: 18,000

This one is the easiest of all the challenges seeing as it has very few enemies compared to the others. The enemies here are all standard thugs who will occasionally grab pipes to bash you with. Counter, combo takedown and ground takedown them to get a nice multiplier.

Sewer Bat: 18,000

This challenge is a bit more difficult than the previous because you have more enemies to deal with. Starting in second round you have to deal with thugs with knives. Probably the most key thing to remember when facing them is to never attack them when trying to rack up a combo because they'll stop it dead in it's tracks. Try to combo takedown them as soon as possible so that they're out of the way. If you can't do that then stun them first and start your combo (Note: Jumping over them and trying to attack them from behind is pointless because they'll instantly block it, destroying your combo in the process). Knocking out the knife thug should be your first priority in later stages seeing as they can pretty much destroy your combo. In the fourth round you encounter thugs who pick up cinderblocks (or something) and throw them at you. Just hit them or grab them before they can throw it at you so you won't lose your combo

Shock and Awe: 30,000

In this challenge you have to race against time to beat all the thugs in each round (Note: You have to beat them within the time limit or you automatically die within a few seconds). To make matters worse in the second round you'll face off against a thug a with stun rod. The strategy for these thugs is the same as with the ones with knives. The only difference is that you can jump behind the stun rod thugs and hit them to continue your combo. In the third round you face two knife thugs so rack up a combo and use your combo takedown to dispose of them. In the fourth round you have a big group of enemies with a knife thug and stun rod thug as well. Use the other to make a combo and take out the knife thug, then go after the stun rod one.

Rumble in the Jungle: 30,000

This challenge has you facing off against a lot of enemies including knife thugs and stun rod thugs. This is also the first time you encounter a thug who a gun off the wall. If you ever see a thug with a gun, take them out as soon as possible. Not only will they destroy your combo from afar but they can also deal a lot of damage Batman if left unchecked (Note: Even if you take out the gun thug, be wary of other thugs picking up the gun and using it). Once you get to the fourth round you'll fight a bunch of thugs and one titan. When it begins charging at you throw your batarang at it's head and dodge him. Begin attacking him and counter any thugs who try to attack you. Once you weaken him enough you can ride him and whack the thugs, increasing your multiplier. To this until the beast and all the thugs are out of the picture.

Intensive Treatment (Extreme): 30,000

The same as the normal version, just more thugs, and the occasional cinderblock thug.

Sewer Bat (Extreme): 50,000

This again is much like it's normal version but with a lot more thugs. You have to really be careful here because there are a lot of thugs who will pick up cinderblocks and guns to try and wreck your combo. You'll also have to face knife and stun rod thugs, use the strategies I mentioned before to bring them to their knees... or break them.

Shock and Awe (Extreme): 30,000

This challenge by far I think is the hardest of them all. In this challenge you have to face off against more stun rod and knife thugs then ever before. On top off that you still have the timer and getting your flow messed up makes it harder to win within the time limit. My biggest advice is combo take down every knife thug you see to make your life easy because if you don't, they'll make it a living hell.

Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme): 50,000

This challenge to me seems easier then most people believe. By now you know what to expect, lots of thugs, knife and stun rod thugs, cinderblocks in the air, bullets flying. But what makes this challenge special is the fourth round where you face off against two titans and a sizable group of thugs. The most important thing here is to use the titans against each other. Once one of them is stun and primed for riding, attack the thugs first and then the other titan. The main reason being that you get a bigger combo and that after hitting the other titan three times, you get throw off. If you did it right the other titan should now be on the ground in the stun stated and you should be able to continue your combo and repeat the process. By doing that I was able to get to the number 2 spot on the leaderboards... no bragging intend just wanted to show it's an effective strategy. (Note: If a thug gets a gun while you're riding a titan, take them out as soon as possible because they are the only enemies that can stop your combo as you ride.)
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280,041 (173,680)
Achievement won on 10 Sep 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 30 August 09 at 05:17, Edited on 03 November 11 at 08:29
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Below are all of the Combat Challenges. Watching them may help give you an idea of a pattern which works.

Credit goes to DualWielderDotCom for the videos.
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376,744 (203,538)
Achievement won on 08 Sep 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 08 September 09 at 12:44, Edited on 08 September 09 at 12:45
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Having played through on hard it was only when I started on the combat challenges that I really learnt and understood the combat.

I've listed a few simple tips below..

Bonus points:
The following can be achieved in combat challenges
• Dark knight bonus - not getting hit
• Freeflow - kill all enemies in one flowing combo
• Variations - getting in all of Batman’s moves nets 5k

If you get the dark knight bonus on all rounds you also net 5k

To do well in combat challenges you have to get big combos 7-9 moves will really boost your points.
It's worth practising the perfect combo to really get a grip on this.

When fighting remember that getting hit and breaking your combo doesn’t mean it’s game over, quite often I would start a new combo mid round and get it into the 7+ range.

Fighting itself is not button bashing if you do you'll probably lose. Think about where the enemies are and who you plan to hit next and with what. Hit x once with just a direction will normally result in a critical hit (worth a few points more). When doing a ground takedown you can pan the camera around this really helps when planning the next move.

Finally you can sort of cue up a move so when doing a ground takedown you can press X once and batman will automatically hit the guy in that direction. Don't worry about getting over to him batman will do the distance no matter how far off they are.

Otherwise counter often and jump around to clear some space this will help out a lot.

I start each round as follows if this helps...
• Batclaw to pull them in
• strikes to knock them down
• either a counter and the aground take down or just a ground take down depending on the situation.
• allows you to pull of the special takedown
• then jump over and bat cape and you’re only missing the throw and the baterangs for a full combo.

As mentioned above you do need the upgrades to Succeed
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Krystman DE
41,854 (24,095)
Krystman DE
Achievement won on 28 Dec 11
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 31 December 11 at 02:37
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The most difficult challenge in this achievement is the Shock and Awe Extreme one. Here is a detailed strategy walk-trough on how to make this one a bit easier.
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Scab Designer
70,375 (22,759)
Scab Designer
Achievement won on 14 Nov 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 26 September 09 at 21:37, Edited on 24 November 09 at 19:45
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it's only a little tip, as i'm still working on this achievement, but a few helpful things i've found along the way. but these things helped me score this achievement.

ring outs get a little point boost, plus if you do the throw combo you can sometimes get a vip (stun rod or knifed thug) out without actually having to fight them. but i will say remember to do the B button stun at some point in the round to get the variation bonus. i just think it's insult to injury to stun them then immediately throw them out of the ring. haha.

using the triple batclaw at the beginning of a round can buy you a few seconds if the pack of thugs is led by a vip. you can batclaw and immediately varial over them to fight less threatening thugs.

and my favorite thing to do is to go for the unarmed thugs and get a 5x multiplier and then do the Y + B takedown combo on a vip. i almost avoid vips entirely unless i'm doing a combo attack.

so most of my rounds start off with triple batclaw, overhead varial, punch a couple unarmed thugs and get a 5x combo, if i'm close enough to a vip, go for the takedown combo or throw combo for the ring out. the fewer knifed thugs or stun rod thugs there are, the less chance they'll break your multiplier, as when you attack them face to face, they block or stun you (plus they do mega damage, and their attacks can't be countered).

also, in later challenges keep an ear out for gun locker alarms. i usually try to do the takedown combo on a thug if they manage to get a gun from the locker because even if you disarm them, sometimes they'll jump up and immediately grab the gun again. :(
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Infamous Geezer
165,366 (95,615)
Infamous Geezer
Achievement won on 07 Nov 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 27 April 11 at 02:18
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Here are some videos of the (Extreme) stages all complete with zero damage! Spamming batarangs and using throws every time your combo counter turns yellow is what I did to achieve this. Good luck.
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352,649 (147,037)
Achievement won on 25 Jun 15
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 28 June 15 at 14:57, Edited on 26 September 15 at 00:22
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You're down to solution 10.
You've read all the other solutions and still haven't got it have you.
You know what that means huh.
Well take heart as bad as you think you are I'm telling you I was worse.
I'm an cn_X button masher. are you? Most of the game I was either mashing cn_X or evading. Well mostly at least.
Still I believe you can mostly mash cn_X and still get this. I'll give you the method I used to get this and believe me, I thought I'd never get the 18,000 to get the first challenge complete, much less any of the other ones.
OK, first ( Captain Obvious alert ) it really is best to do all the moves, then go for a high combo. I can help out with this.
The first thing you should do is when starting any challenge is: if you don't get an epic score on the first round I'd restart. I've seen all the videos where the first round, the guy does OK in the first few rounds and then gets an epic score at the end and gets the score needed. Maybe some people can do that, I can't. I'll post about what I got for the first round and what you should shoot for.
Also you will want to learn where all the weapon lockers and other areas where these thugs can rip things off the wall to throw at you. Either hit or batterang these guys. This will get harder in later challenges because of the sheer number of guys in the challenges.
This is how I went about this and what you should try for.
You know there are moves you are not good at. I'd suggest when the challenge starts do these first.
So if you're like me, I am terrible at the counter cn_Y. I also never do the cape stun. So in every challenge I start with these 2. If it's just a normal guy, I counter, then cape stun the next guy. If it's a guy with the knife I cape stun until I can counter, then I counter. (Then I usually screw this part up so I restart the challenge, Just saying... )
Those are done, then I evade, followed by the batterang. next I'll do my typical cn_X mashing and evade til I get the combo up to 10 or so. Just forward and back.
I always try keeping everyone in front of me if possible. This will take some practice so don't give up, keep at this part. Also try not to evade into a group of guys, you may hit one of them, then another guy hits you and you lose your combo.
Once I get to a 10 combo I'll throw someone. That's 6 of 9 moves so far.
Next I'll continue to hit and evade til I get to at least 20 then I'll do the instant takedown cn_B + cn_Y. This will hopefully be the only time I do this. the reason for this is; you want to keep everyone coming after you as long as possible. Along the way you will be knocking people out, but not a lot. This was the way I could get a pretty high combo, I think my highest was around 50.
OK, I know what you're thinking. What about the guys with the knives, stun batons, guns and so forth. The solution for all these guys is the batterang. If I could emphasize anything in this solution it would be to get good at using the batterang. It's quick and it will take down anybody fast. I throw the batterang a lot in between hitting and evading to get rid of the guys who will ruin my combo.
OK, where were we, Oh yeah, so we were at 7 moves so far completed. Now once you have taken down most of the guys and have about 5-6 left after hitting and evading you're going to change tactics. Evade away to a safe spot and use the batclaw ( double tap the cn_RT ), then batterang then ground pound ( I have no idea why everyone says ground takedown instead of ground pound. First it sounds better, it also says ground pound when you do it and it takes longer to say ground takedown so from now on I'll use ground pound) cn_RT + cn_Y. Lets hope your combo is up to 25-30 by now. Usually you can only do 1 now, but if you can do 2 do it. Then all I do is batterang and ground pound the last guys. You can batterang as soon as you finish with the ground pound. That's all 9 moves.
I batclaw first for the simple reason that when I would batclaw then ground pound, many times I'd lose my combo I think because the game think I'm trying to use cn_RT twice in a row which breaks your combo. Or maybe I wasn't hitting cn_RT + cn_Y exactly at the same time.
This is the method I use for every challenge in the first round except Shock and Awe.
Practice this til you're good at this and like I said before if you don't get an epic score, restart. If you even get hit once to ruin your combo or you make a mistake, restart. I restarted so many times because I screwed up I can't even imagine how many times it was. Once you get a good score consistently, then you will start to get good at the other rounds.

For Intensive Treatment the most I could manage is around 4-5K. This is the only challenge I couldn't get all 9 moves although I did manage 8 of 9 once. For this one to get that many, I did the throw at 5X. I still tried keeping everyone in play til the last 2 guys, then did the batterang, ground pound at the end. Also You want to avoid evading towards the combo ruining electric fence areas near the weapon locker. Then I tried the above method for all the rest of the rounds. Usually with mediocre results, but since this was the easiest challenge, I managed 18K.

For Sewer Bat I believe I got at least 10K. Again this was a little easier once I developed my method of doing all 9 moves. You will need to do the throw at close to 5X for the first round and the instant takedown at 10X in order to get all 9 moves.

Shock and Awe is the killer because of the time limit. I'm posting a video below that makes this easier.
Krystman DE posted the same video, but I figured if he took his solution down it would still be here.
If it helps you, give him the thumbs up. If you're having trouble, as I was, for the third and forth round, use his method. If you want to try the regular way, I posted how I did it, but when I first got this, I used his method cause the time kept running out. Once I got better at the method I posted above I could manage doing it the regular way.

The first round, you'll need to do the throw at 5X and the takedown at 10X, followed immediately by the batclaw, dodge and ground pound. Then batclaw and ground pound the rest. You cannot batclaw and batterang because there aren't enough guys in this round. I managed 9K in the first round.
The second round, follow the same advice above, but make sure you steer clear of the baton wielding guy for the first few moves, then when you batterang, make sure he is one of the guys hit. Only managed 6K cause I got hit before making all 9 moves.
For the third round, if the knife guy comes at you first try cape stunning til you can counter someone else as soon as possible. I used the instant takedown more in this round, whenever I could, still manages all 9 moves in this round so that made it easier. I did them as early as I could, then lost my combo but still managed to get 9K.
Still more combo ruining guys in this round, same as before, if the knife guy comes first, cape stun, then counter. The video below has a good view of how to do this. Again I used more instant takedowns than normal. After I did the throw, it took down 2 guys so I batclawed, dodged, then did 1 ground pound cause everyone was on the ground. Then batteranged and ground pounded my way to about 35K at the end.
For Rumble in the Jungle, usually the knife guy doesn't come at you right away so I just follow my normal routine. For the final takedown, for some reason when I did the ground pound, Batman did the move all the way across the screen, then the move failed. the guy got up and hit me. I was up to 22 combo and this would have gotten me up to about 14K. However since it failed I only managed 10K. I didn't restart and I almost didn't get a high enough score.
Next round is just a lot of guys, watch for the guys who pull blocks off the wall. I missed these guys and badly screwed up this round. If you do well in this round it could be a very high scoring round. Got 5K. Still, half way there.
Third round there is a knife guy and a baton guy. Avoid them til you can batterang them. I didn't but still managed about 8K cause after failing the initial part I got 8 of the 9 moves. Could get a counter. Wow do I suck at that.
For the final round I usually just try to dodge everyone and ride the titan to knock everyone down. Got my combo to 15X when I was thrown off, then did several moves and did 1 ground pound at 20X, then lost it. Got 7800 and squeaked by.

Ok that's the 4 regular ones, the extreme ones are similar, but with more guys. The above method works with each except for Shock and Awe Extreme. I'll go over that one. I didn't think I would ever get this, it's that hard.
First round, Knife guy, used the stun method, no knife guy, then counter, cape stun. When you get to the batterang part, make sure you hit the 2 knife guys. I didn't throw til at least 12X to 15X. This makes it hard cause you may run out of time before finishing this. Then takedown at the next opportunity. If you don't manage at least 15K I'd restart. I got 19K several times. Even though the time runs out, you still have 5-7 seconds before it ends. I managed a 30X combo for my final ground pound. Several times I wasn't sure my final move counted cause the screen was going dark. Most times I made it.
The second round is all about just surviving. Watch the video. Try the same method as the first round, but take down the guys faster if possible. Make sure to hit the baton guy with the batterang.
Third round. Watch the video. You'll be running right and using the explosives. As soon as you can, try ground pounding 1 guy if possible. You may or may not have time. I don't bother doing all the moves, do takedowns as fast as possible. I try using the batclaw, batterang, then ground pound if the floor is clear. Sometimes it's not so if there's 1 guy up, hit him then ground pound if possible. Evade away and batclaw, batterang, then ground pound again. This was how I took everybody down. If I got the combo to 5X I did the instant takedown.
I did the same method on the final round. Whenever possible try using the takedown on the knife guy. It's harder cause there are more guys and the batclaw, batterang, then ground pound doesn't clear enough guys at the start of the round. Keep at this method. It took me lots of tries before I got this.
You can do it!!!!
Good luck

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23,235 (13,422)
Achievement won on 09 Oct 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 17 October 09 at 15:06
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Everyone has pretty much covered eeverything in earlier guides so i will provvide a few key tips that got me the achievement.

-start every round with a grapple hook andd use as many moves as possible.

-when <3 enemies are remaining, use a batarang and knock them all down. use ground takedowns on all of them. they are worth 100x your combo which could possibly be 30+. this is a really good way to score points

-try an use your takedowns on knife eenemies and taser enemies to get them out of the way and dont let them kill your combo.
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187,646 (102,095)
Achievement won on 17 Feb 15
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 16 February 15 at 00:27
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This solution assumes you have all the upgrades.

Most of these are pretty straightforward. Keep your combo going so you can take thugs down faster. If you don't get close to the first medal on the first round, you should probably restart unless you're feeling confident. Listen for thugs opening the gun lockers and stop them at all costs, if they open one it stays open for the rest of the challenge.

#1 MOST HELPFUL TIP: Don't underestimate the combo batarang. Use it as often as possible as it knocks down up to three thugs with practically no recovery time. If you're good, you can throw the batarangs even while a thug is attacking you from behind, and still have time to counter him.

One useful trick/glitch I figured out is this: if you spray explosive gel on the ground immediately after KO-ing the last guy, it will stay there for the next round. As soon as you get the closeup/slow mo, press A to skip, then hold LT and press RT the instant Batman is out of the animation. (You can spam RT, but occasionally it will quickfire the Bathook instead.) If you did it right, you can see Batman finish standing up just as the screen cuts to black. You can then get a headstart on the next wave. (Just don't stand next to it or you get stunned for a second.) This helped me immensely in the Shock and Awe (Extreme).

Shock and Awe (Extreme) is by far the hardest of all the challenges. In the final round you have 60 seconds to take out around 15 thugs.
This is what I did:

First stage: easiest but the most important. If you don't get at least 10000 points, you're not going to make it. Just beat it like you would normally.

Second stage: now it gets tough. For the next three rounds you're going to immediately run through all the thugs (they won't have time to hit you) and climb onto the upper right platform. Run straight towards the gun locker and spray explosive gel about halfway between the locker and the walkway behind you, spam A to dive toward the locker and fire the Bathook behind you. This is because there's a chance to stun more goons and also to put them closer to you so you can start the combo a little faster. (Note: Often, on the second wave only, a goon will climb the railing with you and run to the gun locker. You may want to hit him after spraying the gel.) Don't forget to use the above "extra gel" trick! Depending on where you land the final blow, it will either buy you more time to spray the gel next round, or can knock down a bunch of goons midway through, just in case you need some clear space. IMPORTANT: Many people will tell you to go for ground pounds after the initial explosion, but you must not do that this round or you risk not ending up with enough points.

Round 3: Mostly the same as #2, only more thugs. You want to obviously start trying to eliminate thugs as quickly as possible. The knife guys are always priority. Be cautious of using the Combo Throw and Combo Takedown unless you are going for more points as they are a bit slower than a normal attack. (Although if you do throw, try to throw them out of the arena!)

Round 4: I found the #1 most important thing was to keep as smooth a combo as possible. The ideal situation is to have the thugs spread out around the edge of the arena, most of them knocked down, while you dart back and forth across the arena delivering single blows to each enemy while they are getting up. This not only practically guarantees not getting hit but also gives you a wide view of the playing field, allowing you to plan your next strike. As long as you're fast and get hit less than 2 or 3 times, you should be alright.

Good luck! It took me over 5 hours to get this. With enough practice you can do it.
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8,808 (6,205)
Achievement won on 19 Sep 09
TA Score for this game: 1,689
Posted on 19 September 09 at 16:43, Edited on 21 September 09 at 18:33
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Scoring 3 'bats' in all challenges is not really hard to do. Usually it's enough to try 3- 4 times and it's done, however it's really hard at the beginning, mainly if you play campaign on easy, because 'Challenges' is the place, where you can really learn how to fight well. But as soon as you know all moves it's easy to complete all of them (of course, the easiest way to achieve it is to play them at the end of campaign as you have all upgrades bought).
There is one exception: Shock and Awe (Extreme). I don't know is it lack of my abilities or is it so hard, but I struggled abt 5h to make it, because of the time limit. So I have got some tips to help you:
First round- score 5k point for full combo in this order:
Y,B, jump over the enemy (A+A), X (repeat those two last steps until you have 3x multiplier on your combo meter), now you can make Combo Strikes (A+X), which is much more useful, as it counts as 2 combo. When you get 5x multiplier push Y+B, then continue with jumping over and Combo Strikes until you've got 10x, then press A+X (throw). Next, make sure, there are only 3 enemies standing, and throw quick batarang (LT), then ground takedown (RT+Y) as many guys as you can, but remember, to leave someone to use batcalw on him (it's all about making no one standing during your ground takedown, because if someone does, he may kick you and destroy your combo pretty easy, which is annoying at this stadium). Finally, use the Batclaw on the rest (RT+RT), and ground takedown them too. So now, you've made a full combo. If there are any guys left hit them, and then break them by Y+B (every 5x multiplier), or use your batclaw and batarangs. In both cases- keep your combo, don't let it brake, and always (after full combo made) try to ground takedown enemies! If you're practised, you should beat all of them in one big combo (+1k points) without being touched (+500 for round, +5k for all rounds). This method is useful only if you have 5 or more guys at the beginning of the 1'st round. If there are less than 5 (18 000 challenges), achieve 5x, or a little more on your combo meter, then use quick batarang and ground takedown them, as it's 100pts x multiplier for each ground takedown.
Rest of the rounds- try to repeat 1'st round's method but try to score really big multiplier, before ground taking enemies down, because as I said it's multiplier x 100pts for each takedown so it's extremely helpful for your points.
Now, exceptions:
Shock and Awe (Extreme)- 1 and 2 round are the same as earlier. After 2 rounds you suppose to have 18k+ points. If not, try again and again and again. If you have those points, method for the last 2 rounds is jumping over and making Combo Strikes. Every 5x, takedown enemy (Y+B) and be careful with enemies with guns, knives etc. (you should always takedown them first).
For round with titans. Fight with them first, then with other enemies. When they're stunned, hit X and if someone attacks you, counter it, and again X, until Batman jumps on titan, then you get huge multiplier for punching all of these guys.
These methods, are only useful for those with all fight upgrades + 3 batarangs upgrade + batcalw upgrade. I hope you will find this helpful.
Good luck
PS: This' s 'jumping over' method I mentioned. It's much more safe as you have more time to look around and less chance to hit those with knives for example as they can destroy the combo easily:
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