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How to unlock the Collect 'em All achievement

  • Mr FunmanMr Funman934,478
    14 Apr 2022 15 Apr 2022 15 Apr 2022
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    Cassettes are a really interesting collectible in Road 96, as their appearance seems to be fairly random. However, you should be able to collect all of them in one playthrough - I didn't follow a guide and I found my last one towards the end of my sixth run.

    Some tips on finding cassettes:

    - Look around every area pretty thoroughly - you generally have a chance to explore at the start and end of the story part of each area. Check around any buildings and check any burnt out cars or vans that are lying around too. Sheds and outhouses are also usually very rewarding when you check them.
    - Most areas have some sort of door or room which you can access using the abilities you acquire through the characters. For example, the Hacking ability that Alex gives you can get you through certain doors or allow you to open up safes etc. Use these whenever you see the icon and explore thoroughly - you'll usually either find a cassette or something useful like car keys. Note that you might see these icons near the start of the game and not have the ability yet - don't worry, I didn't get some abilities until my 3rd or 4th run and still got all the cassettes.
    - Speaking of car keys, grab them whenever you see them and opt to use them when leaving an area (head to the steering wheel icon and select Use Keys on the car door, then select Steal Car on the wheel). Usually, the next area will start with you inside the car and you'll be able to look around - cassettes can often be found here, sometimes in the glove compartment, sometimes on the backseat, and sometimes in the car stereo (you'll need to press Eject to actually get the cassette). I even found one under my feet near the pedals, so look around as much as you can.
    - Certain objects will have a magnifying glass icon and invite you to "look closer" or similar - always do this as there tends to be items hidden inside whatever the item is. And yes, you guessed it, some of those items can be cassettes.
    - You can also buy cassettes from some of the vendors you might stumble across. They'll tend to be sat outside on a blanket and as you approach, you might see a tape in front of them - you can purchase these for $10 so try and always keep at least that on you at all times in case you stumble across one.
    - Cassettes can also be found hidden behind certain objects in specific scenes. For example, there is a scene in Sonya's limo - eventually she'll ask you to move up next to her and to the left, behind a pillow I could move, there was a cassette. Check everything!

    Hope those tips help! Happy to update with any new info that people come across while playing - thanks to the randomised structure of the game, there might be a bunch of stuff that I personally missed but hopefully you should still be able to pick up every cassette in one complete playthrough.

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    Calex dEUSOne not mentioned in the guide, chapter is called " Nobody is supposed to be here" the road is blocked so you have to go around and there is an abandoned house. On the right there is a chair and a fishing rod on the rock with an option to reel it in, do that a few times and check the line for a tape. In the house you meet Stan and Mitch again.

    I'll post others if I find any.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 09 Jul at 17:45
    Snowman0GYeah it seems to be completely random, but you can still get all of them easily by the 6th run. My last run(#5) netted me 4 tapes and now I'm only 2 short of completion.

    My scene in Sonias limo had money under the pillow you check under, my fishing line also had a coin on it not a tape.
    Posted by Snowman0G on 13 Jul at 22:37
    JOHN SWFCDon't worry if you don't collect them all by the end of the game, you can get them again in NG+ and you don't get any duplicates. Without doing too much searching around I finished the game just 1 short, but as soon as I got the first tape in NG+ (it's random opening levels but I got it in Sonya's limo) it unlocked.
    Posted by JOHN SWFC on 27 Sep at 14:30
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  • S GTS GT329,272
    09 Jul 2022 09 Jul 2022 09 Jul 2022
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    This is actually alot easier than you might think because in the NG+ mode it just fills the cassette tapes you already collected up with the ones you are missing so just pick the same ones up again.

    For example there are unmissable ones such as the ones you get from Zoe. I got them again on my New game plus run and it gave me a different one that i was missing. First 4 i picked up during that run was the last 4 i was missing and i know i got these previously already.

    Heres a list with some of the spots from the PSN Trophies site:
  • CrypticCryptic#5867840,866
    10 Jul 2022 10 Jul 2022 10 Jul 2022
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    Cassettes are the only type of collectible in the game and they are actually fairly easy to discover due to the way the game plays and the size of each explorable environment being small.

    There is a total of 18 cassettes to collect, each collected one can also be played at a recorder, when available, and they’re effectively the game soundtrack.

    I’d just like to note that any video guide is pointless because the entire game is procedurally generated (meaning it’s all random), including these collectibles. They will always be in a different spot.

    You should be able to get this naturally whilst playing the game, by simply looking everywhere you can, here’s a few pointers:

    — Inside car sequences, idle or whilst driving / in passenger seat. Under the seats, in glove boxes, by completing a task with one of the main characters accompanying you and picking positive dialog choices with them etc.

    — From individuals selling items, particularly a teen that sells a tape and food each time, you sometimes encounter him.

    — In the general area whilst exploring. Can be inside of loot-able vehicles, on tables, on shelves, in drawers, in boxes etc.

    Sometimes it may say “Steal” on this type of item before you pick it up, though it seems inconsequential based on my experience with it as no one is ever looking.

    I was able to get this before I reached Road 96 as the 4th teen, without any guides. All I can say is it didn’t require much effort, and searching around is advised as you may stumble on money as well, and it is really important once you reach Road 96.
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