The Arkanis Sector achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Arkanis Sector

Complete all events on Geonosis and Tatooine

The Arkanis Sector-1.7
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How to unlock the The Arkanis Sector achievement

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    Not a guide and more of a heads up for Tatooine

    Mos Eisley: I had an issue where I was stuck at 31/33 Kyber bricks and it turns out there's a secret side quest (which isn't in the side quest or puzzles tab) and it's for making the 5 people in the cantina dance with Jedi mind tricks and it will award the last 2 bricks for anyone stuck where to find them

    Mos Espa: there's a sorta similar thing here people are getting stuck with but there's a side quest from Watto inside his workshop which has easily been missed by people.

    Jundland Wastes: I was missing about 7 or 8 characters and a couple bricks turns out there's a series of side quests which are only unlocked by completing a side quest on jakku which involves 2 storm troopers also completing the thief mission Kyber brick on naboo unlocks a new Kyber brick back on jundland

    Once you have no more markers with your collectible detector make sure you got to your rumour page and check there for what your missing as it helped me a lot when nothing else was on the map but I was still missing things

    Another thing to note is there's a lot of visual bugs in the game so some icons and bricks may still be on your map but nothing is there if so just restart your game and they should go away

    Hope this helps
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    II Dish IIdid you check in his workshop? its one of the yellow doors in the middle of mos espa i believe it might not show on the map until you find it and if you cant im sure theres vids on YT of the side mission, YT was my best friend on this game there was so many missions that i had no idea on and it helped a lot looking them up and yeah the grind is real, getting 100% in all planets is no small task lol
    Posted by II Dish II On 23 Apr 22 at 18:33
    Wallless FuryMos eisley’s mission is on the menu but it’s under the bottom option. Can’t remember what it’s called but it’s the one below trials
    Posted by Wallless Fury On 25 Apr 22 at 05:41
    II Dish IIYeah they are galaxy challenges, they didn't count for all the other locations before Mo's Eisley so I didn't think they'd be needed there. Also both, endor and 1 other place has a challenge associated with it
    Posted by II Dish II On 25 Apr 22 at 06:31
    I ASK NO ONESome planets don't show all the bricks so I check the list of puzzles and challenges in any area. It shows all bricks and ships. That's my go to in the end when I can't see it on the map.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE On 10 May 22 at 23:09
    I ASK NO ONEI just unlocked the achievement for completing all events in the galaxy, but still haven't unlocked this achievement for completing Geonosis and Tatooine. I'm also still missing the achievement for completing all events on Bespin, Crait, and Hoth. I have 100% of the bricks, characters, and ships. Everything is done except for the extras in the missions. The menu shows everything collected. Game is so stupid buggy.

    Edit: Apparently everything unlocked. Xbox Series X wasn't showing them unlocked, but TA shows them unlocked. Game is still so freaking buggy.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE On 12 May 22 at 18:42
    II Dish IIyeah its a complete and utter bugfest, completely killed my experience on this game. glad you got the cheevs to unlock luckily i didnt have any problems with buggy cheevs but a lot of people have the same issue
    Posted by II Dish II On 12 May 22 at 19:24
    Lemon JackassssI’ve done this achievement twice now and still nothing -.- I’ve 100% everything on one load and 100% tattooine and geonosis twice now and still nothing

    For tattooine, does anybody else notice that the “bantha banter” under trials (mos espa) isn’t counting for them as well?? It’s the only one that has no green completion bar, I think that may be the problem….
    Posted by Lemon Jackassss On 17 May 22 at 00:03
    J ROLLER 1979Do you just need to 100% the planets as I have, but no achievement and a few more like this 1?
    Posted by J ROLLER 1979 On 04 Jul 22 at 21:11
    LaTrickster2ive started collecting everything on 3 planets so far, im soft locked on two of them. no wonder they added this "stacked" game to gamepass, its a buggy mess its pathetic.
    Posted by LaTrickster2 On 09 Dec 22 at 11:03
    Erukusaki36Just got this and a couple items that left me baffled for a couple hours. I was missing a ship jn Mos Eisley and a brick in Jundland. The ship, I needed to blow up a crashed gold ship in Bespin, then a similar ship crashed in Mos Eisley. I had to capture a criminal at Theed on Naboo, then a similar Chase spawned in Jundland. Hope this helps someone.
    Posted by Erukusaki36 On 22 Dec 22 at 11:39
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