''No more training, do you require'' achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

''No more training, do you require''

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''No more training, do you require''-2.3
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How to unlock the ''No more training, do you require'' achievement

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    I found some of these challenges confusing as to what you have to do to complete them so I'm going to add in here what I found as I went along. In general it seemed the challenges in the rumor list were in order of when you can complete them, but not always so don't get caught up in that assumption.

    Episode 1

    Level 1 - A Bigger Fish
    Dis Is Nutsen Dodge 3 of the Opee Sea Killer’s attacks in a row
    Dodge Every Fin Defeat the Opee Sea Killer without taking damage.
    Colo Snore Fish Dodge 3 of the Colo Claw Fish’s attacks in a row.

    You can get all of these in free play or story, just dodge every time the prompt comes up. As long as you don't miss a dodge all three challenges complete.

    Level 2 - The Boonta Eve Classic
    Eat My Exhaust Beat the Ultimate Lap time record.
    It’s SKYWALKER! On Lap 3, use the service ramp.
    Take Over Use 3 boost pads in a single lap.

    These can again be completed on free play or story. The key is to hit the booster pads and take the best path. I got the time record on my first go by accident so it's not too difficult. Stay on the left fork at the start of the lap for its boost pad. Do the same for the canyon to get its boost pad. After the second boost on the right is a ramp with barriers, go on it and hit the boost pad there. After the ramp stay towards the center and there will be another boost pad. When you get to the cave stick in the center instead of going to either side. After you get out of the cave head right for another booster and then after a split in the track one last booster pad. If you follow this path each lap and get the boosters you will complete all three challenges.

    Level 3 - Better Call Maul

    Complete Maul-ing Defeat Darth Maul in less than 10 minutes.
    Forced Out Force push 5 droids over the walkway.
    Odds Stacked in Your Favor Use the Force to find another way past the electrical hazard.

    I found it easiest to go for the 10 minute challenge without trying to do anything else in the level.

    For the 5 droids, if I just hit b to push a bunch of them off at once it did not count. I had to hold B and pick a droid up then fire him off into the nether with right trigger.

    For the last, when Maul destroys the floor and electricity starts, pick up the blocks laying around and place them in the gap then hop over them.

    Level 4 - Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed

    Booma Shakalaka! Destroy all AAT-1 Hover Tanks
    Don’t Lose Your Head! Shoot the heads off 3 battle droids.
    Ouch Time! Destroy 300 battle droids with a single booma.

    Don't lose your head is the first you can complete. I had a heck of a time just shooting the droids heads without killing them. I found if you try to shoot around their necks it worked much better.

    In the catapult section, aim for all the floating tanks first. You need to kill them all off before you manage to kill all the droids to complete the section requirements. There are basically 4 lines of troops coming down the screen. Aim for the section between the groups of droids so that your explosion hits two or hopefully four sections and you will get the 300 challenge. Takes a little practice but not difficult.

    Level 5 - Now This Is Podracing

    Prodigy Shoot 3 Vulture droids in 5 seconds.
    Spinning… That’s a Good Trick! Perform 3 spins in the Naboo Starfighter to Escape enemy lock-ons.
    Yippeee! Destroy the Droid Control Ship without being defeated.

    I don't think there's an actual time limit for the 5 second challenge. I got it without knowing what it was. Just try to spot three of the droids together and blast away. For the spins, just wait for targeting to show up and LB or RB to spin away.

    Episode 2

    Level 1 - A Wrestle With Wesell

    Jedi Need Insurance Cause over 70,000 studs in damages
    Best Pilot in the Galaxy Defeat Zam Wesell without hitting any buildings.
    This is a Shortcut Complete the chase and defeat Zam Wesell within 4 minutes.

    Because of the time it takes for the first challenge and the requirements of the third I had to do these in two runs. You might as well do the 70,000 studs while going for the canisters because you need extra time for the last canister and its somewhat easy to run into buildings.

    I did the no buildings and the 4 minute challenge together. You can either dodge the stupid electric gate towers or shoot one of their posts to stop from getting hit.

    Level 2 - The Hunt For Jango

    Do an Aileron Roll! Perform a roll to dodge incoming homing missiles locked onto your ship 3 times.
    Charged Up Complete the level without being hit by a Seismic Charge.
    Flying is for Droids Navigate through the tunnel within the largest asteroid without crashing.

    These challenges can all be obtained in story mode. The goal is just not to run into anything. When Jango runs around he likes to drop balls that blow up, stay away from them. In the third section when he goes through the big asteroid take your time and don't hit anything. The incoming homing missiles gave me the most problems. I dodged tons of them every time it showed the LB prompt on the screen and it just would not count. What I ended up having to do was in the last section slowly fly away from Jango so he got behind me and then I would get the from behind lock on (LB or RB prompt) and when I rolled three times that way it completed.

    Level 3 - Droid Factory Frenzy

    No Hanging Around Find a way to rescue Padme within 30 seconds.
    Mind Control Drone Turn Geonosians against each other with Jedi Mind Tricks.
    Zipping Past Danger Find a shortcut over a conveyor belt.

    These challenges are out of order.

    At the very start, mind control one of the enemies and shoot one of their partners.

    In the next section you will be on a conveyor belt with presses coming down. The last press jump on top of when it comes down. It will lift you up to a ladder and a zipline.

    For the Padme one, at the end when she gets pushed into a big vat use R2 and haul but down the bridge ignoring everyone. Grapple across the gap to the computer terminal and complete it as quick as you can.

    Level 4 - Petraniki Panic

    In Their Heads! Cause either the Nexu, Reek, or Acklay to damage another of the creatures by using the Force.
    Rumble in the Arena Trample through 20 droids whilst riding the Reek.
    Re-gifted Use the Force to hit an enemy with one of Jango’s Rockets

    First, mind control one of the big critters in the first section and use it to attack one of the other ones.

    When the Reek becomes rideable, hop on and just run around stomping people.

    Finally, at the end while fighting Jango, hold B on one of the rockets and launch it at any close opponents with the trigger. I actually had some issue with the first couple rockets hitting a enemy and not a friendly in all the chaos.

    Level 5 - The Battle Of The Jedi

    The Dark Side Reach Dooku within 5 minutes.
    Bug Zapper Build the ‘Electric Fly Trap’ to rid the cave area of Geonosian Warriors.
    Forcing Them Out Use the Force to defeat a Geonosian Warrior and a Battle Droid.

    I found this best to do in 2 runs. One for the Battle Droid kill and one for the rest.

    For the bug zapper and speed run you need to take the normal route by stacking boxes and pulling the lever above the door. When you get through the long dark hallway at the end you have the option of building different thing. Choose the Electric Fly Trap option. This will quickly finish off the Geonosians so you can go to Dooku in time.

    For the next run make sure to kill any Geonisian with a force power like throwing something at them. Then, instead of stacking boxes, break the bars off the front of the big cylinder and use a light saber to climb up. Climb around the cylinder and they will start making battle droids. Finish one off with the force. If you missed a Geonisian climb back around and go through the dark hallway to find more.

    Episode 3

    Level 1 - Out For The Count

    Beep Boop Backup Activate the friendly Turret Droid
    Civil War Defeat an enemy droid using their own kind.
    Wet Floor! Take out the droideka like a true scoundrel.

    I did all of these in free play.

    First, switch your character to a droid and shoot one of the enemy droids through the laser wall.

    Next, with your droid blow up the door to the left of where you start then use a protocol droid to take over the turret.

    Hit the red button in this room and go right. Keep going till you get to a laser wall you need to use the force to disable. After using the force, switch to a scoundrel and make sure your second character is something the doesn't fight so they don't screw things up. Further ahead a droideka will show up next to some water. Shoot the scoundrel mark to cause the droid to be electricuted.

    Level 2 - So Uncivilized

    Attack of the Droids Defeat 5 battle droids, 4 MagnaGuards, and 5 super battle droids without dying once.
    Sneak Attack As Grievous waits high above, catch him off guard by attacking him via the bounty hunter path.
    Very Uncivilized Defeat 2 MagnaGuards with a blaster.

    This I found to also be annoying. I could only do the first challenge in Story mode, free play just would not work for me. The key is run through without dying, especially don't fall off an edge. Every time Grievous runs off and leaves enemies kill them all. In the last batch make sure you hang around on the ground floor until all 4 MagnaGaurds (the ones with electric qtips) are dead. Make sure here to switch to Cody so you can shoot two of them instead of killing with a light saber. After the batch on the ground floor are done, go up to the next level to clear out the next set of droids then continue to the end of the platform for the last set. That's where my 5th Battle Droid was hiding.

    For the last you need to be in free play. When you defeat Grievous the second time (he has 2 arms left) he will go up the left side of the room. Follow him up the first level so he hops up to the very top bridge. Then go back down the way you came and go over to the right side of the room. Use a net blaster to get up then pull the ladder open to get to the first level. Run down and use a bounty hunter blaster to open another ladder and go up to the top bridge and come up on Grievous from behind.

    Level 3 - Droid Attack On The Wookies

    Force Influence Defeat an enemy clone as a force-influenced clone.
    Frequent Flyer Reach the escape pod using the alternate route.
    Kashyyyk-a-boo! Use an AT-RT to defeat 4 clone troopers and the enemy AT-RT.

    At the start force influence a clone and kill another one.

    For the next challenge when you get to the big tree and have build options, pick the Hovercraft. Keep going and use scoundrel shot to put out the fire, shoot the moss, then stack some blocks up. Keep heading that way till you get to the drop pod.

    For the last one I found it easiest in free play. Switch to a villain character at the end when you see the enemy AT-RT walking around. The clone troopers should leave you alone as you keep to the left to find an empty AT-RT. Hop in and kill everyone. They didn't even fire back on me.

    Level 4 - Senate Showdown

    Dazzling Display Use the lights to blind Palpatine.
    Heads Up Drop a droid onto Palpatine’s head.
    Return to Senator Interrupt Palpatine’s ‘Force Lightning Spin Attack’ by deflecting the Force Lightning back at him.

    You can pretty easily complete all these challenges in the first stage of the fight in free play. At the very start use a grapple character to get up to one of the levers on the wall. This will drop a droid on Palpatine.

    Next, switch to a force character and pull out your light saber. Palpatine will soon start a spinning electric attack which you need to block back into him.

    Finally switch to a scoundrel and look for the scoundrel shot point to turn on the lights.

    Level 5 - The High Ground

    Let Him Eat Cake! #Let Him Eat Cake#
    Sneaking In #Sneaking In#
    Wilder Awareness #Wilder Awareness#

    Took me a while to figure out the last one because I thought it was towards the end of the level when it's actually the first thing you do. Immediately when the fight starts use R2 to go beside Anakin and use the computer port.

    As soon as R2 does his thing switch to the force character and there's a cart with cake to the right side of Anakin. Pick it up and throw it at him.

    After the first part of the battle and Anakin runs off, look for a railing on the right wall you can use instead of the doors. Enter the room Anakin is in through the window.

    Episode 4

    Level 1 - Boarding Party

    Sometimes I Amaze Myself Defeat an enemy with an explosive canister
    I Suggest A New Strategy Defeat a Stormtrooper with their own weapon
    Vacuumed Up! Flush Stormtroopers out into space.

    If in Story mode, kill the first batch of stoomtroopers and get their armor on. When a full set is had and you are in villain mode throw a grenade at the next set of troopers. In freeplay just switch to a villain and lob a grenade.

    For the canisters I ran around looking for the big black/red things that are normally around. Instead during the fighting look for what looks like fire extinguishers on the wall. Shoot them into enemies.

    When you reach the fire blocking part of the level, pull a grapple point and build a Water Cannon with the option to put out the fire. You should get access to a terminal that you can use to open the bay doors.

    Level 2 - Hunk Of Junk

    Absolute Scoundrel Use the environment to your advantage against the Stormtroopers
    Don’t Get Cocky! Defeat 3 Stormtroopers with hidden turrets.
    Chewie, Get Us Out Of Here! Find Different ways of blocking the Stormtrooper reinforcements.

    When the first batch of troopers come out, they should be under a scaffolding that you can use Scoundrel Shot on to drop it.

    After that, you can either go into this area to do an option build (pick the laser instead of the electric fence) or find a gonk droid you can ride to a socket that raises turrets. Let them kill 3 troopers that show up.

    Finally, when you get to the part you need to activate the elevators, go up to the second level and use an astromech on the terminal on this level to shut the shutter doors.

    Level 3 - Best Leia’d Plans

    Boring Conversation Anyway Break the console panel to cut off the Empire Captain
    Slight Weapons Malfunction Clear out the detention block guards like a true scoundrel.
    Your Weapon, You Will Not Need It Get through the first floor without being detected.

    Its possible to get all these in one go, and I had to get the non-detection one in story mode, free play would not work for whatever reason. Just go through the level to the detention block, don't try for studs, don't fire a shot, etc. The non detection one sucked. After you jump up into the ceiling and have to blow up the floor I kept hitting a trooper underneath which voided the attempt. I ended up getting my guy into position to throw then switching down to make sure no one was under the flooring, switched, threw the grenade, switched back and watched to make sure no one was hit. Also, a couple runs the trooper in the tv studio stayed and that seemed to void the attempt. If the challenge does not unlock on the elevator ride you missed it.

    For the next, when you get out of the elevator, switch to Chewie and scoundrel shot the area above the center console killing everyone.

    Hurry into the room and shoot the two center consoles that have the wave patterns above them before the captain says he's sending someone up for the last challenge.

    Level 4 - This Is Some Rescue

    Bullseye Find a more uncivilized way to help Luke & Leia
    For Luck Discover an alternate method across the gap to escape the Stormtroopers
    Special Edition Discover the hidden room within the Death Star.

    At the start, after you get the keycard to open the door and go up the ramp you will see down below Luke and Leia stuck behind a door. Shoot the big red button above the door to let them out.

    When you get to the first set of doors with gold bars (behind the roof laser turret) use a bounty hunter to get through the door.

    When you get to the second set of doors with gold bars (not behind the roof laser turret) use a bounty hunter to get through the door. Behind it is an astromech terminal that will create a bridge across the gap.

    Level 5 - Stay On Target

    Clever Flying Use a “loop maneuver” to break out of Darth Vader’s targeting system 3 times.
    Hope That’s Insured Destroy 10 turrets while doing the trench run.
    That’s Not Going to Buff Out… Cause severe damage to Darth Vader’s ship.

    As you fly down the trench just shoot every turret you can. I believe there was much more than 10.

    When you get to the section where you have to shoot the vents with torpedoes you want to gather some up then keep flipping around until you spot Vader's tie fighter. Lock on and shoot him with a torpedo. He can't be killed, so if the enemy dies it was not Vader. Also, while here, fly around lazily until you get a lock on notification. This will always be Vader. When it happens, press both bumpers at the same time to loop. Just pressing one or running into the trench to force a loop does not count.

    Episode 5

    Level 1 - Hoth And Cold

    Avoid the Droid! Shoot 5 probe droids out of the air without them spotting you first.
    Not a Probe-lem Shoot 1 probe droid out of the air without them spotting you first.
    Stylish Way Down Find and use all 5 zip wires.

    Getting through the level without being spotted by the droids will get you two of the challenges. Just keep a distance and kill them with a blaster.

    For the ziplines there is a zipline at the top of each of the towers to use. When you jump in the laser to shoot the ice on the bridge a zipline will be there as well. The last one crosses the chasm. Its possible to avoid the last one so you may have to snoop around a little but it is very close to one of the other ziplines.

    Level 2 - Assault On Echo Base

    AT-ATrick Fly through the legs of an AT-AT
    Show Off! Trip up the AT-ATs without the tow cable breaking.
    Rogue Squadron, Form Up! Complete the level without being defeated.

    First off, you need a run without dying which sucks because it is easy to die when trying to fly between the AT-AT legs.

    Speaking of, time it right so the AT-AT legs are furthest apart and run through them quickly.

    For the last challenge, as long as you stick to the target rings and don't break the cable on any of the AT-Ats the challenge will complete.

    Level 3 - Never Tell Me The Odds

    Asteroid Evasion Avoid contact with the asteroids during the asteroid chase.
    Proton Power Destroy 5 TIE Fighters using Proton Torpedoes.
    Take Evasive Action! Complete the Star Destroyer encounter without being destroyed.

    First off, you need a run without hitting any asteroids and without dying which isn't too hard.

    For the last challenge, when the third star destroyer shows up collect some torpedoes, lock onto the tie fighters and hit x to kill five.

    Level 4 - Hibernation Station

    You Want to Make That Move? Build a distraction for the Stormtroopers.
    Hello, What Have We Here? Discover and loot an Empire Weapon Cache as a disguised Rebel.
    Surprise! Trigger the secret defense on the Landing Pad.

    I got all of these in story mode. First kill some troopers to get a complete disguise. As you wander about the level, there's a room that needs access with an Imperial terminal that has a mouse droid in it. On the other side you will find a hallway with some destroyable boxes that offer options to build. You want to choose the Dejarik Board which will draw some troopers to it.

    You will also come across a Captain with a keycard that will run off. Follow him to some destroyable doors where you will find a weapons box. As your disguised rebel, pick out a weapon.

    Finally, when defending the Falcon on the pad, Boba Fett will show up. Lead the gonk droids to their sockets to build turrets and then shoot Boba's ship.

    Level 5 - Revelations!

    Force Feedback Force Throw 3 separate objects at Darth Vader.
    Most Impressive Complete the level in under 10 minutes.
    Ugnaught-y Find all of the hidden Ugnaughts throughout the level.
    If you’re trying to collect all the *minikits*, then it might be hard to complete all the challenges.

    At any point pick up stuff with the force and throw it at Vader. Lots of opportunities.

    After the first fight the first minikit has you turn around and pull a lever to get the parts. Right there is the first group of Ugnaughts. When Vader runs off the first time he heads to three tunnels. in the tunnel room is the next set of Ugnaughts. Use an astromech on the terminal under the debris to enter the left most tunnel where you'll find the next Ugnaught. On the walkway washing the walls will be the fifth set of Ugnaughts. After Vader throws you out the window you have to search for him down a hallway with lots of doors on either side. Head to the far back left door to open it and find the last Ugnaught.

    The door opposite continues the fight with Vader. Just be quick and you can get all these in one go.

    Episode 6

    Level 1 - A Plan To Save Han

    Don’t Blow Our Cover Complete the Leia and Chewbacca area without causing any trouble.
    Learn the Droids’ Fate Discover the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO within Jabba’s Palace
    Rancor-cussion Pick up and throw 5 objects at the Rancor using the Force.

    For the first challenge, just run through the first part until you rescue Han without starting a fight.

    When you fall into the Rancor pit, just use the force to throw stuff at the Rancor five times.

    In free play, at the start there is a protocol terminal for a password. Later, outside the cell block area is a protocol droid terminal for the password. Using these will show you what happened to R2 and C3PO

    Level 2 - The Copa-Khetanna

    Boba Fett? No Sweat! Destroy one of Boba Fett’s rockets while it is still in the air.
    How do YOU like it? Hit Boba Fett with a deflected bolt.
    Trick Shot Hit Boba Fett with a thrown lightsaber while he is in the air.

    In the fight with Boba, use a light saber and just deflect his shots till one hits him.

    In the second phase of the fight Boba jumps up off the ship to fly around. This is when you throw a light saber at him.

    For the last one, while you can hit a rocket by throwing a saber it's easier to switch to Lando or a shooting character to hit the rockets.

    Level 3 - Endor The Line

    Dodge This! Fly through an AT-AT’s legs.
    In-Fighting Make the Scouts fight amongst themselves with Jedi Mind Tricks.
    No Safe Place Damage the Scout troopers by overloading the generator.

    To start, shoot the big glowing cube till it blows up for the first challenge.

    Next use force to panic a trooper that will start them all fighting each other for the next challenge.

    Finally when you get on the speeder bike there will be several parts where you come up on an AT-AT. Fly through its legs.

    Level 4 - The Chewbacca Defense

    Ewok and Roll Blast the loose rocks with the AT-AT to take out Stormtroopers.
    Helmet Drum Collection During the first cover shooting section, land 3 headshots on the Stormtroopers.
    Sweep the Legs Trigger the log trap against the AT-AT.

    At the first turret you need to shoot off some helmets. If you rush past the turrets the Ewoks will take it down making it easier to shoot the helmets.

    After destroying the enemy turret, build a Horn then follow the path to a fight on a bridge. At the back of this fight is another turret. Destroy it then rebuild it to point back so you can shoot the log trap or in free play use a bounty hunter.

    For the final challenge when you hop in the AT-ST shoot some glowing/pulsing rocks on the right side to hit the troopers with.

    Level 5 - Fulfill Your Destiny

    I Will Not Fight You, Father Make your way past Vader without being detected.
    Let the Hate Flow Through You Cause damage to one of Palpatine’s guards, by luring them into one of his attacks.
    There is No Conflict Find the Empire Weapons Crate and use the weapons within it.

    In the first part of the fight when you hide, just sneak around to the right and when you move forward it will trigger the challenge.

    For the next challenge as the guards fight you circles will slowly follow you and get bigger on the ground showing where Palpatine will strike. Get a guard in the strike area.

    In free play you need to use a villain character to open one of the weapon crates and use the weapon on something.

    Episode 7

    Level 1 - First Order of Business

    Hazardous Work Environment Defeat enemies using hazards in the hangar bay.
    Party Time! Trigger the disco!
    Sneaking Mission Discover the underground route into the hangar bay.

    I ended up needing a few play-throughs to figure these out.

    The underground passage takes a little work. From the start go right and blow up a trooper on some scaffolding. Use the grapple to get past the door. Go down the hallway and get past the three keys puzzle. This opens a downward path that has a steam puzzle where you need to move blocks to get past the steam. Climb the ladder at the end to complete the challenge.

    For the disco ball go down the hallway at the start and into a bigger room. You will see a Captain type go into a room. In the back right corner is some junk you can blow up/build to make a disco ball then use Poe on the console to get the disco party started. Note that I could only get this to work on Story. On Freeplay a fight started every time I switched to a hero character.

    For the last one, no matter which path you took to the hangar, shoot the targets next to the storage bays. It will kill off troops in various fashion.

    Level 2 - Low Flying Garbage

    Getting Pretty Good at This Defeat 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds.
    How Low Can You Go Lose or defeat an enemy by flying through debris in the Graveyard of Ships.
    Not So Easy Without a Co-Pilot Successfully evade a locked-on enemy bolt or missile.

    Easy to do on story mode.

    At the start fly around a bit to gather up some enemies behind you and fly through some debris around the outer section of the fight unlocking a challenge.

    Speed up some then turn around so you have a bunch of enemies relatively close to each other and kill three quickly for the second challenge.

    Finally ride around till someone gets a lock on you and roll to avoid.

    Level 3 - Reap What You Solo

    The High Ground Find a route to the vantage point.
    Rathtar Ruse Defeat the second blocking Rathtar instead of bypassing it.
    Turret Takeover Take over the Turret from below.

    After the first Rathtar there's an astromech console that opens a path allowing you to reach a balcony for a vantage point.

    When the second Rathtar shows up, use Rey or a scavenger to Break Blast the ceiling over it.

    Finally when below the room with all the enemies there's a crate you can use a grapple on that opens a control panel. Use it to control the turret.

    Level 4 - Starkiller Queen

    Rey’s Escape Discover Rey’s escape through Starkiller Base.
    Rug Pull Find a way to blow up the sniper bridge.
    Snowed in Lock the Stormtroopers outside of the base.

    There's a bridge at the start with storm troopers shooting at you. Use scoundrel shot on it.

    At one point later there's a doorway that continuously spawns troopers. Use the grapple point above the door to shut it.

    After you shut that door go left a bit and there's a big window. Look out it and you will see Rey escaping.

    Level 5 - Destroying Starkiller

    Heck of a Pilot! Break out of 3 enemy lock ons.
    Snow Joke Make a Snowman out of Kylo.
    Keeping a Cool Head Shoot the helmets off 5 Snowtroopers.

    In Poe's section dodge three lock ons with LB or RB

    In the next section fighting troopers, use a blaster character to shoot off five helmets.

    In free play mode, when fighting Kylo at the end, switch to a force charcter. You can build a giant BB8 snowman and then use the force to throw it at Kylo.

    Episode 8

    Level 1 - Dameron’s Defiance

    Ace Pilot Complete the level without being defeated.
    How’s My Shooting? Destroy 3 TIE Fighters in 5 seconds.
    Return to Sender Defeat 3 TIE Barons using Proton Torpedoes.

    First off, do a run without dying

    As in some of the earlier challenges, gather some tie fighters behind you speed ahead, turn around and kill the grouping to get three in five seconds. You can also clear all the fighters and as they are leaving the other dreadnoughts try to kill them fast enough as they are in a line.

    In the third phase of the fight you have tie barons show up (triangle shaped wings). Need to take three of them out with torpedoes.

    Level 2 - Master Codebreak-Out

    Isn’t it Ironic? Lock a guard in a cell.
    Prison Break Enter the guard room undetected.
    Guards Down Defeat 8 guards during the jailbreak.

    One of the cells the face the inner guard room opens with a lever. Go in and break stuff to build a set that has three dummies on it then pull its lever to make them move. 2 guards will come into the room to check it out. Pull the outside lever again to lock the door with the guards in the room.

    In one of the outer rooms you will break stuff to find parts to build a gonk. Ride the gonk to the plate available in the level which will reveal a guard statue. Move the statue to the camera outside the door to get it to open.

    Finally destroy the generator then hang around and kill 8 guards.

    Level 3 - No Snoke Without Fire

    You’re Embarrassing Me! Have Kylo restrain Rey three times.
    Supreme Loser Defeat all of the Praetorian Guards within 5 minutes
    Total Destruction Knock a Praetorian Guard down a shaft.

    When in story mode, walk with Rey and just start attacking people. Kylo will keep using the force to make you stop. Do this three times.

    When fighting the red dudes there will be a shaft nearby, lure them around until their back is towards the shaft and they will fall down it when they jump back to make room.

    For the last one you may have to do a new run. Just concentrate on getting to and killing the red dudes.

    Level 4 - Chrome Dome Down

    Heads Up, Chrome Dome! Find a way to drop a TIE Interceptor on top of Captain Phasma.
    Phasma-tastic! Inflict damage on Captain Phasma in 9 unique ways.
    Trouble Underfoot Trample 10 Stormtroopers in the AT-ST.

    The tie fighters should auto start moving across the top of the bay. Shoot the green target on one of them when over Phasma for the first challenge and first way to hurt her.

    Assemble the giant net cannon for the second way.
    Next find a bomb you can jump on and roll to the front of her platform for the third way.

    Phasma moves to a new platform.
    Use the working hackable terminal to get a tie fighter to attack for the fourth way.
    Throw a grenade at the silver bars on her platform and shoot the red bar for the fifth way.
    Jump on the turret and use it to shoot Phasma for the sixth way.

    Phasma moves to a new platform.
    Shoot her with a mini gun from the weapons chest for the seventh way.
    Start the assemply line with AT-STs by moving a power core and such. Drop one on her like the first tie fighter for the eighth way.
    Jump up the engine platform to her right and fire up the engine for the final way to injure her ending the fight and challenge.

    After all this, take over BB8 on the AT-ST and just run over people till the challenge completes.

    Level 5 - Ground A-Salt

    I Can Dig it! Punch your way through the crystal caves.
    Knock-Knock! Discover the wind-up MSE droid to destroy the emergency doorway.
    Tight Squeeze Discover a shortcut via the Protocol Terminal.

    This one take a bit of work. Possible to do in one run though.

    Take the left most path to get to the room with the digger. Destroy the junk in the room to get an option build and pick the Boxing Glove attachment and move that onto the digger. Jump on the button to the right of the room to get the robot arm to drop a gonk. Ride the gonk to the slot and then drive the digger through the tunnels.

    Go back to the start of the tunnels at the split and go right this time. Go up some stairs and use a hero terminal to unlock a cart. Break the cart by pushing it over and grab the detonator it drops. Use that to blow up the wall. Remember this room. You will get to a room with two big emergency doors. On the left side is an elevator that you'll have to grapple and such to get up to the top. Up top is a hero terminal that will make a crane crush a big container below. Use the parts to build a robot and the grapple point to start it.

    In free play mode, the room where you blew up the wall has a protocol droid terminal in it. Use it to take over another droid that you need to use to open the passage. Once done, go through the passage to the other side.

    Episode 9

    Level 1 - A Skip And A Jump

    Lock Off Avoid being locked on 3 times in a row
    Here Comes the BOOM! Take out 3 enemies with Proton Torpedoes or Rockets
    Poe-etic Flying Activate the Hyperdrive in time for all light speed jumps.

    In the first part of the mission just dodge three lock-ons with LB or RB.

    When you kill some fighters you will get torpedoes. Use them to destroy tie fighters. I found this to be a pain because the tie fighters had to dodge support beams. I made a sweep to clear out supports and not kill tie fighters so they flew straighter before my challenge attempt.

    The last challenge ended up being a stupid pain. In free play no matter what I tried the first QTE button work would not register and I failed the challenge. I could only get it to accept my button push in Story mode. Just after you have to hit the three targets to drop the beam you start hyper jumping. Keep mashing A till all the sequences are done.

    Level 2 - They Fly Now!

    When Treadspeeders Fly! Destroy the airborne Treadspeeder
    Never Underestimate a Droid Hit a jet trooper with a powder canister as BB-8.
    Teamwork! Shoot a Treadspeeder after making the driver dizzy with a powder canister.

    Slightly annoying challenges but once I figured out what they were only took one attempt.

    As BB8 you can chunk depth charges off the back that will cause a dizzy effect on a trooper on a bike. As soon as you see that switch to a shooter and kill that trooper.

    After that kill switch to BB8 and hang out and the troopers will start jumping off their bikes on jet packs. At that point hit one of the troopers with a BB8 depth charge.

    After enough time you get a cut scene of a trooper losing control and then the bike will hit a rock making him go airborne. This is your only chance to shoot and kill the bike while in the air.

    Level 3 - C-3P-Oh No!

    Be Rey-ly Quiet Complete the level without being detected
    New Orders Peacefully clear the main courtyard of Stormtroopers without raising the alarm.
    Right in the Eye Disable a UA-TT’s searchlight with a blaster.

    I got all of these in a very short free play run.

    In the first section, when the UA-TT has the spotlight searching between the columns, just use a blaster character to shoot it's light causing it to go out. Just shoot the light and nothing else.

    When the light goes out go up to the locked door you are supposed to go trough and the UA-TT will walk off. After that use the scavenger net blaster to climb the wall, go down the path, and grab a power source to open the gate here that gets you to the end of the level. Switch to a villain character and go use the terminal here at the back (I had to walk into/push the guy in front of it out of the way without resorting to hitting him). This will clear out the courtyard.

    Just exit the level at the back here to complete the level without being detected.

    Level 4 - The Strength To Do It

    Shocking! Activate the dangerous electrical hazards to hurt Kylo Ren.
    Dark Lord of the Surf Lure Kylo into the range of a crashing wave.
    Golden Opportunity Find a route through the Death Star without opening any doors.

    In free play mode go through the death star as a bounty hunter and at the final set of doors shoot the gold parts of the wall then grapple up.

    At the end when you get to the walkway through the surf, as you back up you will see the floor go red in a swath where a wave will crash. just lure Kylo into the red path before the wave hits. You have a couple opportunities.

    Also in this section are some lever terminals connected to generators. When Kylo is close to a generator grapple/pull the lever to shock Kylo.

    Level 5 - Be With Me

    Explo-Sith Use the environment to defeat Sith Troopers
    Incoming Don’t take any damage from the Sith TIE Fighters while riding Orbaks
    Shrug Defeat the Knights of Ren as Ben Solo without dying.

    In Story mode, while fighting the red dudes as Kylo, don't die.

    When you are riding the horses on the deck of the ship, tie fighters make straffing runs shown in red on the ground. Avoid getting hit.

    In free play mode, when on the deck of the ship you come to a barricade. Use scoundrel shot on the generator.

    And with that all the level challenges should be completed.

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    Apostle92627Hey, just another comment, but for the First Order Of Business level, you can do all three challenges IF you do the the disco ball first. You can then turn around and head back to start to go through the underground. The way you have it made me reload.
    Posted by Apostle92627 On 26 Nov 22 at 21:10
    AKXOneI really struggled to get the "I Suggest A New Strategy" challenge unlocked on level 1 of Episode 4.

    The only way it would unlock for me was by using a Force character to "influence" a Stormtrooper and by then killing another Stormtrooper using this mind controlled character.
    Posted by AKXOne On 28 Dec 22 at 10:36
    HolyHalfDeadLots of good info, but also a fair few pieces of misinformation.

    For example you have to wait and drop a Tie Interceptor, not a Tie Fighter. R2 needs to use all 3 terminals during the level, not just the last terminal. You need to build the snowman in the second Kylo fight, not the fight at the end.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead On 02 Jan at 04:20
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  • PlyocraftPlyocraft607,160
    03 Jul 2022 10 Apr 2022 03 Jul 2022
    29 7 10
    This game has in total 135 Level Challenges. There are 3 per level and hints for each of them can be purchased for 30,000 studs a piece under the missions tab of the menu. I took the liberty of purchasing all of them so you don't have to spend the 4,000,000+ studs yourself. I am currently only partway through completing all of the challenges and I'll be sure to update this post when I do with any other additional information or tips I may come across. The large majority are obtainable in story mode save for a few which I believe will require free play (I'll be sure to make note of it in the Challenge Description and update them if I find another way. Without further ado, let's get started with this monster of an achievement!

    Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

    Level 1 - A Bigger Fish
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - The Boonta Eve Classic
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Better Call Maul
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Now This is Podracing
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    Level 1 - A Wrestle with Wesell
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - The Hunt for Jango
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Droid Factory Frenzy
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Petranaki Panic
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - The Battle of the Jedi
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Level 1 - Out for the Count
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - So Uncivilized
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Droid Attack on the Wookiees
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Senate Showdown
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - The High Ground
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode IV - A New Hope

    Level 1 - Boarding Party
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - Hunk of Junk
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Best Leia'd Plans
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - This is Some Rescue
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Stay on Target
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

    Level 1 - Hoth and Cold
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - Assault on Echo Base
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Never Tell Me the Odds
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Hibernation Station
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Revelations!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

    Level 1 - A Plan to Save Han
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - The Copa-Khetanna
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Endor the Line
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - The Chewbacca Defense
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Fulfill Your Destiny
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode VII - The Force Awakens

    Level 1 - First Order of Business
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - Low Flying Garbage
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - Reap What You Solo
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Starkiller Queen
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Destroying Starkiller
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Level 1 - Dameron's Defiance
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - Master Codebreak-Out
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - No Snoke Without Fire
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - Chrome Dome Down
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Ground A-salt
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

    Level 1 - A Skip and a Jump
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 2 - They Fly Now!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 3 - C-3P-Oh no!
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 4 - The Strength to Do it
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Level 5 - Be With Me
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I will be updating this list with new hints and insights as frequently as I can. Best of luck and may The Force be with you!
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    I ASK NO ONE@Buject, that information is incorrect. I know for sure on Boonton Eve Classic mission, the Podcaster mission, you have to win the win the race for the minikits to register. That was a bit frustrating trying to collect them and win the race. If I failed to win the race and finish the mission, the minikits did not count.

    Edit: I haven't tried actually quitting the mission. Maybe it works that way.
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE On 21 Apr 22 at 16:19
    SCOTISH BALDIEGlitched for me
    Posted by SCOTISH BALDIE On 01 May 22 at 11:34
    SpeedForce84@I ASK NO ONE - I managed to collect the minikits in free play and got all kits even though I lost the race. Maybe it has been patched since April.
    Posted by SpeedForce84 On 21 Dec 22 at 09:28
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