''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy'' achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy''

Complete all races in the Galaxy

''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy''-2.6
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How to unlock the ''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy'' achievement

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    There are a total of 38 races within the game that will either involve running, driving or flying through a certain number of gates or to either destroying a certain amount of targets within a time limit.

    To track the ones you've completed and the ones you have left remaining. go into your Holoprojector, scroll to Missions, and click on the Trials tab. You need to get a Gold medal on them all, rather than just completing them. They're not too difficult, but some may take more than one attempt so you can memorize the route you have to go on.

    If you haven't unlocked the specific race, you either need to progress through more Episodes in the main story, or you can purchase the rumour for the race which usually costs around 30,000 studs. If you've collected the stud multipliers extra from the Datacards then you'll probably have billions of studs to spend, so it shouldn't be an issue to purchase the rumour for the race if you haven't discovered it naturally yet.

    Good luck smile


    There are some races in which you need to complete a side mission in order to unlock the actual race. Those will appear in red, and will usually tell if you've purchased the rumour for the race which side mission you need to complete in order to unlock it.

    Additionally, there is an instance for the race "Hangar Bout" on Naboo (Theed), in which after you buy the rumour it will tell you no details are available for this rumour. If you get this, that means you need to talk to the mission giver (some Theed guard who is in the hangar where you spawn when you fly into Theed) as someone who is disguised as Theed guard or Captain Typho (Hero) who is already a Theed guard. If you go up to mission giver guard as either of those, then the trial will appear right beside you.
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    JKSullivanThis may unlock early, or not all of the 38 Trials are considered races. Or, it's bugged in the players' favor. Whatever the reason, it unlocked for me at 36/38, with the "D'Qar Dash" and "Assault on D'Qar" still showing as uncompleted. Not that I'm complaining!
    Posted by JKSullivan On 18 Apr 22 at 02:02
    bLaKgRaVy^^ you still need to do those to complete the events on D'Qar, though.
    Posted by bLaKgRaVy On 18 Apr 22 at 20:31
    JKSullivanYes, I realize that, thanks. For this achievement, I did not. I only mentioned the specific events in case it was important, they just happened to both be on D'Qar.
    Posted by JKSullivan On 18 Apr 22 at 21:51
    JJR0906@JKSullivan maybe you're right, I think it is 36/38 to get this achievement. I just didn't put that in the guide, because I didn't know if it bugged for me and unlocked early. So I didn't want to misguide people. But yeah, still need to complete them anyways for the 100%
    Posted by JJR0906 On 18 Apr 22 at 23:21
    Doc BuddhaIt unlocked at 36 for me, but the 2 remaining were the last 2 shooting events on capital ships. I assumed that meant the shooting ones weren't needed, just the actual 'race' ones...?
    Posted by Doc Buddha On 02 May 22 at 10:38
    Tommy FerrariCurious, what's the best ship for doing races? I'm currently attempting to do the "Neat Trick" race in the "Now This is Pod Racing" level and that race is incredibly difficult since they changed the gold time to 40 seconds.
    Posted by Tommy Ferrari On 09 Jun 22 at 19:41
    Knaussenheimer@Tommy Ferrari I found the jedi intercepter and jedi starfighter have been the best for the races. they are fast and maneuver better than others.

    I also unlocked this at 36/38
    Posted by Knaussenheimer On 11 Jun 22 at 00:15
    ArenafighterGlitched for me complete all 38/38 Races and no Achievement. Iam done with this ridiculous fck Lego Game🤮🤮
    Posted by Arenafighter On 13 Jun 22 at 13:37
    Apostle92627Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the player fly all over the place with no clear path at all needs to be fired. Because these races are the worst I've ever seen in my life.

    EDIT: While I still say the Scramble Runs suck, I went with the basic Tie Fighter since I miss a lot, and its turning radius is amazing.
    Posted by Apostle92627 On 23 Nov 22 at 21:42
    HolyHalfDeadWell I just screwed myself out of this achievement.

    Jakku - Niima Outpost - Speeder Spruce-up.

    I failed the race first time. I went back and didn't build the pod racer, and yet I was able to start the race on foot. So I jumped on a nearby speeder bike and completed the race, got Gold, unlocked the First Order Tie Fighter and bought it.

    However my Trials progress did not go up, the Trial is showing as blue (uncompleted) not green (completed).

    I got Gold in the pod racer but that didn't work.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead On 10 Dec 22 at 20:49
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