''Jedi Business'' achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

''Jedi Business''

Use Jedi Mind Tricks to make 5 people fight simultaneously in the Cantina

''Jedi Business''-0.4
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How to unlock the ''Jedi Business'' achievement

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    06 Apr 2022 06 Apr 2022 10 Apr 2022
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    The description for this achievement makes it sound a lot more simple than it is.

    There are some prerequisites for this achievement first: You will need to have progressed the stories of Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7 to the point where you have free roam access to the following areas:
    Kachiro on Kashyyyk
    Echo Base on Hoth
    Niima Outpost on Jakku
    Mos Eisley, Mos Espa, and Jundland Wastes on Tatooine

    Once you have access to all of these areas, make your way to the cantina in Mos Eisley. You should have been here before due to story for Episode 4, but in case you forgot, it is on the north side of the area on the very edge.

    Once inside you will talk to Doctor Evazan who will be standing immediately to your right when you enter. Initiate his side quest called "No arm in asking" where you will collect various pieces for a new arm for Ponda Baba. NOTE: If you don't see them standing there at the entrance, then you most likely have not progressed one or more of the stories far enough.

    Once completing his whole quest, return to the cantina and speak to Ponda Baba, the other guy standing right at the door, and start his quest. "Baba Bar Brawl" will simply have you beat up and antagonize the patrons of the cantina. Once you complete this quest, we are now ready to go for the achievement.

    Remain in the cantina and switch to any force user, if you weren't already playing as one. There will be two tables on either side of the cantina with five goons at each one. Walk up to either table and use the Jedi Mind Trick "Panic" to make them start shooting each other. You will need to be quick about this as you need to do this on a few of them before too many of them kill each other.

    Admittedly this took me a few tries to do. If you fail, you can simple fast travel away and then come back to reset the cantina. And once you're fast enough, the achievement should unlock.

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    LeiChatIf you have completed all the side missions and do not have the groups stood round the bar, try waiting in the cantina for a while and you will hopefully see two groups of red dots in the alcoves either side of the bar.
    Cc @Doctor Plow @Raistlin
    Posted by LeiChat on 06 Jun 22 at 08:11
    IRL Games XFor Jedi skill tree
    Upgrade Trick time to max
    Upgrade Mind master to max

    Then it should impact all 5 at the table easy
    Posted by IRL Games X on 14 Aug 22 at 17:25
    PsikomindProbably a glitch, but I unlocked this during the "Baba Bar Brawl" mission just by playing a force user character. Specifically the Sith version of Rey, and I was playing as her when I started the mission. I never used her mind control, but as soon as five NPCs were fighting it popped.
    Posted by Psikomind on 31 Dec 22 at 21:45
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  • ClncClnc239,026
    06 Apr 2022 06 Apr 2022 06 Apr 2022
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    To begin you will need Tatooine, Jakku, Kashyyyk and Hoth unlocked.

    For this we will be using the Panic Jedi Mind Trick by holding cn_Y. This can only be done on certain characters. To get a large number of those characters in the Cantina we will need to complete some side missions.

    Go into the Cantina and activate the side mission No Arm in Asking from Doctor Evazan. This mission is get the spare arm for Ponda Baba. You will travel to Kashyyyk to retrieve the arm parts which will also activate the side mission Armed and Ready. Once that is complete you'll need a surgeon to complete the original side mission. This is done by going to Hoth: Echo Base and finding 2-1B who will give you the side mission Party People. Upon completing that you'll unlock 2-1B, go back to the Cantina and talk to Doctor Evazan thus completing No Arm in Asking. You can now do Baba Bar Brawl from Ponda Baba, which will add all the characters into Cantina required for the achievement. I completed the side mission first and remained in the room to do the achievement.
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    Just wanted to add this to make this a bit easier. Follow the other guides steps to get to where you can start using mind tricks on the cantina patrons.

    If you upgrade the jedi class, specifically the mind master piece, it increases the range of the mind tricks. This allows you to only have to cause panic to 1 cantina patron and the others around the table will automatically go into panic as wells popping the achievement immediately.
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