''I've never seen a real one!'' achievement in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

''I've never seen a real one!''

Ride all creatures throughout the Galaxy

''I've never seen a real one!''-2.2
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How to unlock the ''I've never seen a real one!'' achievement

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    There are 10 creatures which you need to ride (Press Y to mount when prompted).

    Here is a full guide of creatures, credit to powerpyx (link at bottom):

      Fathier (Cantonica, on the beach) – A horse-like creature with long horizontal ears.
        Bantha (Tatooine, roaming around in Jundland Wastes, Mos Espa and Mos Eisley) – Like wooly mammoths with curved horns.
          Dewback (Tatooine, outside Chalmun’s Cantina next to a Bantha) – A giant green lizard.
            Ronto (Tatooine, next to the landing pad in Mos Eisley) – Large dinosaur-like creature with big ears and two horns.
              Kaadu (Naboo, in the Gungan city in Lake Paonga and in the story level Episode 1 – Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed) – Dinosaur-like creature with a giraffe colour scheme.
                Orray (Episode 2 – Petranaki Panic level) – Large dog-like mounts being ridden by Geonosians in the arena.
                  Reek (Episode 2 – Petranaki Panic level) – The large creature which looks like a rhino. You can mount it in the second part of the mission after you’ve defeated all three creatures.
                    Tauntaun (Hoth, everywhere inside Echo Base) – Lizard-like creature standing on two legs with two short arms.
                      Luggabeast (Jakku – Niima Outpost. To spawn it, first finish the side mission ‘Luggabeast of Burden in Jakku – Tuanul Village. It will then spawn near the landing pad in Niima). – Large four-legged animal with a blue rectangular head.
                        Orbak (Kef Bir. Start the side mission ‘Untitled Orbak Game’, which will spawn the Orbaks on your map. Mount one to tick this creature off). – A horse-like creature with tusks.

                        Credit: https://www.powerpyx.com/lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga-t...
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                        xIcedVoidWas also missing Luggabeast, this one got me 100% on the game!
                        Posted by xIcedVoid On 03 May 22 at 22:24
                        GoHodXNot sure the orbak is necessary. I got the achievement after the luggabeast.
                        Posted by GoHodX On 04 May 22 at 15:27
                        SmallvilleFan8Was very certain I rode each one of them already. Was very positive that I already rode the Luggabeast before. Went back to Jakku and rode it. Got it afterwards.
                        For those who have not got this Achievement but already rode all of the creatures, ride the Luggabeast again. XP
                        Posted by SmallvilleFan8 On 10 May 22 at 05:51
                        J ROLL 1998Rode every mount, including the Luggabeast. No achievement
                        Posted by J ROLL 1998 On 18 May 22 at 18:44
                        Chobobot@J Roll 1998 achievements don't unlock if you play the game after your xbox has gone to sleep and you didn't exit the game. You need to fully quit the game and re open it. I missed all the achievements for playing each movie chapter so I will have to replay it
                        Posted by Chobobot On 11 Jun 22 at 09:49
                        TheBlackxRangerRode all the creatures, no achievement. Force quit the game and reloaded, achievement popped
                        Posted by TheBlackxRanger On 12 Jun 22 at 18:32
                        Apostle92627Got it, thank you!
                        Posted by Apostle92627 On 30 Nov 22 at 02:56
                        JOHN SWFCPopped for me when I rode the Luggabeast. However I'm pretty sure that I never rode either the Orray or the Reek in the Geonosis story level.
                        Posted by JOHN SWFC On 07 Jan at 16:56
                        Scholesy CityWas missing luggabeast too lol
                        Posted by Scholesy City On 11 Jan at 01:22
                        TheOtherBarberJust finished the quest to capture the Luggabeast. Went back to Jakku to turn it in and there was no option to ride it. Went to a different planet to get some more quests and came back to Jakku only to find the Luggabeast and character beside it to be gone. Assuming once I force quit the game and reload on Jakku it'll be there? Hopefully? Really getting tired of how buggy LEGO games release and stay there most of the time...

                        EDIT: Actually read where the Luggabeast spawns, went there and was able to ride on it right away. facepalm Great guide!
                        Posted by TheOtherBarber On 14 Jan at 01:30
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