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Dapper Capper achievement in Bugsnax

Dapper Capper

Collect 10 hats.

Dapper Capper0
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How to unlock the Dapper Capper achievement

  • KatHasSnacksKatHasSnacks
    01 May 2022 02 May 2022 22 May 2022
    Over on the side of Gramble's barn, there is a wooden display board. On it it has pictures of areas on the island that show where to go to find a hat. This board will change out every now and then if you don't get the hat and will change once you do get the hat.

    EDIT: People in the comments let me know that you first have to find a bugsnax with a hat on, and get that hat, before the board will show up.

    When you enter the area where the board shows that there should be a hat, look around to try and find a bugsnax that's wearing the hat. They can be really hard to spot. For example, I found one on a red banopper in Boiling Bay, and one on a lolive in Flavor Falls.

    Once you find the bugsnax with the hat, set a trap and catch it. Make sure to wait until the game pops up a message saying that you found a new hat before leaving the area. If you leave the area before you get that message, the game won't count it, and you'll have to get the hat again.

    I did notice that when I fully transformed some of the grumpus that I was able to find their hats on the island.

    The hats I found were a bucket hat, sauce guzzler hat, skull hat, Wambus's hat, Gramble's hat, a party hat, graduation hat, a jester hat, a top hat, and Chandlo's hat. When you're back at the barn you can place the hats on the bugsnax there if you want!
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    SpilnerI would sleep in Cromdo's bed (or any bed) then run back to the board to see if its an easy area and then fast travel there to check out, if it was a bad or big area i would sleep till 5am again and again till it wasnt
    Posted by Spilner On 02 May 22 at 13:39
    RandomnuttaI’ve finished the game but the board isn’t there, am I missing something?
    Posted by Randomnutta On 05 May 22 at 02:42
    I MooseJoose I@Spilner - This is a great tip, thank you. I didn't realise it changed before reading your post and its much easier ending up in garden grove or somewhere like that to search.
    Posted by I MooseJoose I On 06 May 22 at 08:20
    EricBadger@Randomnutta - The hat board didn't appear for me until I caught a bugsnax that was wearing one. I was at the end game and confused as to why it wasn't showing up. Hopefully that is why yours is like that as well.
    Posted by EricBadger On 07 May 22 at 17:16
    ttfp saylowJust wondered, does the hat show up when you scan? A lot of time, I found new bugsnax just by scanning the whole "level" from distance and panning the camera 🤣
    Posted by ttfp saylow On 19 May 22 at 06:26
    TheOnlyMattoI now believe that I actually got the hat board to appear by accidentally getting a hat from a bug.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 21 May 22 at 01:30
    Idan345It's worth noting that if you cant find it or maybe its on a bug that hides forever when you scare him (im looking at you, tropicabug) you can go in and out and the hat will be assigned to a different bugsnax
    Posted by Idan345 On 05 Jun 22 at 16:52
    The Bugsnax wiki details how to unlock every hat so it will spawn: https://bugsnax.fandom.com/wiki/Hat_Board The majority of them require having a hat already; the first hats you can unlock will come from transforming the top of several Grumpus' heads. It's just a matter of finding that first one, which is like finding a needle in a haystack, before the hat board appears. Also, it might have just been a delayed pop, but the achievement didn't unlock when I picked up my 10th hat, instead unlocking several minutes later during the loading screen going into Snaxburg.
    Posted on 21 Mar at 18:05
    AngrymagnoxIf you are going to farm this, Garden Grove is by far the easiest. My last eight hats were on Bungers, Shishkabugs and Cobhoppers
    Posted by Angrymagnox On 25 Apr at 18:11
    LockieSleeping til 5AM for more favourable locations worked great. Atleast half the hats ended up on the Sandopede in Flavor Falls.
    Posted by Lockie On 30 Apr at 08:32
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