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Star Cluster

Collect 808 Stars in Career

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How to unlock the Star Cluster achievement

  • rover08rover08458,724
    03 Sep 2009 03 Sep 2009 03 Sep 2009
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    Star Cluster
    Collect 808 Stars in Career

    This is not the fastest way, but the easiest way.

    Play through the career on beginner/vocals. Just put your mic in front of a fan or another noisy source. This should bag you 6 stars on every song except 2 wich dont have vocals.

    Now do the challenges which unlocks cheats, e.g Auto-kick for drums, No-fail, Always slide and all notes Ho/pos. Cheats does not disable achievements! (too bad I didn't figure it out untill I only had 9 stars to go lol)

    Note streak challenges can mostly be done on medium or hard, so can whammy and starpower.

    Save challenges like hitting X amount of ho/pos and taps for after you've unlocked cheats. Dont bother with the band challenges as you should be able to get more than enough stars this way. The "Challenge of the Supergroup" achievement can then be earned seperatly.

    Usefull cheats:

    -Always slide(all notes are tap-notes) : Get Platinum on Du Hast

    -All notes ho/pos : Get Diamond on Hurts So Good

    -Auto-kick: Get Gold on Mirror People

    After unlocking the cheats, just apply them before doing challenges. You apply cheats at the "character select"/"band" screen under Options->Cheats.

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    Wezol TSAGreat go with the cheats!
    Posted by Wezol TSA on 28 Jul 11 at 07:04
    LSK FatalLegendKind of late tip for this game, but for the challenges requiring just using upstrum I just put my guitar on lefty flip and used a mirror that reflected my TV.
    Posted by LSK FatalLegend on 15 Sep 15 at 06:48
    TheTokenHoboJuuuust great, almost had this done and then somehow all my save data from career is gone. *sigh
    Posted by TheTokenHobo on 11 Oct 15 at 20:58
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  • SashamorningSashamorning2,474,773
    13 Sep 2010 07 Apr 2010
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    The other guides are very good, but I also found a challenge guide on that gives a strategy for each individual gig. These are very helpful for the specific challenges, and they provide a quick reference if you're looking for a specific type of challenge.

    As stated above, each song can give up to 9 stars, so you only need 808 of 909. That means if you can get 6 stars on a good number of songs, you won't need to Diamond as many challenges.

    And, of course, the mic/fan trick works for all of the songs but 2, so if you're okay with fudging all the songs and wasting your day pressing the "A" button over and over again, you can get 99*6 = 594 stars without working.

    You can also get Diamonds on "Steady, As She Goes", "Blue Orchid", and "Incinerate" just by turning on auto-kick/no-fail and letting it do the work for you. There's another 9 stars. Cheats definitely do not disable achievements... I got the feeling that by earning those rewards, the game is helping you along. (I just don't think they intended to help you THAT far along.)

    So doing all of that, you should be able to get a total of 603 stars without playing a note. It ruins the fun of the game, I think, but there you go. Only 205 stars left to go. :-)
  • SSmasterONESSmasterONE326,572
    05 Sep 2009 31 Aug 2009 31 Aug 2009
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    Ok I did the math, you can get 909 stars.

    The menu says you can only get 808 stars, because it says the max you can get per gig is 8, but you can actually get 9 if you get 6 stars for "gold starring" the song and 3 more for getting Diamond on the challenge.

    So if you do the fan trick (play beginner vocals and put the mic up to a fan or air conditioner to get 100% on the song) you will get

    808/8= 101 x 6 = 606

    and the challenges you can get

    101x3 = 303

    which equals to a maximum of 909 stars.

    which if my math is correct....

    means you need to average a platinum star on each song challenge for the 808 star achievement if you do the fan trick...... no small feat!!

    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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    CrazyC0330I was just thinking about this. I noticed that I could play a song on beginner vocals to get 100% and 6 stars, and then come back and play that same song on whatever instrument is required for the challenge. Your 6 stars remain, regardless of what you get when going for the challenge with a different instrument. Thanks for typing this up, confirms what I was thinking today.
    Posted by CrazyC0330 on 04 Nov 09 at 00:07
    LIBERT4DIf you do the fan trick, would you be able to pull off this achievement without ever using a drum kit?
    Posted by LIBERT4D on 13 Feb 11 at 00:29
    JasonsOkayI have confirmed from a friend of mine this achievement can be obtained without you owning a drum kit but will require a few band challenges. Which means online gathering and he is an expert guitarist so I'm sure he diamond all of the other challenges
    Posted by JasonsOkay on 26 Oct 11 at 23:54
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